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The Best Knitting Bag (Reviews) in 2023 + Buying Guide

We’ve never met a knitter who doesn’t keepsome kind of tote near their projects, notions, and yarn stash, just in case they want to take a bit of knitting on the go one day. They might notalways keep one filled and stocked, but the hoarding of tote bags, drawstring shoe bags, and reusable shipping bags is common for busy knitters who might stitch a few rows on the subway or in the waiting room at the dentist.

Knitting bag

There’s a big difference, however, between a bag that you have put your knitting into and anactual knitting bag.

Some people don’t realize how effective and affordable different kinds of useful knitting bags can be, so we’ve been gathering links and options from various brands and sellers in order to compare and contrast them so that people can get a sense of whether purchasing a new knitting bag might be a good idea for them, as well as which kind is the best choice for their needs.

Best Knitting Bags

If you’ve been considering investing in a new knitting bag, but you’ve been feeling daunted by the number of options, make the process a little easier on yourself by browsing this list of ten great options that we’ve outlined here with some pros and cons.

1. Teamoy knitting bag and yarn tote

Teamoy knitting bag and yarn tote

Built with square dimensions for easy skein stacking, this knitting bag is the kind that you might not only haul your knitting around in, but also actually store much of your stash in at home, all thanks toTeamoy.

They’ve kept both knittersand crochet enthusiasts in mind with their design, designing a front pocket with bands that can hold interchangeable needle headsor crochet hooks, but that also gives you inner and side pockets that are sized well for larger and longer straight knitting needles. The clear plastic lid even has grommeted holes for feeding yarn through so that your balls or skeins stay contained neatly in the bag while you work.

This bag is quite well-stocked as a storage piece but, because you can fit so much of your yarn stash in it, we’d suggest keeping in mind how heavy you’re making it if you also intend it to be a portable piece. You might be surprised how quickly the weight of yarn adds up.

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2. Be Craftee cylinder yarn bag

Becraftee cylinder yarn bag

Is your priority in purchasing a knitting bag definitely more travel-based rather than being centered on long-term storage? Then you might prefer this design from Be Craftee.

Their durable canvas bag is smaller but still spacious and is made from lightweight materials. The cylindrical shape gives you an easier time fitting rounded shapes like yarn balls and cakes, while the pocket in the front lets you carry the essential notions for the specific project you’re toting. The bag gives you the option of a small handle for moving and carrying the bag or a body strap that lets you tote it hands-free.

Because this bag is smaller, it might limit what you can bring while you’re working on a large project. If you’re the kind of person whoalways likes to have some knitting on the go, you’ll have to keep a closer eye on the spare yarn you’ve got in there and whether it’s time to add another ball if it’ll fit alongside your blanket or sweater.

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3. Looen large, lightweight floral knitting tote

Looen large, lightweight floral knitting tote

If you’re quite intrigued by the cylindrical bag model, but you’re also the kind of person who loves fun patterns, then you might prefer something like this floral print knitting bag offered by Looen.

It’s comparable in size to the design above and can be carried in the same ways. It even has the same lightweight but durable materiality, from the canvas, to the strap, to the zipper.

The real drawback here is that there are limited spots to safely store spare knitting notions. The bagdoes have one side canvas pocket and one made of mesh and elastic, but they’re not the safest spots for important pieces since they’re open top, and the bag isn’t designed to keep your supplies organized or fully stocked.

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4. Magou quilted cotton needle and yarn bag

Magou quilted cotton needle and yarn bag

If you’re feeling unconvinced by either the squared-off or cylindrical shapes you’ve seen so far, here’s another shape and type of bag construction for your consideration, courtesy ofMagou.

They offer a stunning quilted patterned cotton bag with a wide, spacious main compartment for yarn and an ongoing project, strong handles that do well over your forearm or shoulder, and an abundance of pockets for spare needles and notions, including a thin, flat one for printed patterns.

Although this bag does have a Velcro strap to keep the sides together, its lack of zippers makes it a slightly more risky choice when it comes to the possibility of things falling out, particularly as far as small notions in those front and side pockets are concerned. The light color, while gorgeous, is also more susceptible to getting dirty if you set the bag down in public.

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5. Lavievert knitting tote bag with needle and hook slots

Lavievert knitting tote bag with needle and hook slots

If you’re in the market for a smaller, very portable tote bag that you can easily pack with a single project and take on the go but that will also store your notions more conveniently, thenLavievert has the design you’re looking for.

This cute canvas bag is durable and cheerfully patterned with leaves. Its main pocket features a zipper and space formost common projects that a person might reasonably take on the go, plus a spare ball of yarn or two. The front pocket is the real perk, with long sleeves specifically meant for straight knitting needles, elastics for crochet hooks or interchangeable needle heads, and a little inner zipping pocket for things like stitch markers.

This bag is all about convenience and portability, so it’s not the choice for you if you’re looking for a spot to keep your larger stash more permanently. It also lacks a body strap, so it’s not quite as hands-free to carry with you as some models.

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6. Little Grey Rabbit premium craft caddy

Little grey rabbit premium craft caddy

Are you actually just looking for something straightforwardand uncomplicated that you’ll have no trouble packing and unpacking often? Then maybe this open style tote fromLittle Grey Rabbit might be a better choice for you.

It comes in a range of adorable patterns and colors and provides you with a couple of convenient slide pockets, strongly sewn handles, and an open main compartment that was made with long jumbo balls of yarn like the kind you might make baby blankets from in mind.

Like a few of the previous designs, this bag isn’t necessarily one for hard travel due to its lack of closures and zippers in both the main compartment and the side pockets. It’s also a more shallow design, making it more of a casual tote rather than an effective stash storage option.

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7. Homest XL yarn storage tote

Homest xl yarn storage tote

If you’re feeling torn somewhere between wanting to purchase a large yarn storage bag and wanting a smaller tote so that you can more effectively take your knitting on the go them, we think you’ll be rather impressed indeed by the way Homest provides youboth of those things in one bundle!

You’ll receive two bags made from the durable waterproof canvas; one tall, wide cylinder for stash and needle storing, topped with a convenient drawstring closure. And one little bag with a short handle, a yarn feet in a transparent plastic zipping lid, and enough space for a couple of balls of yarn. Keep one at home holding your whole collection, and take the other on the go, so you always have knitting on hand.

As you might imagine, this doubled bundle is more of an investment than some of the other designs you’ve seen so far. It makes sense given the bonus bag and the high-quality materiality, but it might be a heavy consideration depending on your budget. Also, neither bag has the kind of detailed notions organization you’ve seen elsewhere; the large one features pockets for needles, but only the exterior sliding ones.

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8. Stitch Happy deep, rounded knitting bag

Stitch happy deep, rounded knitting bag

If you’re looking for a bag that hits the middle of the road in terms of portability and organization, but you’re also still interested in the look of it, then we’re convinced this design from Stitch Happy is the one for you. Its main compartment is split into two zipping halves; one for your actual on-the-go project and one for the backup yarn you keep on hand.

The front of the bag features various sliding pockets for different needles, while notions can be kept in a small, matching zipper case that comes as an added bonus and fits inside. You can also choose between carrying it by a small handle or a body strap.

As far as singular bags go, this design is one that’s alittle pricier than some other things you’ve seen, though the features that the bag offers validate it. If you’re going to use the little zippered notions bag, be sure that you actually leave space for it rather than overfilling the yarn and project compartments so that suddenly there’s nowhere to put it.

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9. Craftiss durable canvas knitting bag

Craftiss durable canvas knitting bag

Just in case you love the idea of the bag you saw above in theory, but you’re concerned about a lack of space for the notions bag once you’ve gilled it, here’s a similar option but with a solution to that concern. Craftiss gives you a cylindrical knitting bag with good outer pocket space and strong handles, as well as a durable zipper.

When it comes to the notions bag, however, there’s no worry about having to stuff it inside with your yarn because it features a hook on one end that lets it clip to the outside of the bag. The little notions case is also slightly larger than the previous design gave you.

Although this bag provides great storage, it also lacks the inner division the previous one provided. Rather than having two sections in the main compartment to keep your project and spare yarn separate, the inner area is all one piece as far as length goes. The compartment can, however, be divided into four long, thin sections for organization, and the notions bag can easily fit inside one of these if you’d prefer.

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10. Miles Kimball square tots with yarn feeders

Miles kimball square tots with yarn feeders

If you’re in the market for a bag that’s storage-based but you’re also a knitter who loves multi-colored projects and occasionally has trouble from keeping their active alls from winding around each other, then this bag from Miles Kimball will solve more than one issue for you at once.

Inside this clear plastic tote, you’ll find one half that’s great for storing a portion of your stash or projects that are waiting to be finished, and one half that’s divided into five pockets with yarn feeding grommets right above, letting you knit while your bag holds the balls safely in place so they can’t tangle. The bag is also waterproof, which will keep materials like wool, alpaca, and cashmere safe.

Although the bag is quite durable, and we appreciate the transparency for locating things inside more easily, we’d also caution you about its likelihood to be punctured if you set it down on rough surfaces or hastily shove a pair of metal needles into the side pocket without paying attention to where the tips are pointed. Once the plastic sustains a hole, it might be more vulnerable to tearing.

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Knitting Bags Buying Guide

The perks of knitting bags

You might be wondering why a specific knitting bag is necessary when the old tote you’ve been using works just fine, but there are actually all kinds of perks to getting a bag designed by an actual knitting supplies company or fellow knitters themselves.

Most knitting bags (or, at least, the good ones that are worth investing in) have some kind of customization that’s specifically intended to make storing and porting your knitting projects, notions, and supplies a little easier and more organized than the average random bag.

Knitting bag features

Most knitting bags are uniquely shaped in order to make storing yarn, whether in skeins, cakes, or balls, easier in terms of fitting and stacking it all.

The best ones usually also have pockets that not only fit things like several pairs of needles, a number of stitch markers, some clippers, and a tape measure very well, but also actually keep them organized and easily accessible thanks to little features like elastic straps and small zippered pockets.

Stash storage versus portable projects

One of the first distinctions you’ll need to make in your search for a new knitting bag is whether you want something that you can load up and leave at home or whether you want to be able to carry your knitting with you. This will determine which shape, style, and size of the knitting bag you invest in and could also affect the price point, so keep your budget in mind too.

Quality of bag for quality of yarn

If you’re a beginner when it comes to knitting and crochet and you’re still practicing on materials like acrylic yarn, which are generally more affordable, then you might not be so concerned with features like waterproofing. Of course, you never want your kitting to get wet or damaged, but it’s less of a risk for certain materials in the event of an accident.

If, on the other hand, you like to invest in and knit with finer materials like wool, alpaca, and cashmere and you live in a place that gets damp in certain seasons, you might be more inclined to purchase a waterproof canvas or plastic storageor travel bag, just to give your handiwork a little more protection.

Do you know a fellow knitter who has been hoping to invest in a brand new, high-quality knitting bag but who feels like they could use a few more suggestions before they make their final purchase? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider.