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Light Up The Living Room With These 25 DIY Floor Lamps!

Who knew that you could create your own floor lamp design too! Thankfully, there are tons of great inspiration and projects floating around the Internet. Light up the living room, bedroom or even the craft room with these 25 DIY floor lamps!

1. Glass

Diy glass floor lamp

The Nester showed us how to make a super simple and chic glass floor lamp. With a bit of innovation and shopper’s knowledge, you can do it too.

2. Wooden Tripod

Diy tripod lamp

Hey There Home was inspired by a design from West Elm and learn how to create one that was quite similar. Jump on over and learn how to create this wooden tripod for yourself!

3. Wine Corks

How to makeover a lamp with paint and wine corks 00

We’re loving this funky DIY. Put all of those saved wine corks to use and add a bit of color too! It’ll be such fun addition to your home office or craft room. (via)

4. Ornaments

Diy ornament floor lamp

What about using some Christmas ornaments in your DIY floor lamp design? Visit All Things Thrifty and catch all the details.

5. Industrial Pipe

Diy industrial pipe lamp

How About Orange used some pipes, threw them together and came up with this fun and trendy design. If industrial style speaks to you, then you’ll want to take a closer look at this tutorial.

6. Rope

Diy rope lamp

A bit of rope can go a long way, at least that’s what we learned at The Lily Pad Cottage. If you want to add a rustic or nautical vibe to any space of the house, add some texture like this!

7. Copper

Diy copper floor lamp

HomeWork Design Co made a gorgeous copper floor lamp design that we’re swooning for. It’s an industrial feel but with that rose-gold tone you have a bit of femininity too.

8. Modern

Diy modern floor lamp

Visit Ohoh Blog and learn how to create this modern floor lamp design. With some wood and some copper pieces, you too can get innovative and creative.

9. Sticks

Diy stick floor lamp

If you’re looking for some rustic inspiration, then hop on over to Decor8 to learn how these floor lamps. Made with sticks, it doesn’t get anymore country-inspired or natural than this.

10. 3-Levels

Diy three level floor lamp table

We’re loving this funky and functional design too. It’s a side table, there’s storage availability and there’s three levels of fun here! (via)

11. Galvanized Pipes

Diy industrial floor lamp

The Shabby Creek Cottage utilized some galvanized pipes in her design. It’s simple but it’s also incredibly trendy and fashion-forward.

12. Natural Beacon

Diy natural lantern floor lamp

HGTV combined a lantern with some wood in their “natural beacon” floor lamp design. This too is innovative, creative and easy to replicate at home.

13. Asian-Inspired

Diy asian inspired floor lamp

Check out BHG for the details behind this Asia-inpisred design. It’s textural, it’s natural and it’ll fit into a variety of spaces around the house.

14. Vintage Tripod

Diy vintage tripod

Dream Book Design found a vintage tripod and turned it into a fun floor lamp! We love this upcycled creation, follow the details after the jump.

15. Copper & Branch

Diy copper branch floor lamp

A bit of branch and a bit of copper come together beautifully in this floor lamp design. Visit Design Sponge for the tutorial and know-how.

16. Contemporary

Modern floor light diy

Simple and chic, this contemporary design is one of the most versatile on the list. Found out how to create one for yourself without spending an arm and a leg. (via)

17. Upcycled

Tripod lamp diy

Savvy Apron used a bit of this and a bit of that and had it come together for a fun finish product. Upcycling is the best when you can get this stylish and creative in the end!

18. More Pipes

Diy industrial contemporary floor lamp

by gabriella used pipes for her industrial design too. Again, it’s super simple but it has that masculine, contemporary feel that’s super trendy right now.

19. Cords

Img 4462

Ana White brought together a but of wood and cords for a really creative DIY floor lamp design that we’re loving. And we really love the pop of color in this look too!

20. Peony

Diy peony floor lamp

For something extra outside-the-box and funky, you’ll want to visit Carte Fini. Add this to the little one’s room or wherever  you need a bit of texture and romance.

21. Neutral Wood

Diy tripod floor lamp

The Merrythought made a neutral, wooden tripod design that is quite inspired as well. This can hold a bit of paint too if you want to add some color.

22. Copper Top

Diy copper top floor lamp

If you really love copper, you’ll want to check out this easy tutorial too. With a copper top, you’ll add a bit of modernism and color. (via)

23. Side Table

Diy functional floor lamp

Shelterness combined a side table and a floor lamp and made it into one great design. It’s traditional in its pieces but its creative in its finish.

24. Music Stand

Diy tripod mustic stand lamp

The Painted Hive used an old music stand for the foundation of their floor lamp. It add some industrialism to the room but also some vintage vibes as well.

25. Wooden Column

Diy wooden colum

A wooden column is always a good choice too. It’s also simple but will add that rustic charm that everyone welcomes into you space. Visit My Sweet Savannah for the details.


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