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Adorable Knitted Sweaters for Baby Boys

Knitting sweaters for baby boys can be an opportunity to do two different things. On the one hand, you can knit the something very classy and handsome, making them look like well dressed little men. On the other hand, you might choose to knit something totally adorable and covered in duckies, making them look like the cutest little baby you’ve ever seen. It’s a touch choices to make, but we find that when we have trouble choosing between patterns… sometimes we end up knitting both!

Check out these 15 adorable knitted sweater patterns for baby boys that will have them looking their most dashing in no time!

1. Baby Sophisticate cardigan by Linden Down

Baby sophisticate cardigan

This cardigan is like the baby version of a men’s smart casual sports coat and we find that completely adorable! It’s comfortable, cozy, and warm for Baby to wear but neat and tidy looking enough to wear to a nice family dinner or his big sister’s Christmas pageant.

2. Little Coffee Bean cardigan by Elizabeth Smith

Little coffee bean cardigan

Little boys can never go wrong with simple stripes! It’s enough detail to give them some style, without getting lacy and looking more feminine. We love this brown and cream combination, as well as the way it complements this little boy’s smart corduroy pants.

3. Gramps sweater by Tin Can Knits

Gramps sweater

Just like the first sweater, we think this design looks like a smart casual suit jacket fit for a nice dinner! The different with this one, however, is in the details. Rather than a single colour like the first, this one offers an opportunity to contrast another colour of your choice along the edges and the accents.

4. Playdate cardigan by Tin Can Knits

Playdate cardigan

Are you hoping to make Baby a simple, comfy cardigan that he can wear to play dates and crawl in around in comfortably while he plays? This is the pattern for you! It’s simple and intentionally plain, so it would be a good option for a nicely variegated yarn rather than a solid.

5. Latte Baby Coat by Lisa Chemery

Latte baby coat

Sometimes a knitted coat made from a thick, pure wool is the warmest thing you can put Baby in, even compared to his store bought coat. We love the detailing on the pockets, front lapel, and sleeve cuffs on here. We also think the hood is an essential feature for keeping him warm in the fall and winter!

6. Elmwood sweater by Jenny Wiebe

Elmwood sweater

Did you like the idea of stripes when you saw them earlier on this list but the solidly coloured blocked kind just aren’t catching your eye? These thicker stripes are wide enough to give you space for striping in two different but complementary variegated yarns. The size of the stripes will let the tonal changes in the yarn show nicely.

7. Twisted Trails by Lisa K. Ross

Twisted trails

Cables are always nice, but this twisted, almost Celtic looking design take the cake when it comes to intricately impressive details! Because the design is so eye-catching, you don’t need to do much colour changing, so we like that the designer kept those to a minimum, switching only for the cuffs, hem, and hood edging.

8. Henry’s Sweater by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner

Henrys sweater

Have you always thought that suit jackets with a double set of buttons across the front looked the smartest? Well, this particular sweater is made to mimic that style and we think it does  a pretty standup job! We love the way these wooden buttons look, but you could choose plastic ones in a matching colour or perhaps ones painted to look like brass or copper instead.

9. Greyson sweater by Julia Stanfield

Greyson sweater

Are you tired of wading through cardigans because you’re in search of an actual, classic pullover? We adore this simply V-neck design. This sweater, with it’s neat, steady stockinette stitching and simple contrasting cuffs, is a great option for knitters who are knew to try their hand at sweaters.

10. Joseph sweater by Julie Partie

Joseph sweater

Do you love seed stitch more than any other detail? We’d have to agree with you there! We’re also fond of how it contrasts with the simple ribbing down the front. Whether you fasten light or dark wood buttons to this one, it’ll look just as charming either way.

11. Conscious sweater by Kelly Brooker

Conscious sweater

Are you looking for a casual pullover with a classic fit, but one that still has something interesting about it? This “pieced together” look, that appears as though the top of a sweater in one colour is stitched to the bottom of a sweater in another colour, is one of the coolest little boy patterns we’ve seen so far!

12. Normandie sweater by Gabrielle Danskknit

Normandie sweater

This little pullover ticks all the boxes for cute practicality. It’s a thick, warm stitch, it’s a v-neck that won’t make baby feel stifled, and it’s even got a slight little detail in another colour. It’s got everything, really!

13. Abernathy sweater by Terri Kuse

Abernathy sweater

When you say that you like knitting cables, do you really mean it? Are cabled patterns your absolute favourite? Then this sweater, with two thinner twisted cables and one thicker woven section down the front, will keep you amused for hours! We’re also big fans of how warm the big collar will keep Baby.

14. Winter Cocoa by Andrea Sanchez

Winter cocoa

This pattern and it’s designs down the front, back, and sides, are so even and neat looking when they’re done well that the finished product practically looks store bought! We like it in this sweet, neutral colour because it shows off the weaving details very well, where as a darker or more bold colour might mask them.

15. The Little Dude by Andrea Rangel

The little dude

Have you ever seen the movie The Big Lebowski? Did you find a certain charm in the slouchy, casual sweater that The Dude wears throughout the movie? Well, here’s your chance to recreate it, but in miniature! Besides adoring the pattern on the sweater, we also think the name is hilarious.

Do you know a fellow knitter who has, or is about to have, a baby boy or two in their life? Share this post with them so they can discover a few nice, new patterns they haven’t tried yet!