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20 Fondant Recipes to Make Your Cakes Stand Out

In the last few years, we’ve been onquite the foray into baking. Once upon a time, all we could make were regular chocolate chip cookies, and now we can make all kinds of treats in essentially any flavor we like! Now that we’ve got texture and taste down, we’ve been trying to work on our presentation skills, especially when it comes to icing and cake decor.

Fondant recipes

We feel like we’ve got a pretty good handle on most types of icing, like glaze, ganache, and buttercream, so now we’re moving on to fondant! Of course, you can buy fondant in stores all ready to be used however you please, but we usually prefer to make our own because it makes us feel more satisfied. That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for different kinds of recipes and tutorials that will help us improve and perfect our techniques when it comes to making, working with, and perfecting fondant.

Delicious Fondant Recipes

Are you just as interested as we were, if no more, in the idea of learning how to make and work with fondant in new ways? Check out these 20 ideas, recipes, and tutorials that we came across in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Chocolate Fondant

Fondant birthday cake recipe

We have a delicious recipe right here on DIYS.com, and we’ve tried it out quite a few times. Of course, there’s also a cake involved, so let’s get down to business. Check out the whole recipe for the fondant cake here.

2. Pink Homemade Fondant

Fondant veena azmanov

Veena Azmanov has a really great list of instructions on how to make some h homemade fondant. She dives into all the cool things you can make and the many ways you can use fondant, so check it out.

3. Fondant Icing

Happy fondant icing delia

Of course, you can make lots of things with fondant, including some yummy icing. Delia Online has all the details you need on how to make your own and all the ingredients you’ll need, so check those out too!

4. Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow fondant

One great recipe we found comes from Land O Lakes, where they give us instructions on making this butter-based fondant to wrap on cakes. It only uses a few ingredients, but you get to enjoy it super fast.

5. Rolled Fondant

Rolled fondant

Over on Baking Sense, we found another recipe and instructions on how to get the perfect rolled fondant cake. Hopefully, they’ll make it easier for you to make your own.

6. Fondant Lego Pieces

Fondant lego pieces

Besides the texture, taste, and color possibilities that make us like fondant so much, do you really appreciate the way that fondant can be molded into shapes since that makes it an even more diverse cake decorating tool? Then we’re absolutely convinced that you’ll love seeing how Merriment Design made these simple fondant Lego pieces! This is a great starting place for beginners who had never tried making actual shapes from fondant before, whether it’s store-bought or homemade.

7. Poured Fondant

Poured fondant

Did you know that thick rolled fondant isn’t actually theonly kind of fondant you can make? There’s also a kind called poured fondant, and it’s a little bit harder to do, but it tastes good, looks lovely, and is therefore really rewarding. This tutorial from King Arthur Flour teaches you how to make it happen with the added bonus detail of built-in polka dots.

8. Doll Cake with a Fondant and Sponge Skirt

Doll cake with a fondant and sponge skirt

Are you really interested in trying to make a special or concept cake using fondant as a big piece of the decor, but you still need to make it easy because you’ve actually never tried that before? In that case, we think you might get a real kick out of the wayPlace of My Taste built a princess cake using a doll and fondant to build the skirt.

9. How to Colour Marshmallow Fondant with Jello

How to colour marshmallow fondant with jello

Did we really catch your attention with the idea of learning how to make marshmallow fondant, and you’d like to give it a bright color, but you’ve never liked using food coloring when you bake and cook? In that case, we think you might prefer the way Instructables shows you how to color your marshmallow fondant using differently flavored Jello powder instead!

10. Tricks for Drying Fondant when You Make Shapes

Tricks for drying fondant when you make shapes

Have you got at least alittle bit of experience in molding shapes and fine details in cake decorating using fondant, but you’re looking to improve and perfect your skills? Then we’re convinced you’ll find this resource from My Bluprint that gives you all kinds of tips about drying your fondant for stronger shapes very helpful indeed.

11. Mickey Mouse Fondant Details Cake

Mickey mouse fondant details cake

Are you actually a big lover of themes and aesthetics, and you’ve been hoping to find a tutorial that will help you recreate some kind of themed look you really like, just for a bit of fun practice? In that case, particularly if you’re a big Disney lover, we’d definitely suggest checking out this straightforward guide from Mommy’s Fabulous Finds for creating all kinds of fondant details for a Mickey Mouse-themed cake!

12. Cookie Cutter Fondant Shapes

Cookie cutter fondany shapes

Are you still feeling quite intent on learning how to make cute and detailed fondant shapes, but you’re just not sure you’re ready to start molding 3D things just yet? Then maybe it’s time to master flat cutout style shapes instead! We’d encourage you to check out this tutorial from Food.com that shows you how to make all kinds of things, like flowers, leaves, and stars, using cookie cutters.

13. Fondant Ladybug Cake

Fondant ladybug cake

Did wealmost capture your attention with this whole idea of making an entire themed cake complete with fondant shapes, but you’re just not feeling fully convinced by either the gown-clad doll or the Mickey Mouse ideas? Then here’s another complete and adorably themed idea for your consideration! Take a closer look at this tutorial fromI Love Cooking to see how this super cute ladybug cake was made.

14. Fondant Rainbow Cake Topper

Fondant rainbow cake topper

Have you always been the kind of cake appreciator who likes a smoothly covered, minimalist-looking cake but also really appreciates a nice, detailed cake topper? We really love the idea of creating that kind of contrast as well, which is why we adored this brightly colored fondant rainbow cake topper tutorial from Love, Cake, Create so much! It’s actually easier to do than it looks.

15. Spooky Fondant Fingers

Spooky fondant fingers

Have you always been the kind of person who likes to make treats that have some kind of kitsch appeal or gross-out factor like the kind that appeals to kids? Maybe you’re just a really big Halloween lover. Either way, we have a feeling that this tutorial from The Bearfoot Baker for learning how to make fondant fingers for things like these creepy grave pudding desserts might be right up your alley!

16. Basic Rolled Fondant

Basic rolled fondant

Are you actually atotal beginner when it comes to baking, particularly when it comes to fondant specifically, but you’re feeling determined to learn the basics anyways? Then we think you’lldefinitely appreciate this tutorial fromBigger, Bolder Baking that walks you through the process of making basic rolled fondant with the perfect texture and taste from scratch.

17. How to Make Colourful Fondant

How to make colourful fondant

Have you practiced making basic fondant a few times now, so you’re feeling confident enough to change things up a little and add a slightly decorative element to things? In that case, we think you’ll have a blast learning how to add bright colors to your fondant, just like Bake and Decorate Today did here.

18. DIY Marshmallow Fondant

Diy marshmalloow fondant

Have you always found classic fondant made in the more old-fashioned and traditional way a little bit too flavorless for your taste, since you prefer your desserts to be very sweet indeed? Then we think you’re going to get along a little bit better with something like this marshmallow fondant tutorial outlined in detail onMandy’s Recipe Box! They even show you how to make it in different kinds of bright colors as well.

19. Vegetarian Fondant from Scratch

Vegetarian fondant from scratch

Even if you don’t have any kind of dietary restrictions yourself, are you the kind of baker and cook who still likes to keep diet-friendly recipes up your sleeve for those family and friends you know whodo have them? Then we think you’ll appreciate coming across this vegetarian fondant recipe thatVeena Azmanov teaches you how to make from scratch.

20. Chocolate Fondant

Chocolate fondant

Rather than just changing the appearance of your fondant with color, would you actually prefer to change the flavor of it too? In that case, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the wayMy Bluprint made this smoothly delicious chocolate fondant that tastes differentand looks just like the delicious treat it tastes like.

Do you know another DIY enthusiast who has been wanting to learn how to make their own fondant, but they feel like they could use a little bit of guidance? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of inspiration and information!

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