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15 Toasty Knitted Sock Patterns for Fall

Now that fall is officially upon us, our knitting needles are clicking so fast that we think they might start sparking if we don’t remember to take a break every now and then! There are plenty of things we adore making in the fall, but only one thing has quite so strong an upsurge in handmade production each year that our family members poke fun at us for how many we knit. That thing is, of course, cozy knitted fall socks! There’s just something about having lots of wonderfully warm, hand knit things to keep our feet warm each day that makes us feel at home, and also like our loved ones will be well cared for no matter how chilly it gets between now and next spring. Even though we know that the people closest to us have come to expect having us knit them socks, however, we still like like to keep things interested by changing up which patterns we use and trying all kinds of new things!

Just in case you’re as interested in finding new, warm sock patterns to try out this fall as we were, if not more, here 15 of the very best and most unique designs we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. Simple ribbed socks

Simple ribbed socks

Just because you’re looking for new sock patterns doesn’t mean you can’t still hang onto a simple, classic style to be your default for everyone or to kick off your season, right? We love this pattern because, even though it’s so easy to do that even beginner sock knitters can handle it, Andrea Wong Knits also walks you step by step through knitting the reinforced heel, making these particularly likely to survive a whole season of wearing them with boots. That’s a huge bonus if you ask us!

2. Rainbow colour patch Entrelac socks

Rainbow colour patch entrelac socks

Are you perhaps more of an advanced knitter and you’re looking for something a little extra fun to make for your kids this year, since they’ve reached an age where they care about what they wear now and they’re not too thrilled at the idea of wearing boring old neutrally coloured knitted socks all winter? Ours recently told us that classic knitted socks reminded them of “the olden days”, so we knit them these fantastically exciting looking rainbow entrelac socks instead and we never heard another complaint! Get the full instructions on iCreative Ideas.

3. Pansy Path socks

Pansy path socks

Would you actually prefer to keep the stitching pattern you invest in your socks just a little bit simpler for the most part because you find that makes for the most comfortable wearing, but you’d still like to include some kind of appealing design element of some form? Then we think perhaps it’s time to practice a little bit of colour work! All Free Knitting teaches you how to make a cute and very simple floral motif around the top, just under the cuff.

4. Wink and Smile socks

Wink and smile socks

Perhaps you come from somewhere a little bit warmer and, even though the fall is definitely still chilly enough that knitted socks are a wonderful thing to own, they don’t need to be quite as densely knit in order to do their job? In that case, so long as adorably patterned eyelets are your think, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this pretty pattern outlined step by step on The Chilly Dog.

5. Not Wasting Time socks

Not wasting time socks

Were you intrigued by the quick, simple, ribbed sock we showed you with the reinforced heel and you’re quite interested in knitting something similar but you’re also convinced that you’re skilled enough to do something a little fancier than a basic rib in just a little time? Then maybe you’d prefer this sock pattern by Melody’s Makings that has a more structured rib that mimics the aesthetic of the heel itself and stands out a little better against the basic stockinette on the bottom!

6. Pawsome Pals socks

Pawsome pals socks

Have you always enjoyed any type of colour work of unique construction that will let you make something kitschy and novelty? In that case, we have a feeling that you just might be the perfect person to give these funny animal pal socks a try. We made the foxes at the beginning of the season and so many people have asked us where we bought them that we’ve actually lost count! Get the full details on Knitting is Awesome.

7. Bea’s Slippers socks

Bea's slippers socks

Perhaps you or a loved one actually prefers the feeling of wearing regular, store bought socks inside their fall boots, but still wants something that’s nice and toasty but also knitted to wear around the house when the floors start to get chilly? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Mone Drager made these wonderful slipper socks that hold a lot of charm in their stitch definition and design. You could knit them ankle length and folded like this or longer up the leg; whichever you’d prefer!

8. Azure socks

Azure socks

Have you always loved the idea of making cabled socks because delicate, finer kitting that still stays dense without getting very lacy is actually your favourite kind? In that case, we think perhaps these fantastic multi-cabled socks by Shortly 24 that feature a blooming braid up the centre of each and a woven twist on each side of that might be right up your alley. We think you’ll be quite pleased to learn that these are actually much simpler to knit than they look!

9. Lulu knee socks

Lulu knee socks

Have you felt pretty intrigued indeed by the idea of making both socks with some kind of defined stitch or cable design and the idea of making socks that can extend as high as you please up the leg but you’re having trouble choosing between the two ideas? Well, who ever said you had to choose? We think perhaps you might get along very well indeed with this absolutely stunning knitted knee sock design featured on Craftsy.

10. Easy cable socks

Easy cable socks

Have you adored the idea of knitting socks with cables and the concept of knitting sock with reinforced heels, but you’re actually still quite new to the game and you’re worried you’d need a simple pattern than what we’ve shown you so far, even though you’re feeling quite confident in the knitting skills you do have? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at how Winwick Mum made this slightly simplified version that has both of the elements you’re looking for!

11. Crazy Crazy Eights socks

Crazy crazy eights socks

Just in case you’re a total sucker for more advanced techniques, some colour work, and some impressive stitch design, then here’s the sock pattern you’ve probably been waiting for while you scroll! We simply adore this pattern from Aloha Blu because it not only results in a finished product that’s basically breathtaking, but it also helps you learn some of these techniques in a very clear, well outlined way.

12. Ribbon cable socks

Ribbon cable socks

We’ve shown you a decent number of cable knit designs so far, but what if you’re still on the hunt for an alternative because you’ve tried quite a few cabling techniques before and you were really hoping to use socks as an opportunity to learn a new kind of cable or design? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at this design from Balls to The Walls Knits that teaches you step by step how to make something called a ribbon cable. Even just the pretty name is enough to make us want to give these a try!

13. Swirling socks

Swirling socks

Have you ever been knitting a series of ribs or eyelets that were supposed to be straight up and down, but you missed a stitch somewhere along the way and looked down to find your pattern moving diagonally instead… only to realize that you actually really liked the way it looked? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this pattern from My Life Made Crafty that shows you how to do just that, but neatly and intentionally!

14. Love Still Wins house socks

Love still wins house socks

Just in case you’re still very interested indeed in the idea of creating some lovely knitted colour work socks this fall but we just haven’t shown you a design yet that has quite held your fancy enough to cast on, here’s another alternative that would make a very loving gift for a family member indeed! Infinite Twist teaches you step by step how to make adorable socks that feature a full spectrum colour fade of hearts from cuff to toes.

15. Diamonds and Pearls socks

Diamonds and pearls socks

Have you always been the kind of knitted who, besides adoring interesting and unique looking colour work, also loves putting a neat spin on things whenever possible, particularly when texture is involved? In that case, we have a feeling these fantastic socks that feature an argyle inspired pattern that literally stands out from the base of the sock might be just what you’re looking for! See how they’re done in more detail on Aloha Blu.

Do you know another DIY enthusiast who is also an avid knitter but who has also expressed that they need some guidance and inspiration when it comes to knitting socks this fall, since they’re still learning or tired of knitting the same old pattern they always have? Share this post with them to give them all kinds of awesome new pattern and design options this fall!

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