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Revitalize Your Home With These 21 DIY House Cleaners

Are you tired of buying toxic, chemical-filled house cleaners that can be harmful to yourself, your family and even the pets? Why not try making some of your very own? It’s easier than you may thing and there are a lot of different recipes to try and find your favorite. You can even make niche products for certain jobs and rooms around the house. So, dive in and revitalize your home with these 21 DIY house cleaners!

1. Soft Scrub


One Good Thing teaches us how to make some homemade soft scrub antibacterial soap that’s perfect for bathroom or kitchen cleaning! And it’s super easy to follow!

2. Window Cleaner


Check out this simple window cleaner from She Wears Many Hats. You’ll have sparkling windows, mirrors and storm doors in no time with this helpful DIY!

3. Pot and Pan Cleaner

metal pot cleaner diy

Who hates cleaning nasty, metal pots and pans? With this DIY from PopSugar, you’ll never have that problem … ever again! Visit the site and take a peek!

4. Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

diy+citrus+vinegar cleaner

If you’re a fan of citrusy scents, then this vinegar and lemon, orange-based cleaner from In Sonnet’s Kitchen is right up your alley. And it works on everything from windows to floors!

5. Toilet Fizzies

DIY Toilet Cleaner

PopSugar gives us this great idea for toilet fizzies! Personalize them with scents you love and have something that cleans and eliminates odors fast!

6. All-Purpose Cleaner

DIY All purpose house cleaner

Here’s an all-purpose cleaner that will keeps things around the house a lot easier to manage. Grab the details over at Mommypotamus.

7. Cleaning Wipes

diy homemade cleaning wipes

Did you know that you can even DIY yourself some cleaning wipes for the house too? Find out how by visiting Little House Living.

8. Dishwasher Detergent


Hollywood Homestead makes a non-toxic dishwasher detergent that you’re definitely going to fall in love with. Snag the know-how on the blog and start making some this evening!

9. Granite Cleaner

homemade granite cleaner

Clean those granite counter tops just like you would with store bought products … but for less! Check out the recipe over at 320 Sycamore.

10. Natural Laundry Detergent


Mommypotamus has some of the best DIY and homemade recipes for cleaning the house and this is one of the best because you’ll use it so often! Hop on over and snag the directions!

11. Linen Sprays


When you grab all those linens out from the closet to be used once a new season rolls around, use this linen spray to spruce up. Or just spray already laid linens for a quick refreshment. Check it out at DIY Natural.

12. Homemade Draino


Thank Your Body will give you the best DIY technique for unclogging those drains full of gunk without going to the store for Draino! This is a more natural alternative.

13. Natural Grout Cleaner

grout cleaner

Get your grout shining brighter with help from The Happiest Mom on the Blog! Seriously, just look at the before and after photo showing how well this works!

14. Furniture Polish

lemon wood cleaner

You’ll want this recipe if you have a lot of wood furniture in your home. Check out the genius Mommypotamus for all the details on this one!

15. Natural Washer Cleaner

Clean-Washing-Machine DIY

What do you use to clean your washing machine? Well, with this DIY from DIY Natural you’ll have a quick and easy way to make it happen.

16. Wood Scuff Remover

Scuff Remover

Lily & Thistle has a super surprising and simple way to make your older wood pieces look brand new again! Oil and vinegar really come together here!

17. Carpet Spot Cleaner


Learn how to spot clean your carpets without any chemicals over at Whole Green Love. You’ll love this easy DIY and how you don’t need a whole bottle of expensive product to get little stains up.

18. Air Freshner

airfreshener diy

Make the whole house smell and seem a bit fresher with this homemade remedy from The Earthy Momma. Grab the baking soda, it’s essential here too!

19. All-Natural Floor Cleaner

all natural floor cleaner

Get your floors sparkling with this all-natural floor cleaner from Hollywood Homestead. This too makes things a bit easy when cleaning days roll around and you won’t be shelling out so much on supplies.

20. Dryer Sheets


Yes, you can even make some of your own scented dryer sheets right in the comfort of your own home. The recipe is at DIY Natural and you’ll love what they can do!

21. Liquid Dish Soap


Mommypotamus is giving us another great DIY recipe for cleaning the house and this time it’s in form of liquid dish soap! Nix the toxins and go with this!

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