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Intricate Lace Baby Blankets for Experienced Knitters

The beauty of having knitted for many years is that you have the skills to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces that your friends and family won’t find anywhere else. Intricate knitted pieces made by advanced knitters are valuable and often become precious family heirlooms. One of the loveliest intricate pieces you might knit for a family member is a baby blanket.

Check out these astoundingly gorgeous baby blanket patterns that your family will cherish for years to come!

1. Knot stitch baby blanket

Knot stitch baby blanket

This pattern from Short Rounds shows you how to create a knotted stitch that gives the baby blanket a gorgeous pattern and texture.

2. Celtic braid baby blanket

Celctic braid baby blanket

This gorgeously braided Celtic pattern by Naonu will remind your family and friends with every touch just how much love and effort went into creating its weaves and cables.

3. Light lace baby blanket

Light lace baby blanket

The lacy appearance and light weight of this blanket pattern from A Little Old Fashioned makes it the perfect wrap for summer babies.

4. Heirloom crib blanket

Heirloom crib blanket

The Knitting Bee reminds you just how gorgeously intricate beveled lace can look in a nursery.

5. Christening baby blanket

Christening baby blanket

Pretty Lady Knits‘ pattern is designed to match or compliment fancy christening gowns so that Baby is warm throughout the ceremony.

6. Mohair lace throw

Mohair lace throw

Canadian Living shows you how to knit a soft, delicate mohair lace throw that’s perfect for keeping in the nursery to be used during night time nursing.

7. Cathedral heirloom baby blanket

Cathedral heirloom baby blanket

The arching patterns in this gorgeous baby blanket by Love Knitting are designed to mimic an intricate cathedral ceiling.

8. Treasured baby shawl

Treasured baby shawl

This gorgeously designed and edged pattern from Knana Knits is the perfect size for wrapping a nursing baby.

9. Pacific elegance afghan

Pacific elegance afghan

The pacific elegance afghan from The Knitting Bee features a gorgeous series of bobbles and cables that make it stand out for its texture.

10. Double layer stroller blanket

Double layer stroller blanket

This pattern by Nell’s Baby Knits features a double knitted construction, a lace edging, and adorable woven ribbon detail.

11. Unique beveled cable blanket

Unique beveled cable blanket

This blanket by Luulla features several different stitches and types of woven texture that make it unique appealing to both the eye and the touch!

12. Star stitch baby blanket

Star stitch baby blanket

The star stitch blanket pattern from Yarn Over and Bake builds a beautiful checkerboard effect that looks great in baby pastel colours.

13. Mosaic blanket

Mosaic blanket

Not only is this mosaic blanket from Purl Soho the perfect size for a baby, but it’s also far easier than you’d expect despite it’s very intricate appearance.

14. Entrelac knit baby blanket

Entrelac knit baby blanket

Entrelac knitting is no easy feat, but this pattern from Nikki, in Stitches is gorgeous, especially with a lined back and ribbon covered edge.

15. Larkin baby blanket

Larkin baby blanket

The larkin blanket by Knit Picks features a wonderfully intricate pattern of leaves that look like they’re bursting from the centre of the blanket and out towards the edges!

Have you knit other baby blankets that are gorgeously intricate, but that aren’t featured here? Link us to your pattern in the comments section!

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