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10 Best Makeup Organizers for Keeping Things Accessible

As any makeup lover and beauty enthusiast will tell you, the cosmetics add up quickly. This doesn’t even just mean in terms of cost; once you’ve decided that you love makeup and want to learn how to use all different products, your collection might grow very quickly indeed. This is especially true if you’re a total trend lover who enjoys all different shades. The best way to keep your collection of products under control and take care of them, if you ask us, is to invest in a decent quality makeup organizer.

best Makeup Organizers

Lately, we’ve been gathering the information for all different kinds and sizes of makeup organizers sold across the Internet and doing a little but of compere and contrast. The more organizers you look at, the easier it might be to choose the one that best suits your needs and is therefore more worth your money.

What is a makeup organizer?

Makeup organizers come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials, but they still share the same goal: to keep your makeup organized. In fact, they actually do more than that as well. Makeup organizers will also help you keep your cosmetics accessible and safe, ensuring that you get the most out of the products you’ve invested your money and learning time into.

Why are makeup organizers useful?

Depending on the kind of organizer you buy, you’ll quickly realize that all of those drawers, cubbies, slots, boxes, and shelves are little lifesavers for more than just basic organization. Good makeup storage also:

  • Keeps your expensive products out of the reach of children and pets who might ruin them.
  • Keeps your countertops or vanity space decluttered and looking neat.
  • Ensures that you can find precisely what you’re looking for nice and quickly at all times.
  • Helps you see what you own better so you’ll actually use all of the products and get your money’s worth.
  • Might motivate you to put your best face forward even on days when you’re feeling down by displaying your cosmetics.

Best makeup organizer for the job

We compared and contrasted 10 of the best makeup organizers that we found on the Internet in hopes that teasing out their best features might make your decision a little easier. Check it out!

1. Dream Genius rotating 360 makeup organizer

Dream genius rotating 360 makeup organizer

If you’re also a skin care enthusiast on top of being a makeup lover then you might well benefit from a vertically built makeup organizer like this one fromDream Genius over other kinds. This piece is made from crystal clear acrylic that’s durable but easy to clean. It has shelves of various heights but includes spaces that are specifically intended for taller products like face cleaners. It also rotates 360 degrees nice and smoothly, which makes it space efficient and keeps more products easily accessible to you.

Despite the organizer itself being durable enough that you’re not likely to break it in rotation, be sure that you’re still gentle when you turn this model. Taller products might tip over if you spin it too aggressively and fall out.

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2. Sorbus pink acrylic makeup organizer

Sorbus pink acrylic makeup organizer

If you’re the kind of person who owns mostly palettes and compacts because you’re a highlighter and eye makeup lover, with a slightly more reserved taste for collecting bottles and tubes, then you might get along better with this piece fromSorbus. This organizer gives you little lipstick stands at the top alongside shelves for foundation bottles, but the emphasis is on drawers, which can fit essentially everything else. This unit is made of the same strong acrylic, but with a lovely pink tone to it.

The drawers in this unit slide quite smoothly but, like the moving design above, you’ll still want to use a gentle hand when you open and close them. Slamming them shit or pulling them out of alignment might shake the piece and knock over the things you’ve stored on top.

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3. Besti wooden cosmetic storage

Besti wooden cosmetic storage

Is your aesthetic and home decor scheme slightly more natural and rustic than clear pink plastic suits? Then we think you might appreciate this wooden makeup organizer fromBesti a little more. This set is heavier, making it a lot more solid and impervious to shaking and knocking things over when you use the drawers. It has deeper cubbies than the previous models you’ve seen, making it better for storing a few brushes alongside your products.

Although you’ve got diverse placement options in this design, its ability to store larger products, like wide eyeshadow palettes and thick face powder compacts, is a little more limited, as is its capacity to hold bottled products like liquid foundation.

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4. Dream Genius three tiered acrylic organizer

Dream genius three tiered acrylic organizer

If you’re looking for a drawerand cubby based storage piece but you’re a bit limited in the space you have to set the organizer, then you might do well with this piece fromDream Genius. This organizer features four levels; two drawers of different sizes, a taller cubby feature that’s even well sized for perfumes, and cubed cubbies of various sizes on top. We appreciate that the drawers are lined with felt to prevent the products inside from sliding around and being damaged.

Be mindful that this organizer’s setup once again bears the risk of tipping the products stored on the top if you’re too rough with the drawers, which can shake the whole piece.

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5. STORi clear plastic 6 compartment organizer

Stori clear plastic 6 compartment organizer

Perhaps you’re actually not much of a makeup wearer at all but you’re still intent on keep the few products youdo have nice and organized? Then you might have more success with this smaller organizer fromSTORi. This piece gives you six variously sized compartments; wider ones on the left and more narrow ones on the right. The acrylic it’s made of is strong and easy to clean. The simplified nature of this piece actually also makes it a decent option for adding to a larger storage system if yourun out of storage and need a little more.

On its own, the storage that this piece presentsis a little bit limited if you’re a person who owns many differently shaped packages. It doesn’t, for example, fit rounded foundation bottles very well (which many brands use).

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6. Jofave vanity box and display

Jofave vanity box and display

If your goal is taller storage with a slightly more chic and modernized look than what you’ve seen so far, check out this “vanity box” fromJofave! This piece works well with larger products like foundation bottles, cleansers, and other skincare products. The drawers underneath suit small compacts or brushes equally. The moving pieces, which either slide out or lift, move smoothly to avoid shaking the unit.

Because the top shelf’s cover lifts up and inwards, extending across the top of that section, you’ll really want to check that the products you place there fit properly. If they’re a little too tall, they’ll block the cover from opening because its back edge will hit their tops.

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7. Mobile Vision bamboo makeup drawers

Mobile vision bamboo makeup drawers

Are you still looking for a more natural look in your organizer but you’re not sure the drawers in the wooden design are an ideal size for you? Then you might consider this bamboo design fromMobile Vision instead. The smooth nature of its materiality makes the drawer very simple to use. On top of the drawer unit, you get free, flat space to set things upright, and a small block with circular holes in the top holds pencils or brushes in place.

Although this unit is aesthetically lovely, itis quite small. It’s best for people with modest collections, or used as a supplementary piece for another storage system you already have.

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8. Ikee Designs acrylic organizer with lined drawers

Ikee designs acrylic organizer with lined drawers

If you were quite impressed with the idea of lined drawers but you found that previous unit too thin looking for your range of products, check out this piece fromIkee instead! This unit is a little shorter but is double wide in comparison. The lining of drawers prevents products from sliding around when you open and close them, while top shelving gives you space for taller things that don’t suit the drawer space.

Although the wider and slightly more squat shape of this organizer afford it a little more solidity, you’ll still want to be gentle when you open and close the drawers so as to avoid knocking over the things storage on top. The inner drawer lining also makes the drawers slightly less easy to wipe down if something spills or breaks.

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9. Jerrybox rotating organizer

Jerrybox rotating organizer

Have you been thinking about the idea of rotation makeup storage since the first design we showed you, but you’d like to see more options? Then here’s another design, this time fromJerrybox, for your consideration. This unit affords you slightly more effective storage in the top because, rather than sittingon the unit, the things stored there are placedin a central compartment that’s depressed down into the centre of the rotating piece, giving them more stability as it turns.

Although the shelves around the outside of the unit are quite awesomely sized, they lack the edging that the previous rotating unit featured. This increases the chances that things will fall out if you spin the unit too quickly.

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10. Relavel travel makeup case

Relavel travel makeup case

For people who travel a lot and are intent on keeping their makeup just as organized and wall stored on the road as they have it at home, here’s an awesome travel organizer fromRelavel for your consideration. This durable canvas zipping back is compactly shaped so that it fits well in a suitcase, with protective cubbies inside that fit differently sized products snugly. This helps keep them protected from breakage if your suitcase hits rough travel. On the inside of the closing flap, elasticized pockets and a Velcro cover give you solid brush storage too.

Because the inside of this case is all section off, it won’t necessarily fir your larger palettes or some of your taller facial cleaners, so those will need alternative spots in your suitcase.

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Product preservation and safety

Properly storing your makeup is a healthy choice for both the products and any kids or pets you might live with. By getting your compacts and tubes up off the counters, you’re protecting your makeup from damage. You’re also protecting children and animals from ingesting things they shouldn’t. Sure, most makeup brands use organic ingredients now, but that doesn’t mean anyone should eat them! You’re also less likely to have to lean smashed powder out of your carpet.


Now, we won’t say that thelook of your filled makeup organizers is the most important aspect of buying one, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a certain charm or sense of satisfaction in the sight of a clean, well organized makeup station. Your makeup station can be a sign of your care and even professionalism, and it’ll certainly help your space look better than piles of scattered compacts would.

Do you know a makeup enthusiast who wants to invest in a new makeup organizer but who feels like they could use a few more suggestions before they choose? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of options to consider!