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15 Lovely Knitted Pullover Patterns to Start Now and Finish By Fall

When it comes to fall knitting, we’re the kind of overly excited, avid knitters who always get started on our projects for chilly weather much earlier than the average bear. This is because we know, from experience in previous years, that the earlier we start knitting for fall, the more finished garments we’ll have done by the time the temperature drops, meaning we’ll actually get to wear and enjoy them, rather than scrambling to finish things during the perfect season and then having to put them aside until the next time fall rolls around! Last year, we went through a bit of a cardigan phase, knitting a number of them in different weights and styles for ourselves and also for several of our family members as well. Because we used quality yarn and did quite a lovely job of those, if we do say so ourselves, those cardigans are still in great condition and don’t need replacing yet, so we’ve decided to change garment types this fall in order to stop ourselves from knitting the same thing all the time! That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for fantastic fall pullover patterns that we can start now and finish before the leaves fall.

Just in case you’re as interested in knitting fantastic pullover sweaters this fall as we are, if not more, here are 15 of the best patterns and designs we’ve come across so far in our annual search!

1. In Stillness sweater

In stillness sweater

Even though we’re quite advanced knitters, there’s just something so appealing about taking the time every once in a while to knit quite a simple sweater, both in stitching pattern and construction, so that we have something casual but lovely looking to wear on a chilly fall morning. That’s why we love this pattern from Love Knitting so much! It’s simple enough to be a sort of pallet cleanser pattern for experience knitters but also to be an introductory one for people who are only knitting their first or second sweater ever. At the same time, the simple ribbing around the yoke keeps everyone interested visually while you’re wearing the garment and while you’re knitting it.

2. River braid sweater

River braid sweater

Are you actually the kind of person who adores patterns that give you an awesome feature detail that really draws the eye and gives you alternating sections of ease and interest while you’re still constructing the sweater? Well, if you’re ever been a big fan of cables, we have a feeling this stunning braided pattern featured on Craftsy might be right up your alley! They show you how to construct a wonderfully thick braid down the entire length of the arm and around the neckline, keeping the rest of the torso quite simple so that the work you put into the cabling effect really stands out.

3. Sprague Lake pullover

Sprague lake pullover

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about cables but you’re actually more of a classic twist lover and you’d prefer a V-neck style of pullover? Maybe you’re actually just such an intense cable lover that you’d much prefer a pattern that simply involves a lot more cabling than any of the ones you’ve seen so far. In either case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this fantastic cabled V-neck outlined nice and clearly in this patter from Interweave.

4. Hague sweater

Hague sweater

Are you quite an experienced knitter indeed, so you’re actually looking for a pullover that combines cables, braids, and several other interesting looking elements all in one place? Then we think perhaps we might have found just the pattern and design for you! Check out how Michele Wang made a horizontally ridged sweater that features both classic simply twisted cables and more intricate woven designs across the front.

5. Firefly July sweater

Magnificent mesh sweater

What if your preference is something a little looser in its fit and quite simple in its look but that will still keep your fingers and mind interested as you knit… even if your favourite knitting projects are those with simple enough stitch patterns that you can do them in front of the television while you watch your favourite movie? Then we think you’ll be very interested indeed in this Craftsy pullover that is so neat looking by the time you’re finished that it almost looks store bought (only in whatever custom colour you chose, since you made it yourself)!

6. Eldingar sweater

Eldingar sweater

Just in case you’re absolutely interested in woven lines, cables, and raised patterns for visual and knitting interest but you’re also still kind of looking for something a little more modern, unconventional, or geometric looking in its details, just to try something new? Then we think perhaps this super fun zig-zagging pullover outlined step by step on Courtney Cedarholm might be a little more up your alley than some of the swooping, more woven looking designs you’ve seen so far!

7. Ashland pullover

Ashland pullover

Raised stitching patterns aren’t the only techniques you can use to give a mostly neutrally coloured pullover a bit of visual interested and exciting detail. In fact, we’re actually just about obsessed with the way Brooklyn Tweed used both colour changing techniques and colour working style graphic stitches to create a series of fantastic repeating stripes that look intricate within themselves, despite not actually being as difficult to knit as they appear. Even so, we’d still recommend this pattern to knitters with a bit more experience.

8. Calder pullover

Calder pullover

Is fall actually still quite a warm season where y0u’re from so, even though wearing sweaters is reasonable and you’d still like to make yourself a pullover, but you’re also looking for something a little lighter that won’t make you feel stifled or too warm in the afternoon sun? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Interweave made this sort of mesh diamonds V-neck full of light eyelets all across the torso and up and down the arms.

9. Jameson turtleneck sweater

Jameson turtleneck sweater

Where we’re from, fall tends to lead into winter very quickly, so we tend to favour pullover designs that are very warm and toasty indeed. That way, we can continue wearing them into the winter if we layer underneath them properly! That’s probably why we love making ourselves turtleneck sweaters so much, making this fantastic pattern from Baby Cocktails right at our taste level. We adore the simple Celtic style cables up the front and the wide, cozy neck, but we also actually extended the sleeves in our version to make them full length rather than three quarters.

10. Berroco Mori cable sweater

Berroco mori cable sweater

Have we actually caught your eye with several different elements included in the sweaters and patterns you’ve seen on our list so far but you’re having trouble choosing one that you like enough to settle on because you don’t want to sacrifice the other details you really enjoy? Then perhaps you’ll prefer this amazing, slightly more advanced pattern from Noble Knits that gives you weaving cables, diamond inspired and geometric angles, and eyelet sections, all blended perfectly on a simple stockinette background with classic ribbing around the edges.

11. Adelaide pullover

Adelaide pullover

If you had to choose any knitting technique or kind of stitching to name as your favourite, would you always name lace as the thing you enjoy doing the most, even if you’re knitting something larger and thicker like a sweater rather than something light and dainty looking? Then we have a feeling you might be the perfect person to give something like this pullover pattern from Quince and Co a try! They show you how to knit a simply cut pullover with three quarter length sleeves that features a stunning (and not extremely complicated) lace pattern clear down the front, the full length of the torso.

12. Tucker sweater

Tucket sweater

We’ve talked a lot about cables on our list, but so far all the patterns we’ve shown you have involved them in their construction vertically. As stunning as that look is, sometimes we like to change things up and knit our favourite elements and details at different angles! That’s why we were so excited to come across this lovely pullover from Amanda Scheuzger that gives you garter at the cuffs and bands, stockinette in the majority, and a lovely Celtic cable weave around the shoulders and across both the back and the front. We adore how seamlessly they teach you to create your woven aspects in the round.

13. Stitch Sampler pullover

Stitch sampler pullover

If you’re going to go to the trouble of knitting yourself an entire pullover from scratch, would you prefer to make it something a little more unique, eclectic looking, and very interesting to both make and look at? Well, just because you want a lot of neat detail doesn’t have to mean the pattern must be very difficult or complicated to keep track of! Instead of tackling really hard techniques, check out how Halli Yeoh created an awesome sweater pattern by combining sections of several different contrasting stitch patterns against each other across the front and back. We love the way their drop shoulder construction gives the piece a casual, fun look in combination wth the varying stitch sections.

14. Argus sweater

Argus sweater

Were you quite intrigued indeed with the pattern we showed you earlier on our list that featured a lace panel clear down the front of the sweater but you know you tend to get chilly in the winter, so you’d actually prefer something with a few less holds and eyelets involved? Then maybe you’d prefer a very textured, woven section in that same place instead! If you’re the kind of knitter who enjoys patterns that remain simple for most of your row but with a quick section in each that requires more concentration, just to keep you on your toes, then we definitely think you should give this stunning pullover from Quince and Co a try.

15. Peppercorn pullover

Peppercorn pullover

If you’ve always loved working with mohair, textures, and details that are a little more unconventional and attention grabbing, we definitely think you should at least consider casting on this awesome pullover outlined in fantastic detail on The Crafty Jackalope! The “bubbles” at the neck are interesting look and a whole lot of fun to make. In fact, we like this pattern so much that we’ve actually made four of them in total, all in different colours.

Do you have another favourite fall pullover knitting pattern that you’ve made before and thoroughly enjoyed or that you love so much that you’ve knit it several times, but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us where we can find the pattern or link us to photos of your finished piece in the comments section!

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