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Add Some Boho Spirit With These 21 Macrame Hanging Wall Patterns

If you’re looking to decorate the house or refresh a certain space why not start with the walls. But instead of paint or new pictures frames, add some unique texture! Check out these 21 macrame hanging wall patterns and add some boho spirit to your home!

1. Just the Tips

Diy macrame wall hanging

A Pair & A Spare made a beautiful macrame wall hanging and dipped just the tips into some color. We love how sweet and personalized this one is.

2. Wreath Hageron

Use wreath hangeron door for last minute hanger

A Designer At Home used a wreath hageron to whip up this design. It’s such a quick and easy tutorial.

3. Copper Heart

Diy macrame wall hanging with copper pipe heart

We’re loving this ombre look too. But what we’re loving even more is that copper pipe heart in the center! (via)

4. Hot Pink

Diy macrame wall hanging

Consumer Crafts makes a super hot pink and sassy macrame wall hanging that your walls will thank you for. Check out the details after the jump.

5. A Curtain

Macrame curtain diy

A Beautiful Mess makes an entire curtain piece our of macrame. Grab the details and get started on this beauty tonight!

6. Teal

Diy macrame wall hanging teal

We’re swooning for this simple and sweet teal design from Brit + Co. You’d be surprise how easy these beauties can be to whip up.

7. With Planter

Diy macarame cream wall hanger

Be Livin Design makes a wall hanging design and one for the planter. This is a thicker design but just as lovely!

8. Color Block

Diy macrame wall hanging darling

Why not create a color block design to add a bit of modern air to the pattern? Check it out at Darling Magazine.

9. Feathers

Feather macrame wall hanger

Over at Free People you’ll learn how to create a hanging piece and add a bit of fun to the end. Some charms and feathers really ad an extra boho vibe.

10. Ombre

Diy ombre macrame wall hanging

Stell and Stone took cream, gray and charcoal to make a small, fluffy ombre’d look. We’re loving its contemporary flair.

11. Woven

Woven diy macrama wall hanging

Visit Honestly WTF to learn how to create this chunky and fun macrame piece. We love the varying colors, textures and it’s branched rod!

12. Angled

Diy macrama wall hanging

You could always have a hemline that’s a bit off-centered. This angled piece gives you a new bout of inspiration of your own design. (via)

13. Tassels

Wall hanging macrame with tassels

The Vintage Rug Shop made a super chic macrame wall hanging patterned but with a twist. Take a look at those snazzy tassels hanging off the ends!

14. Beads

Diy macrame textile art

You could always add some beads to your macrame hanging piece. Grab the details over at City Farmhouse tonight!

15. Larks Head Knots

Diy macrame hanging full length tomfof

TOMFO will teach you how to make some larks head knots and then plug them into your design. We love the extra bit of texture they provide!

16. Small

Small macrame wall hanger

HGTV has a colorful design to go and take a peek at. Remember, you can always pick your own color combos!

17. More Beads

Diy macrame wall hanging

Mom In Music City  has a quick and easy tutorial too. And this one also includes some beads!

18. Dipped

Macrame wall hanging diy

You’ll be dipping a bit in this tutorial too. If you’re inspired by this design, head on over to Parlor Diary for the details.

19. Mop Refills

Diy macrame wall hanging

Place of My Taste used mop refills to create her macrame design! Who knew you could use something so practical in such a unique way?

20. Garland

Diy macrame wall garland

A Beautiful Mess makes a gorgeous garland wall hanging that we’re swooning for too. Run over and snag the tutorial quick!

21. Dreamer

Diy macrame dreamer

Who loves a beautiful dream catcher? If you visit A Pair & A Spare you’ll learn how to create a macrame wall hanging pattern that’s inspired by one!

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