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How to Put In Your Own In-Ground and Above Ground Pools

We might not be headed towards summer weather right now, but every time we decide we want to change something large or drastic about out outdoor space, we start researching our options nice and early so we’re well prepared by the time the right weather and season arrive. That’s why we’re already looking up resources that will help us install our very own backyard pool come summer! We were pleasantly surprised when we started our search by just how many helpful pages there are on the Internet to guide you step by step through the process of installing both in-ground and above ground pools.

Are you feeling just as intent as we are, if not more, on learning how to put either kind of pool into your very own backyard? Then check out these 12 super helpful DIY ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for guidance!

1. Affordable large plastic in-ground pool with slide

Affordable large plastic in ground pool with slide

Do you already have a large kiddie pool in quality plastic that your little ones use all the time but that you’d prefer to install as semi-permanently as you can, rather than just popping it in the middle of the lawn? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how dzikieswinie outlines the process for doing so complete with a stone walkway and accompanying plastic slide.

2. How to drop and above ground pool into a stone patio

How to drop and above ground pool into a stone patio

Perhaps you already have a freestanding above ground pool that your family uses essentially every day when the weather allows, but now you’re looking at redoing your whole patio area and you can’t help wondering whether that and the pool migth be amalgamated more permanently? In that case, we’re pretty sure Above Ground Pros has just what you’re looking for in this guide for dropping an above ground pool down into a stone patio so it sits like an in-ground!

3. DIY natural pool

Diy natural pool

Are you part of the kind of household who literally spends every single warm day in the pool to the point that you wouldn’t mind one bit dedicating your entire yard to being able to swim whenever you want? Then we think you simply must take a look at the way Poolonomics outlines the basics for building a stunning natural pool that incorporates a bit of natural watery greenery into the ecosystem of your backward, rather than just being all tiles and siding.

4. DIY sunken deck pool with a solar heater

Diy sunken deck pool with a solar heater

Perhaps you’re still thinking about your above ground pool and how you wouldn’t mind changing the structure and levels of your backyard space to incorporate the pool at a more even level? Well if you already have a deck that you’ve been thinking about extending or you don’t have one but you’ve been considering your options for building one, then we’d absolutely encourage you to think about the way Instructables outlines how to build a sunken deck pool complete with its own solar heater.

5. DIY in-ground dog pool

Diy in ground dog pool

Perhaps it’s not actually you and your other human family members who are completely obsessed with swimming, but rather your four legged friends? Well, you could just keep hauling out the kiddie pool, or you could do what Healthy Paws did here and actually make them a doggie-sized version of the sunken plastic in-ground pool we showed you before, complete with its own patio ring!

6. Sunken patio stock tank pool

Sunken patio stock tank pool

Are you scrolling through our list and still finding yourself feeling quite intrigued indeed by the idea of sinking an above ground pool right down into your remade patio, but you’re not sure you need one quite as large as the one we showed you earlier? Then maybe you’d prefer to see how The Spruce made a smaller version of the same concept using a stock tank pool!

7. Full in-ground pool with a hot tub at one end

Full in ground pool with a hot tub at one end

Just in case you’ve been looking for a more comprehensive resource that will help you learn more about building and installing an actual in-ground pool from scratch, here’s a guide from Rose Bru that talks about the steps from start to finish, including consideration of the option of having a hot tub piece put in at one end, like you’ve probably seen in hotels.

8. DIY pool waterfall for your in-ground pool

Diy pool waterfall for your in ground pool

Whether you already have an in-ground pool that you want to level up or you’re looking for ideas to go along with the one you intend to build, here’s an awesome tutorial that will help you add something a little special! We think the way HGTV outlines the process for building this DIY pool waterfall is very well done indeed.

9. Full instructions for a professional in-ground pool installation

Full instructions for a professional in ground pool installation

If you’ve got a lot more experience when it comes to things like landscaping and home renovations and you’re feeling up for a challenge but you’re not interested in worrying about the installation of a hot tub at once end, here’s a full discussion and resource from Inyo Pools outlining the steps for building an in-ground pool that’s a little bit smaller than what you saw before.

10. Semi in-ground pool built from wood and plastic

Semi in ground pool built from wood and plastic

Just in case you’re intent on making a pool a more permanent fixture of your yard but you just don’t have the space for the full sized in-ground pools you saw in the thorough resources above, here’s the next best thing! This guide from WikiHow walks you step by step through the process of making a semi in-ground pool built- yes, you read that right- from wood and plastic.

11. DIY above ground pool fence

Diy above ground pool fence

Whether you’re planning on building your own above ground pool or some kinds or whether you already have one that you’ve been hoping to customize a little, here’s an awesome DIY feature that will help you make it a little safer and set your mind at ease. This video guide from MrFezzwig718 shows you the details for adding a safety fence around your above ground pool, with tips on customizing it for size and kind.

12. DIY in-ground pool fence

Diy in ground pool fence

Are you still intrigued by this whole concept of adding a DIY fence around your pool because you’d like that peace of mind too but the pool you’re intending to build or may already have is actually an in-ground pool? Then you’re sure to get along a lot better with this similar but altered guide from Simple Pool Tips for putting a full safety fence around an in-ground pool instead.

Do you know another avid home DIY enthusiast who has long wanted to build themselves a new pool in the backyard but who could definitely use some guidance and help along the way? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of options and inspiration to choose from!

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