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Spruce the Kitchen Wall With a Simple Project

Have you ever looked around your house and realized that, even though you’d bought or made and displayed fantastic decor pieces in some rooms, others have gone a little bit neglected in your interior decorating efforts? We had this experience recently with our kitchen and decided that it’s high time we made some fantastic kitchen appropriate pieces to give the room a little more character, especially since we spend so much time in there. Sure, we could have bought some pieces in stores that fit the colour scheme and such, but we’ve always found the process of making our own DIY decor a little more fulfilling, no matter what room it’s for.

That’s why we hopped online to see what other crafty people have made and displayed in their own kitchens! To be honest, we were pretty thrilled with how many ideas we saw. If you’d like to browse some DIY kitchen decor too, check out the 15 ideas, designs, and tutorials that we liked best.

1. Vertical hanging garden baskets

Vertical hanging garden baskets

Are you the kind of person who likes to plant your own herbs or at least add a little bit of greenery to each room in your house? Well, we’re completely obsessed with house plants right now too, so we can’t say we blame you. That’s why we loved this vertical hanging garden baskets piece from A Beautiful Mess so much! It’s even easier to make than it looks.

2. Wooden spoon wall art

Wooden spoon wall art

Are you feeling pretty intent on making some kitchen wall art but you’re also a fan of speed and simplicity in the crafting process? Well, if you like repurposing too then you’re in for a real literal and minimalist treat with this hanging wall art outlined in very easy steps on Fave Crafts. They made theirs from a painting canvas, vinyl stickers, and three large wooden utensils.

3. Wooden painted coffee mug sign

Wooden painted coffee mug sign

If you’re going to create a wall piece, would you prefer that it be decorative and practical? Well, here’s one just like that for the coffee lovers out there! This full project outline from Sadie Seasongoods teaches you how to smooth and stain your wooden piece, stencil on a coffee related graphic of your choosing (or any other you’d like), affix the hooks that will hold your mugs nice and ready for each morning, and even hang it on the wall.

4. Framed heirloom recipes

Framed hairloom recipes

Are you a nostalgic person who has always preferred adding a slight personal touch to your homemade crafts and decor whenever possible? Well, in keeping with the kitchen decor theme specifically, we think you’ll be rather thrilled indeed to come across this adorable framed heirloom recipe idea from Fave Crafts. Their tutorial shows you how they found old family recipes, mounted them carefully on burlap backings, and framed them in painted frames before arranging them in a collage on the kitchen wall.

5. Colourful wooden spoon kitchen clock

Colourful wooden spoon kitchen clock

Have you felt quite enamoured indeed with the idea of upcycling wooden kitchen utensils but you’re also a person with bright, eclectic tastes, so you haven’t seen anything that really grabs your attention so far? In that case, we’re pretty sure this next idea from A Beautiful Mess was practically made for you! Take a better look at their page to see how they used brightly coloured paint and wooden spoons to make this super fun modern-looking clock.

6. DIY ice cream magnets

Diy ice cream magnets

If your taste in decor and colour choices a little more cutesy and fun than some of the darker wooden pieces that you’ve seen so far? Well, we know we already showed you one colourful option, but this one’s for the pastel lovers specifically! A Kailo Chic Life shows you how, from start to finish, to make an adorable set of ice cream themed fridge magnets by moulding and painting clay. We’re especially fond of the ones with little bites out of them!

7. DIY pegboard kitchen storage

Diy pegboard kitchen storage

Are you actually still thinking about how much you love the idea of balancing practicality with decor, but you’re not opposed to putting the emphasis mostly on function so long as there’s a bit of character involved? Then we think you might find this kitchen utensils pegboard design from A Beautiful Mess very cool indeed. They should you how to safely cut, paint, and mount the board and then strategically arrange hooks on it so that all kinds of things fit. On top of it, they tell you how they traced the outlines of each utensil with chalk to remind themselves where everything goes and hold each spot when that piece is being used! Suddenly putting the dishes away is like a match game.

8. Stained wood chalkboard kitchen sign

Stained wood chalkboard kitchen sign

Are you feeling very intent indeed on making some kind of decorative piece for your kitchen but, besides the fact that you prefer rustic chic styles, you’re also a bit of a beginner in the world of crafting, so you need something really easy? Then we think you might get along quite well with something like this stained wood chalkboard kitchen sign mapped out in full on Love Grows Wild.

9. Baking pan DIY wall art

Bakng pan diy wall art

If you’re still thinking about how much you liked the look of upcycled utensil pieces but you just haven’t seen the one that’s best for you yet, here’s another idea for your consideration that’s a little more unconventional. This tutorial, complete with photos, on Dazzle While Frazzled shows you in detail how to turn an old square baking pain into a piece of wall art by adding a decorative insert to the bottom and mounting it flat on the wall so the image becomes the back, with the sides of the pain framing it.

10. Galvanized metal framed menu board

Galvanized metal framed menu board

Perhaps you’re feeling interested in the idea of making something decorative and practical like we mentioned before, but you’re also really loving the way that slightly industrial chic and metallic pieces are trending right now? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Love Grows Wild made this weekly planner menu board that features a galvanized steel backing piece framed in wood.

11. Vintage window chalkboard

Vintage window chalkboard

Have the ideas that have caught your eye the best so far actually been the ones involving chalkboard paint because you love being able to create note surfaces, but you just haven’t felt completely convinced by any of the specific designs you’ve seen so far? Well, if you love upcyclng and creating farmhouse chic pieces as much as we do then perhaps you’d prefer to check out this vintage window chalkboard from Atkinson Drive! Each square that used to hold glass becomes a spot for handwritten notes or chalk designs.

12. Scrap wood DIY monogram

Scrap wood diy monogram

Once again, reclaimed wood decor is something we’ve already shown you, but the best thing about working with this material is that there are just so many different things you can do with it. That’s why we want to make sure you see this awesome scrap wood concept as well! Making It in The Mountains shows you how to turn several lengths of scrap wood into a circular piece with a monogrammed letter cutout in the centre. They even show you how to add some stylishly weathered looking worn paint detail.

13. Wooden arrow rustic wall art

Wooden arrow rustic wall art

Just in case you’re still not feeling over the rustic chic and wooden projects yet (and we sure can’t say we blame you), here’s a version that’s perfect for people who love angular designs that have a slightly geometric feel within their vintage wooden nature. This guide from Cherished Bliss maps out the steps they took to create the mounted shape and the frame from scratch.

14. Painted driftwood wall art

Panted driftwood wall art

Even though you’re a big fan of making wooden decor that would suit your kitchen, would you prefer a lighter and sort of beach-y feel over one that is very dark and vintage or rustic and farmhouse inspired? Then maybe you’d prefer this stunning driftwood wall art outlined step by simple step on Sustain My Craft Habit! We’re in love with the way they incorporated the occasional painted piece to offset the natural ones.

15. DIY wooden pallet shelf for flowers

Diy wooden pallet shelf for flowers

If we’re being honest, we’ve always loved houseplants. Especially lately, we’ve been filling every room in our house with lovely greenery because we feel it makes the whole place feel brighter, fresher, and more alive. Given our apparent love for wooden projects too, we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise, then, that our favourite option on this whole list of kitchen wall decor was this stunning mounted box shelf for flowers! Lehman Lane is here to show you how to make it with reclaimed pallet wood.

Have you made other kinds of fantastic and decorative DIY wall art before that was perfect for your kitchen but that you don’t see anything quite similar to here? Give us the details of what you created and how in the comments section or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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