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10 Most Awesome Craft Kits for Girls (Buying Guide)

One of the best ways to foster creativity in little kids is to sit down and do a crafting kit with them. Craft kits set a particular goal, show you how it’s done and teach you the skills required, and provide you with everything you need to make something new. They’re also exciting to browse because there are just so many different kinds out there, especially for little girls.

Best girl crafts

Sometimes have so many choices, however, is an intimidating thing. Many people would prefer a slightly more narrow search so they can evaluate their options a little more effectively and really choose the kit that’s best for them. That’s part of the reason we’ve been browsing the best crafting kits for little girls that we could find online, comparing and contrasting their perks and drawbacks.

What are the best craft kits for girls?

If you feel like you could use a little bit of help finding crafting kits your daughters have never tried before, check out our list! These are ten of the coolest kits we came across, with a few pros and cons for your consideration.

1. 4M Magnetic mini tile art kit

4m magnetic mini tile art ki

Have your kids always expressed a love for painting, but the crafts they like the most usually involve something a little more unconventional than simply painting on paper? Then consider this tile art from 4M.

You’ll receive all-surface paints, a series of brushes, and a pack of tile backings. You’ll also get the supplies to help you turn your finished tiles into things like fridge magnets.

All surface paint sticks toall kinds of surfaces, of course, so keep that in mind in choosing your work surface. This paint might be considered washable, but the propensity for the mess that this project brings is the reason it’s recommended for ages eight and up.

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2. 4M Easy-To-Do Crochet kit

4m easy to do crochet kit

Are you an avid yarn enthusiast who has long been wanting to pass your love for crochet onto your kids? Then we think you’ll appreciate this beginner’s kit from4M. This beginner’s kit sets you up with everything you need to make a few starter projects.

You’ll get a small amount of yarn in five colors, two plastic crochet hooks, and an instructional book that teaches you the first steps for learning how to crochet, and also a few easy beginner patterns that your kids can manage even just with those techniques.

This kitis the kind that you can keep using up once the yarn is done since the hooks will still work on other kinds of yarn. Keep in mind, however, that plastic hooks don’t necessarily last as long as other kinds. If your kids really turn out to love crochet, you may need to upgrade them eventually.

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3. Darice 120-piece deluxe art set

Darice 120 piece deluxe art set

Are your daughters already budding little artists with a decent taste for freehand techniques and a desire to learnall different kinds of mediums past just their colored pencils and felt markers? Then you might be better off investing in a fully-stocked beginner art set like this one from Darice.

They give you crayons, markers, pencil crayons, watercolor paints, and even pastels, as well as erasers, sharpeners, and scissors.

While some of the supplies in this kit, like markers and pencil crayons, might be familiar and easy to use, keep in mind that watercolor paints and pastels might be a little more of a learning curve for your kids. Anticipate a bit of harmless mess along with their creativity!

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4. Klutz Sew Mini Treats plushie sewing kit

Klutz sew mini treats plushie sewing kit

If your kids have always been curious about your own sewing projects, but they’re not quite ready to hop on your machine quite yet, consider starting them out in the world of easy hand stitching using something like this adorable mini treats set from Klutz.

They provide you with felt sheets, beads, needles, thread, instructions, and even a bit of stuffing in order to enable you to learn how to make a whole range of little kawaii-looking snacks. It’s also a great introduction to very simple patterning.

Bear in mind that the needles included in this kit areactual sharp sewing needles. Some sewing kits for kids give you a blunted children’s version, but this one teaches you the real thing and therefore equips you with the real thing too. Be sure to remind your kids to practice caution while they practice their stitches, or you might be dealing with pricked little fingers here and there.

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5. Klutz Friendship Bracelets craft kit

Klutz friendship bracelets craft kit

If you like the idea of getting your kids into the world of thread crafting, but you’re not sure they’re ready to be working with needles yet, then maybe friendship bracelets and knotting techniques are a better idea.

This kit fromKlutz gives you embroidery floss in a bright range of colors and a full instructional manual for learning the basic knotting techniques and trying out a few different kinds of friendship bracelet patterns in various designs.

Although the bracelet knotting steps are rather harmless in themselves, your kidswill require scissors to trim their floss and finished bracelets. This is by no means dangerous, but we like to take note whenever scissors and little fingers are working in the same vicinity, just in case.

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6. Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art kit

Made by me create your own window art kit

Do you kids love colored paints, but they’re also a lot more likely to stay interested in something if it’s slightly different from the regular coloring and painting they might do on any old afternoon? Then we think you’ll enjoy this kit from Made By Me that teaches you how to make lovely window art with a special kind of colorful paint.

The kit provides you with the templates the project requires and a range of colors in the paint, accompanied by full instructions and even some tips.

This is the kind of craft where you can repeat it several times but only have a finite number of pieces to make before you’d need a refill. The pack gives you 20 templates and enough paint to complete all of them before you run out.

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7. 4M wind chime making kit

4m wind chime making kit

Just in case you’re still on the hunt for things that your kids can paint by hand besides paper and canvas, here’s another paint-based project with a little bit of extra appeal. This kit from 4M teaches you how to make wind chimes from two-tiered terra cotta pots that you can paint by hand.

It provides you with the four chimes, the two pots, the paint and brushes, and even the string to attach all the pieces.

This project is, however, the kind that you only receive enough supplies to make once. You might have a little bit of paint left over but, if you choose to make the double-tier design that the instructions outline, you’ll use everything else in one go (and that’s okay, but still worth noting).

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8. Craft-Tastic DIY Puffy Charm Bracelets kit

Craft tastic diy puffy charm bracelets kit

Did we catch your attention when we started talking about bracelet-making kits because your daughters do love accessories, but you’re not sure the knotting floss idea was quite the right choice? Then maybe they’d prefer this kit fromCraft-Tastic that teaches you how to make charm bracelets with DIY puffy charms that you make yourself.

The kit gives you enough chain and clasps to make four loaded charm bracelets, as well as enough moldable puffy paint to create about as many charms as those have links.

Once you’ve made the four bracelets and used all the chain, you can totally still keep crafting charms with the leftover puffy paint, making the bracelets from jewelry chain that you go somewhere else. Once the paint is gone, however, it’s worth ordering a proper refill since it’s a little different in its formula than the regular kind of puffy paint you’ve seen in craft stores.

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9. Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs kit

Klutz make your own bath bombs kit

Perhaps your kids are budding little beauty enthusiasts who love a trip to Lush for rainbow bath bombs just as much as you do? Then this cute, colorful DIY bath bomb kit from Klutz is practically made for you.

It comes with five differently shape bath bomb molds, three different colors that you can mix for more shades, scented oil, and the glycerin and citric acid you’ll need to actually mix and mild the solid bath bomb shapes.

Because you’re mixing messy things and working with scented oils, we’d suggest keeping in mind the ages and patience levels of your kids. This kit has enough product for 12 bath bombs but will need refills after that.

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10. 3 Bees & Me button flowers craft kit

3 bees & me button flowers craft kit

If your kids still have an interest in learning basic stitching techniques, but they’re still too little for the actual stitching kit we showed you earlier, they might have more success with this button flowers kit from 3 Bees & Me. This kit is more mixed media, involving stitching, cutting, layering, and even yarn wrapping.

You’ll get a whole series of colorful buttons and felt flower shapes, as well as for instructions that help you make the basic idea but still let you get a bit creative with the details in your own way.

It’s worth noting that it’s actually crafting wire your kids are threading through the buttonholes here, not thread, but the basic techniques and layered concepts they’ll learn with this kit will help build the foundation for sewing properly later on.

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Why purchase a crafting kit?

Crafting kits are a good idea because they’re very instructional. Kits provide you with all the supplies you’ll need and give you full instructions, so the only thing you have to worry about is having fun making whatever you chose. This makes kits a perfect tool for learning new skills. The most confident kits feel in their abilities, the more likely they are to grow and foster a love for DIY.

What kind of crafting kits are there?

The answer to this question is honestly bottomless. We’ve been crafting along time, and we’re still always discovering new kinds of crafting kits for things we’ve never seen boxed up and sold, all nicely bundled together before. If you have an interest and it’s a DIY skill, the chances are good that there’s a crafting kit for what you like out there.

Who are crafting kits for?

Of course, the target audience of any crafting kit depends on what it helps you make, as well as what skill level that particular project aims for. Although thereare crafting kits for adults out there, most of them conveniently boxed-up bundles that you’ll find online and in stores are geared towards kids. That doesn’t mean, however, that an adult who wants to try something new but at a beginner level can’t try their hand at a cute kids’ kit too! There’s no harm in making something just because it looked fun.

Crafting kits and age

Now, our list was intended specifically to help you find crafting kids that little girls might typically enjoy, but, in reality, anyone can make or use whatever kind of crafting kit they please. Are you an adult who thinks a kit looks cute or just wants to try your hand at something you’ve never made before in a way that’s easy enough for beginners? Great! Does your little boy also appreciate flowers and whimsical fairies? Then he can totally make one of these fun crafting kits too.

Crafting kit refills

In some kits, you’ll find that all of the supplies and tools are used up and finished by the time you’re finished that one project. In other kits, however, the intention was to supply you with the tools for making something new to let you get a taste for it, but also to inspire you to keep crafting it! The brands that make these kits often sell refills (or you can find compatible supplies in craft stores), so consider replacing what you used so you can practice making that craft with your kids again soon.

Do you know another crafty parent who has been on the hunt for different kinds of awesome craft kits they can buy to help pass their love for DIY on to their kids? Share this post with them, so they have some awesome ideas to browse.