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Lollipop Party Invitations

We love parties!  It’s one of the things that forces us to open up our craft closets and really get creative. There are a variety of elements needed to create the perfect DIY party, and one of them is definitely making your party invitations. You can go out any by a handful, or you can hand-make these lollipop invites with your kids.

Lollipop party invitations

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Clear cellophane wrapping or clear gift wrap paper
  • Bamboo skewers or cake pop sticks
  • Markers
  • Glue

Lollipop party invitations diy

Step 1:

Have your kids help out with these invites. You’ll need to start with a few pieces white piece of cardstock. Cut out 2 circle that is roughly 4-5 inches in diameter. You can use a pair of scissors or a circle cutter for more precision. Draw an image of what a typical lollipop would look like on it. There are some with swirls, polka dots, strips, multi-colored or solid- you name it, there’s probably a lollipop that looks like it.   You can be uniformed here or go a bit more creative.

Lollipop party invitations kids involve

Step 2:

On the backside of the second circle, add the party information, like the day, time, and place.

Lollipop party invitations write invitation

Step 3:

Adhere the bamboo skewer or cake pop stick to the white side of one of the circles with tape. Glue the second circle (white side down) to the first circle, sandwiching in the cake pop stick. Repeat these steps a few times and create as many as you need.

Lollipop party invitations glue

Step 4:

Cut a piece of cellophane wrapping that can cover the entire paper section. Place it over the top and bunch it together at the base towards the stick. Secure it with a small piece of ribbon.

Lollipop party invitations cellophane

Lollipop party invitations ribbon

Step 5:

Cut around the clear wrapping to remove all the excess where the cake pop meets the paper.

Lollipop party invitations wrapping

Create as many of these as you need for your party guests. Your kids will love giving them out to their friends as they are so unique and handmade just for them. Have fun!

Lollipop party invitations craft

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