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DIY Ideas for an Industrial Living Room

When it comes to interior decor, we’ll fully admit that we’re suckers for a theme or an explicitly specific style. There’s just something about a cohesively unique aesthetic that gets us excited, particularly if it’s one that you can use your creative and DIY skills to make all kinds of features and decorative pieces for! Lately, we’ve been considering adding some industrial chic inspired elements to our home, particularly in our living room, so we’ve had our eyes peeled for all kinds of resources that might help us out with that.

1. A brick wall with a metal ceiling

A brick wall with a metal ceiling

In classic industrial chic decor, leaving hard and textured surfaces exposed is like a central tenet of the style. That’s been true for years and it’s so timeless that the appeal of those features extends through today! This space featured on Digs Digs is the perfect example of what we mean. They’ve combined a metal ceiling, an exposed brick wall, and concrete flooring in one place for a stylishly “unfinished” yet comfortable look that’s perfect for building an industrial room in.

2. Stacked pallet furniture with brick and metal for rustic industrial chic

Stacked pallet durniture with brick and metal for rustic industrial chic

When you think of classic “industrial chic” does your brain also begin to picture clearly upcycled and repurposed pieces? Well, you’re entirely right that the two often go hand in hand! That’s why we love it when those with industrial chic living rooms choose to use things like reclaimed wooden pallets to make practical furniture pieces that play well off their exposed brick and metal features, just like you see here in this stacked pallet media centre highlighted in discussions of industrial style on Interior Idea.

3. Contrasting wood and metal for industrial and country at once

Contrasting wood and metal for industrial and country at once

Are you perhaps absolutely interested in making some kind of industrial chic aesthetic prominent in your decor scheme but you’re also feeling a little more country than some of the very urban spaces you’ve seen use the same elements? Then we’d suggest upping your inclusion of wood so that there’s a strong farm chic contrast balancing out all of the dark metal you might be using elsewhere! This dining set and its wood and metal flower box are the perfect example of what we mean. You can actually see how the little industrial farm chic floral box was made on Home Made Lovely.

4. Exposed metal features

Exposed metal features

Have we really caught your attention in our discussion of exposed metal features and now you can’t help wondering just how many ways you can incorporate that into your living room? In that case, we’d suggest seeking inspiration in rooms like this one featured on Virlova Style‘s highlighting of fantastic industrial chic spaces! They’ve included exposed black metal in the centre of the living room, the fire escape inspired staircase, and the exposed ducts on the ceiling, which balances in a stunningly industrial way with their lovely exposed brick wall.

5. Exposed pipes, beams, and ducts

Ecposed pipes, beams, and ducts