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DIY Leopard Print Decor and Housewares

We’ve definitely written about leopard print projects before, but that post was more fashion and style based. What if you’d really like to have your love for leopard print spill over into your home decor too? It’s a bold choice, but we’re right there with you when it comes to proudly displaying those signature spots all over the place!

Check out these 15 awesome leopard print DIY projects that we’re convinced will look fantastic in your home, even if your outfit might occasionally match some of your living room accessories when you’re done.

1. Leopard ribbon storage cans

Leopard ribbon storage cans

One of the easiest ways in the world to make extra small storage in your home, particularly in your kitchen or bathroom, is to decorate some cleaned out tin cans. Using ribbons is a neat, easy way to fancy the cans up! Obviously we’re partial the the part of this design where Parties Galore wrapped leopard print ribbon around the top.

2. Leopard print party ribbons

Leopard print party ribbons

Are you throwing an event in honour of someone who adores leopard print just as much as you do? Check out these little banner ribbons that use leopard print crafting or scrapbooking paper folded like an accordion! These are perfect for spelling out a birthday message on a strung banner or giving each person their own stylish name tag. DIY Inspired

shows you how they’re made.

3. Leopard and glitter wine glass

Leopard and glitter wine glass

As if adding gold glitter to the base and stem of a wine glass wasn’t an awesome enough idea in itself, Abby Avery suggests using black and brown paint to hand detail some spots on the outside as well! Layering the two takes the concept of leopard print to a whole new sparkly level.

4. Leopard mugs

Leopard print mugs