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19 Ways to Makeover Your Beauty Routine with Essential Oils

Creating your own beauty products using essential oils is an easy way to save money while minimizing your exposure to the potentially harmful chemicals found in many purchased personal care products. This roundup of DIY products for your hair, face, and body showcases how easy it is to get naturally pretty with your favorite essential oils.

Diy orange honey body wash

1. Energizing Orange and Honey Body Wash

Do you hate mornings? If so, this energizing orange and honey body wash will give you the subtle pick me up you need to get through the day. Learn more at Shaken Together Life.

Grapefruit scrub

2. Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

A sugar scrub is the perfect gentle exfoliator for your feet, elbows, and anywhere else that’s in need of some extra TLC. Get the recipe for this one at Crafting E.


3. Homemade Shaving Cream

Keep your legs soft and smooth using DIY shaving cream made with shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and your favorite essential oils. Everyday Roots has the details.


4. All-Natural Shampoo

Commercial shampoos are detergent based, which means they can strip your hair of natural oils and be very drying. This homemade version is extra moisturizing and you can customize the smell to suit your personal preferences. Learn more at The Droppery.

Dry shampoo

5. Dry Shampoo

For those days when you’re just too busy to shower, a dry shampoo helps tame greasy hair. Grassfed Girl has a recipe that can be customized to suit your hair color.

Homemade whipped body butter

6. Homemade Body Butter

A rich moisturizing body butter helps keep dry skin at bay. Lia Griffith has the recipe for this DIY beauty product.

Heat protectant spray

7. Heat Protectant Spray

Heat styling can be hard on your hair, so a good heat protectant spray is a must. This DIY version uses clary sage and geranium essential oil in a base of fractionated coconut oil and sweet almond oil with a little conditioner for added moisturizing. Learn more on the doTerra blog.

Diy sea salt spray

8. Texturizing Hair Spray

For those days when you want natural looking beachy waves, this texturizing spray is a lifesaver. Use the essential oil of your choice to give it a pleasant scent. Head over to Gimme Some Oven for the details.

Diy natural pomade hair wax

9. Hair Pomade

For styles that require extra staying power, pomade is the answer. Get the recipe for this DIY version at My Darla Clementine.


10. Essential Oil Deodorant

An all natural deodorant is perfect for sensitive skin and you can customize the fragrance with your favorite essential oils. Thank Your Body shows you how.

Body spray

11. Aromatherapy Body Spray

Aromatherapy body sprays are surprising easy to make and a wonderful alternative to purchased fragrances. Thank Your Body has recipes for three different body sprays with essential oils, plus pretty printable labels so your products look nice on your vanity.

Perfume locket

12. Solid Perfume Locket

For those of you who prefer a solid perfume, Learning Herbs has a DIY tutorial for perfume filled lockets. (These items also make excellent gifts for friends and family who want to learn more about essential oils!)

Homemade foundation

13. Homemade Foundation Powder

If you’re blessed with clear skin and only need a light coverage foundation, this recipe is an easy and inexpensive alternative to purchased products. Lavender essential oil gives it skin soothing benefits. Visit Live Simply for the details.

Homemade blush

14. Homemade Blush

Give your cheeks a natural flush with this homemade blush that uses a bit of lavender essential oil. Learn more at Live Simply.


15. Natural Shimmer Lipstick

Add a little color to your lips with a DIY lipstick made with the essential oils of your choice. Try cinnamon essential oil for a subtle lip plumper.  Wellness Mama shows you how.

Makeup remover

16. Natural Makeup Remover

At the end of the day, take off your makeup with a natural makeup remover using the skin soothing oils of frankincense, carrot seed and lavender. Head over to The Melrose Family for the details.

Face wipes

17. Natural Facial Wipes

If you prefer the convenience of disposable face wipes, make a frugal version with essential oils, liquid soap, paper towels, and fractionated coconut oil. Visit Must Have Mom to learn more.


18. Witch Hazel Toner

Toner made with witch hazel and essential oils is an affordable yet effective addition to your beauty routine. Learn more at Naturalla Beauty.

Face serum

19. DIY Face Serum

Finish off your skincare routine with a natural face serum made with anti-aging essential oils. Smashed Peas and Carrots shows you how.

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