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10 River Tables That Will Help Transform Any Space In Your Home

Bringing nature into the home seems to do wonders for the soul. And there are various ways to do that – with fresh blooms or paintings inspired by the great outdoors. We’re partial to the findings below though. River tables are gorgeous pieces of functional art for your home. They’re handmade designs created from wood, glass inserts, and epoxy resin. And the best part is that each one is completely unique to another. The versatility of their style cannot be overlooked either as they can easily fit into a variety of interior design genres from the most modern of spaces to the most boho-influenced of homes. Let’s take a peek at 10 show-stopping designs that will help to transform any space inside.

1. Blue River Table Top

Blue river table senna siamea wood

There is just no way to overlook the absolute beauty that this blue river table top has to offer. Created with epoxy inlay and Senna Siamea wood from Vietnam, the design measures 16″x 47″x 23.5″ but dimensions can be customized so you can use it as a coffee table or even a dining room table. You can even choose the resin color for the middle; blue, green, purple, yellows and more are all options!

2. Magnolia Console Table

Magnolia console table

If you’re in need of a smaller design but still want it to pack a punch, then maybe this magnolia console table will delight your fancy. Made of beautiful magnolia wood, the piece fixates gunmetal epoxy in the middle and is finished with hairpin legs and Rubio Monocoat for stunning wax finish – while still maintaining the natural feel of the wood.

3. Customized Blue Resin Table Top

Customized blue resin table top

Here we have another customized blue resin table top that would be a stunning way to finish out your dining room or even add something lux in your meeting or conference room at work. This piece is made from acacia wood and emerald epoxy resin with a steel frame and the dimensions are completely customizable.

4. Black Walnut River Coffee Table

Black walnut river coffee table

We’re swooning over this smaller design as well. It’s such a neutral yet unique piece for your home. The black walnut river coffee table ships from New York and is made with walnut wood and black epoxy. This design definitely has a more masculine feel than some of our others and fits well within a span that is geared toward a more traditional or contemporary tone.

5. Live Edge River Table

Live edge river table

Here we have a live edge river table that includes blue shells in its design! This may be one of our more unique designs and what we love about it is that it too can be customized according to the size you need. And it’s one of the more affordable pieces on the list.

6. Walnut River Table With Stones

Live edge river table with stones

Add even more realistic details with this walnut river table. How? Well, this design includes stones in the that beautiful, epoxy middle. The piece is created with walnut wood and each table is made to order with customizable dimensions. And its finished with crystal clear lacquer making it  scratch and water proof – which comes in handy with the kiddos!

7. Custom Sized Epoxy River Table

Live edge epoxy river table with custom sizes

We have another epoxy river table that comes in custom sizes and this one is on the budget-friendly side as well. The middle section is also customizable in terms of color. Choose from blue, yellow, orange, white, gold, and red. This can instantly become a statement piece for your home.

8. Epoxy Coffee or Dining Table

Epoxy coffee or dining table

Check out this epoxy coffee or dining table! This comes in a different shape and we’re absolutely loving the square set. Use this as a dining room table or to finish off the breakfast nook. It’s made with cedar wood, blue epoxy and hairpin legs.

9. South American Walnut River Table

 south american walnut river table

This is a South American walnut river table slab that you can purchase and then pick your own legs. Gold metal hairpin legs or even just a solid steel frame would finish it off nicely. You could even use it to top a kitchen island or vanity for the bedroom.

10. Resin River Mesquite Burl Table

Resin river mesquite burl table

And finally, grab some inspiration from this stunning resin river mesquite burl table. We love its natural edges and how brilliant that blue epoxy is. The mesquite wood is a bit different than some of the other designs on the list but makes such a wonderful statement piece to show off in your home.

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