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Learn How To Reinspire Older Items With These 27 DIYs!

Taking something old and making something new is the ultimate way to upcycle, recycle and get creative. We love vintage feels and antiquity when it comes to style but what about taking items of the past and turning them into brand new, refreshed and recharged pieces of everyday life? Learn how to reinsure older items with these 27 DIYs!

1. Cast Iron Tub Into An Outdoor Sofa

Upcycled Tub To Sofa DIY

Check out this project from One Krieger Chick! How does turning an old, cast iron tub into a beautiful outdoor sofa sound for your first upcycled project?

2. Pipes Into A Jewelry Stand


Older pipes or ones straight from the store, learn how to create a funky, edgy and industrial-styled jewelry stand from them! Grab the details over at Making A Home Base.

3. Lace Into An Accent Wall

DIY Lace Accent Wall

So you have a ton of lace hanging around, why not use it to create a gorgeous accent wall? Check out what they did at Dear Beautiful You and snag the inspiration.

4. Spoons Into Wall Art

DIY Spoon Wall art

Instead of throwing out old spoons turn them into something inspiring. Of course you can also pick up vintage pieces at the flea market, dip them in some paint and create a similar design piece just like A Joyful Riot did.

5. Napkins Into Pillows

DIY Napkin Pillows

View From The Fridge used some cloth napkins and turned them into super adorable throw pillows! With the addition of some pom-pom liner these are quite the stylish DIY.

6. Camera Into A Lamp


Check out Lovely etc. to learn how to take a vintage camera and turn it into one of the most unique lamps around. This would be a great addition to your home office don’t you think?

7. Globe Into A Bowl

DIY Globe Bowl

BHG shows us how to take a globe and turn it into a statement piece for your table. This is a super easy “reinspired” project and will certainly bring a bout of freshness to the dining room.

8. Drawer Into A Bulletin Board

DIy Drawer Bulletin Board

And here we have another upcycled project from BHG, one where you take an older drawer and turn it into a funky and charming bulletin board for the kitchen or home office.

9. Suitcases Into A Side Table

DIY Suitcase Side Table

Vintage suitcases can be made into so many wonderful things, even if they’re alone used as bits of decor. But this DIY from Cupcakes and Cashmere takes the cake!

10. Teacups Into Candles

DIy Teacup Candle

Over at PopSugar you’ll find even more great ideas to inspire you, and this one is all about those gorgeous vintage teacups. In which you can turn into beautiful candles to fill your home with.

11. Records Into Side Tables


Create some personality and vintage-filled side tables with this DIY from The Flourishing Abode. Records can be used for so many decor ideas and this one may be our favorite!

12. Dish Rack Into Shipping Station

DIY Shipping Station

Live.Laugh.Rowe. created a shipping station out of an old dish rack. Perfect for wrapping and sending off snail mail, we love the organization behind this.

13. Light Fixtures Into Candle Holders

Re-Purposed Holders..

Chippy Shabby started collecting vintage light fixtures and then has the brilliant idea of turning them into candle holders. Just look at this setup, it’s gorgeous!

14. Frames Into Secret Storage

DIY Secret Storage Box Frame

If you’re into secret storage or hiding spots then you’ll want to follow this DIY over at Design Sponge. Take a picture frame and use it as a diversion to what you’re keeping tucked away.

15. Hangers Into Wall Art

DIy Hanger Wall Art

Well, you’ll need some paper too – any kind would essentially work. BHG gives us another great idea on turning something old into something reinspired and brand new!

16. Milk Glass Into A Succulent Planter

DIy Milk Glass Planter

We’re loving the inspiration behind this project. Milk glass can be found at a lot of “thrifty” spots, so grab a piece you love and then use it to plant your succulents just like House of Hawthornes did.

17. Plates Into A Wall Collage

DIY Plate Wall art

Look at this gorgeous wall collage from Francois Et Moi. Created with plates found at a thrift shop and a bit of blue paint, they’re gorgeous!

18. Cheese Graters Into Office Organizers


Perfect for your home office or craft room, some vintage metal cheese graters can do a lot for your organizational needs. Check it out at Live.Laugh.Rowe.

19. Bedspread Into Hand Towels


Nourish and Nestle found a beautiful candlewick bedspread while out thrifting. And despite its stains, turned them into beautiful hand towels!

20. Rolling Pins Into A Wall Rack

DIy Rolling Pin Rack

RecyclArt took some old rolling pins, cut them in half and created this fun piece for the wall. Hang up aprons, ribbons, coats and the like on this beaut!

21. Pot Lids Into Clocks

DIy Pot Lid Clock

Over at Maker Mama, she thrifted some adorable and colorful pot lids and then turned one of them into a retro-inspired clock for her kitchen! Snag the details after the jump!

22. Picture Frames Into Jewelry Holders

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Display

If you decide to visit PopSugar again, you’ll also find these snazzy jewelry holders made from older, wooden frames. Paint them, embellish them and add a bit of burlap!

23. Sweaters Into Pillows

DIy Sweater Pillow

PopSugar shows us how to make some different kinds of pillows too. And these are made of out sweaters. Instead of throwing some of your old ones out, create something new with them!

24. Pillow Cases Into Garment Bags

DIy Pillowcase Garment Bag

You can even use those old pillowcases you’ve got hidden in the linen closet for something brand new. Turn them into garment bags and keep your best stuff from getting dusty or damaged. BHG

25. Wire Hanger Into A Towel Rack

DIY Towel Rack

Do you have a ton of wire hangers that you just aren’t using anymore? Take one and create a new towel rack for your bathroom. Visit Bigger Than The Three Of Us for the details.

26. Wax Paper Box Into A Washi Tape Dispenser

Wax Paper Box to Washi Tape Dispenser via homework (5)[7]

Okay, so a wax paper box may not be a vintage piece but it is something old that can be something brand new and useable all over again. Grab the details for this craft room necessity over at home.work.

27. Cutting Boards Into Wall Art

Eat Cutting Board Wall Art

Anderson + Grant used some old, wooden cutting boards and turned them into funky kitchen wall art that we’re swooning over. And don’t be afraid to paint them!

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