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14 Coolest Fairy Garden Kits With Whimsical Looks

Have you ever seen a garden setup that was so adorable and fantastical that you just couldn’t help feeling like you’d walked through a portal and into a magical land? That’s how we feel whenever we encounter a fairy garden setup. There’s just something about the whimsical little models and scenes that makes a garden feel like an even more calming and wonderful place than it already is. We’ve long been wanting to build a fairy garden of our own, but we were, like many people we know, under the impression that this was a large undertaking involving making your own entirely DIY models and painting each one in detail.

Best Fairy Garden Kits

While that’s certainly something that many people do and do very beautifully indeed, we recently learned that fairy gardens are actually much easier and more accessible and affordable to build than we ever thought, thanks to fairy garden kits. That’s why we’ve been scouring the Internet and gathering the links for the best, most adorable fairy garden kits that we could find. Because we’ve been shopping online, we really took the extra time that browsing affords you to compare and contrast the details and features of some of our favorite options.

What Is A Fairy Garden?

In all honesty, everyone’s fairy gardens differ a little bit since they’re such a great chance for creativity. In general, however, a fairy garden is a little area in your flower, plant, or herb garden that features a whimsical looking, often magic-inspired setup of miniature models and figurines. These scenes most often center around fairies (although some feature other mythical creatures like garden gnomes as well) and what the creator imagines a fairy’s habitat or home might look like.

Some fairy gardens actually feature little figurines of the gnomes, fairies, and fantastical little creatures themselves, set up almost like a tiny nativity scene but celebrating magic and folklore instead of Christmas. Other fairy gardens are created more like a scene alone, intended to invite or give refuge to theoretical garden fairies that might come out at night or in the absence of humans. Of course, the intent either way is mostly decorative, but there’s some fairytale imagination involved too.

What Do Fairy Garden Kits Include?

As with anything, the features that you’ll find included in your fairy garden kit will really depend on which kind of kit you opt to purchase. You might buy a DIY kit that gives you uncolored statues that you can paint or clay and molds so that you can make and paint your little fairy homes and characters from scratch. Others might come with pre-made pieces that you can either customized or simply arrange as is, and the creativity on your part comes in how they’re displayed and incorporated into the garden.

You might also find indoor fairy gardens that actually feature some kind of planter as part of the package, letting you build a miniature garden inside or as part of a whimsical fairy-inspired display. This option is fantastic for people who live in apartments that don’t have yards or who want to encourage their kids to get into gardening without ripping up the yard just yet.

Best Fairy Garden Kits to Buy

Are you still feeling like you could use a little more guidance when it comes to choosing the fairy garden kit that’s really the best option for you? Check out this pros and cons style outline of the 14 best fairy garden kits that we came across in our search.

1. My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage Grow & Play Set

My fairy garden nature cottage grow & play set

If you’re looking for something kid-friendly, then we think you might appreciate the way this fairy garden kit from Play Monster borders somewhere between being a learning experience and being a toy. This fairy garden features a lovely little fairy-sized home that is actually also a small planting pot. You can choose between using the included soil and seeds to make a garden on either or both levels or leaving one empty to make a small stream on the bottom. The included fairy figurine, whose name is Isla, even comes with a backstory that’s a great starting point for all kinds of games. The planter also features a miniature gardening tool, a ladybug house that clicks into place on top, and a wind spinner that actually turns in the breeze.

Although most purchasers of this model found the pieces themselves very cute and easy to use, some had concerns about the seed and soil packs. They mixed and planted easily and bloomed well, but some more experienced gardeners helping their kids noticed that the quantity of each was rather low and had concerns that there wouldn’t be enough of one or either for successful blooming. Several people felt the need to augment with extra soil or seeds from other supplies, which worked well but keep that potential need in mind.

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  • Well sized pot for indoor or outdoor use
  • Cute accessories and fun backstory for play
  • Working parts (wind fan and gardening tool) that actually move and help in planting
  • Soil and seeds provided, but pot will also work with others/separately sourced soil and seeds if you prefer


  • Many felt that the quantity of soil and/or seeds was too low for successful blooming and had to add more of their own

2. Fairy Garden accessories kit

Fairy garden accessories kit

Perhaps you already have a lovely garden and a space in mind, but you need the little pieces to get creative with? This miniature kit fromWild Pixy is perfect for those who still want some control over the look and layout but don’t have the time or resources to actually mold and paint them by themselves. The kit includes a total of 13 accessory pieces that are scaled to “fairy size” and intended to attract fairies to your garden like a haven. They arrive in a beautiful gift box and can be set up in innumerable configurations without losing any charm. The larger pieces (like the house, bridge, and bench) also feature little solar panels on their backs that absorb sunlight all day to use that energy to power tiny LED light features at night, making your fair garden glow.

Although the reviews for this particular kit are overwhelmingly positive, keep in mind that it does come with several tinypieces. This might be a consideration when it comes to the age of your children or, if you’re setting it up yourself, you’ll want to keep very careful track of them, so you don’t lose any bits in the dirt or among the plants before you’ve even done arranging them.

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  • 13 accessories with innumerable arrangement options
  • Beautiful gift box presentation for packaging, despite being safe for shipping
  • Solar panels on larger pieces collect energy during the day and make the garden glow, thanks to tiny LED lights at night


  • Kit involves several very small pieces that might not be suitable for younger kids and are easy to lose

3. Fairy Garden Gnome accessories kit

Fairy garden gnome accessories kit

Have you actually been feeling torn between the idea of a fairy garden and a gnome garden, but you’re definitely convinced that you want your kit to come with characters of some kind? Well, thanks to this kit fromLa Jolie Muse, you don’t actually have to choose between the two; it comes with one of each. This kit comes with six pieces, including two figurines (a gnomeand a fairy), a teapot house, a bench, a walkway, and a bridge. Each piece is made of durable resin, hand-painted, and then coated in a protective layer that makes them waterproof and sun resistant so they won’t wear, even in weather exposure.

Although most of the experiences that previous buyers relay are very positive indeed, some have cautionary notes about the size of the pieces. Theyare small, but, in reality, they’re still quite a bit larger than they appear in photos. You might benefit from checking the dimensions of the figurines before you purchase the kit, just to make sure they will all fit in your available green space.

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  • Blended theme includes gnomes and fairies in one place
  • Six pieces are easy to arrange and look good in any iteration
  • Each piece is hand-painted and then sealed to be weatherproof


  • Pieces are actually bigger than they look in photos, making size a restriction for some small garden spaces

4. Pot Creative mini fairy garden flower pot

Pot creative mini fairy garden flower pot

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of planting your own fairy garden in a themed pot or planter, but you’re less set on having the design geared towards kids’ appeal, like the toy version above? Then you might prefer this lovely hand-painted design from cnomg. This lovely little planter is made with realistic shading to look like an ancient fairy cottage that might have been around since the time fairy folklores originated. It features three planting spaces, giving you the option of rooting greenery in all three or just doing two and filling one with water like a tiny pond. The design suits indoor or outdoor use.

Despite the fact that most previous buyers found the planter very cute and easy to work with, a few had cautionary notes about the size. They report that the planter spots and also the overall piece itself are actually quite a bit smaller than they appear in photos, which limits what you can plant slightly. Make sure to check the dimensions before you make your final purchase.

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  • Hand-painted with fantastic old fashioned detailing
  • Three spots for planting or water features
  • Works well independently as an indoor planter or outside incorporated into other displays


  • Actual piece is smaller than it appears in photos, limiting what you can plant slightly

5. Summer beach DIY mini ornament kit

Summer beach diy mini ornament kit

Do you adore the idea of creating a scene of miniatures in your garden, akin to the concept of a fairy garden, but you’re not actually married to the idea of magical fairies and gnomes? Then maybe you’d be interested in a seaside theme instead. This kit fromAubasic gives you blue (environmentally safe) sand, real seashells, and a range of plastic painted fish, boats, and other features. Rather than working with structures, you’re able to build a little scene amongst your plants, pieced together however you please. The innumerable piece combinations offered by how many things you get gives you tons of creative control.

It’s worth noting that the pieces contained in this kit arequite small. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, but it does make them a choking hazard for small children or young pets. It also makes them easy to lose amongst the leaves and dirt and easy for curious wildlife like squirrels to make off with when you’re not looking.

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  • Environmentally friendly colored sand
  • Real seashells
  • Wide array of shapes and pieces that work in innumerable combinations for creative control


  • Extremely small pieces that might not be safe around young children or pets and that are quite easy to lose

6. Windmill Terrace solar power play set

My fairy garden windmill terrace solar power playset

If you’re still looking for a piece that would be suitable for your child to take the lead in setting up, but you always want to see more than one option, here’s a cute alternative from My Fairy Garden to the toy fairy garden we showed you earlier. This adorable setup features a windmill and water wheel system that are solar-powered and actually turn. The kit also comes with its own soil and seeds but works equally well with your own seeds and soil if you need to replenish it next year or want to plant something different. Although it’s a toy, it’s also geared towards helping children actually learn about and try their hands at gardening, even coming with its own set of small tools.

In the reviews, it was discovered that select models of this product feature a wiring flaw. This means that a disconnection in its inner workings interrupts the power between the solar panel and the windmill featuring, resulting in a windmill that doesn’t actually turn. Several people tried to fix it themselves, but there’s actually no way to access the inside without essentially breaking the fairy’s little house.

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  • Comes with soil, seeds, planting tray, and tools along with fairy accessories
  • Is geared towards learningand play, rather than just one or the other
  • Solar-powered for turning pieces


  • Some units have arrived with a wiring issue that cuts off power between the solar panel and the windmill, so it doesn’t move

7. Garden Statues fairy house

Garden statues fairy house

Do you actually already have a fairy garden on the go, but you’re looking for unique and adorable pieces to add to it? In that case, we think you might prefer something more individualized, like this shoe-shaped fairy house from Teresa’s Collections. This piece is handcrafted from a durable resin material and coated after painting to make it weather resistant. It’s also solar-powered by a panel on the backside, where it won’t interrupt the floral visuals and details, which are hand-painted. The panel runs small LED lights on the inside that give off a glow through the windows at night, as though a fairy has come home for the evening.

Although it’s the exception and not the rule, it’s worth noting that some units from this provider have arrived broken thanks to careless packaging. They were replaced by customer service with good policies and service, but the process is reported to be rather slow.

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  • Durable resin material and weatherproof coating
  • Hand-painted details
  • Solar panel on the back powers LED lights inside for a cute nighttime glow


  • Some units arrived broken thanks to careless packaging, and customer service for replacement was helpful but slow

8. Fairy garden succulent pot

Fary garden succulent pot

If you’re still mostly interested in the kind of fairy garden that’s a planter all of its own volition, but you want to see even more options than we’ve given you so far, here’s a great alternative from Akarden. This traditional cottage-style fairy garden is styled and hand-painted to look beautifully worn and old-fashioned but still neat. It’s coated for weather resistance and made of durable materials and provides three spaces for planting, with one on a lower level. It also features little rubber pieces on the bottom to keep it solid and stop it from sliding on any surface. This piece is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Be aware that quite a number of the reviews for this product report the entire pot as being much smaller than it appears in photos. This means that the space where the plants are housed is also smaller than it might look, which could require a bit of re-planning. We’d suggest checking the actual measured dimensions before checking out.

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  • Old fashioned style and hand-painted detail
  • Coated for weather resistance and made from durable materials
  • Non-slip pieces on the bottom
  • Good for indooror outdoor use


  • Actual size upon arrival is much smaller than the photos appear, which could affect potting plans

9. Little Planters Paint & Plant Fairy Garden

Little planters pain & plant fairy garden

Are you definitely looking for a kid-friendly teaching tool with a fairy theme, but you’d prefer more attention on the garden and less on the pre-made features? Then we’ddefinitely suggest taking a look at this little bucket planter fromBryte Products. Not only does it come with seeds, soil, and gardening tools that let your kids explore the gardening process from the beginner, but the fairy statues also arrive blank and accompanied by paints so that you still get a crafting element. The nature of the planter is simple enough that you can use it with separately purchased soil and seeds of different kinds later on down the line.

Although most purchasers had a great time using this product with their kids, they also reported a few noticeable flaws. Firstly, the planter that arrives is apparently much smaller than it appears in the photos, so make sure to check the actual measurements and dimensions before you make your purchase. Secondly, some people found that the place where the fairies’ feet attach to their bases very fragile and noted that the quantity of paint provided was too little, and they had to dip into their own crafting stash.

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  • Good crafting opportunity but still geared towards actually learning about gardening
  • Comes with kid-sized tools that are useful for the entire process
  • Comes with seeds and an appropriately sized soil disc
  • Paint for fairy statues provided, along with brushes


  • Planter size is a lot smaller in reality than it looks in the photos
  • Fairies are fragile near the feet and base and might require more paint than is provided

10. Fairy garden fish pond kit

Fairy garden fish pond kit

If you’re still on the lookout for a design that will actually add some fairies to your garden, but we’ve caught your attention with the idea of water scenes, too, then maybe you’d get along best with this unique piece from Mood Lab. Rather than being centered around a house that fairies might live in amongst your plants, this piece displays a lovely pond and bridge where fairies might come to sit in the sun and dip their feet. The kit even gives you a swan and a lily pad to accompany the scene. Each piece is made of high-quality resin that has been hand-painted in detail and coated for weather resistance. They’re small enough to be used inside in larger planters or boxes but large enough to be noticeable in an outdoor garden, giving you diverse options.

Although these pieces are supposed to be weather resistant, some people did find that the paint colors used on these pieces did fade at least a little bit in the sun over time. This was particularly true of the blue surface of the water in the pond.

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  • Made of strong resin
  • Hand-painted with cute details and sealed for weather resistance
  • Sizeable but still appropriate for use indoors or in a larger planter


  • Some buyers still found that the paint colors faded in the sunlight despite the weather-proof coating

11. Create Your Own Fairy Garden kit

Create your own fairy garden kit

Are you most interested in the fairy garden kits that let you build a magical scene within a planting tray, but you find the houses take up too much room and detract from the growing plants? Then you might have a better time with this version from Creative Roots. This kit provides you with six hand-painted figurines that are durable and sizeable enough for use in an outdoor garden or in their specific tray but placed outside, but also small enough to suit an indoor garden space too. The pieces sit well together in plenty of combinations, giving you a measure of creative control over the scene.

Despite giving you most of what you need to turn a garden into a fairy garden specifically, this kit doesn’t actually come with any soil or seeds like many of them do. This means that you must purchase your own separately. Any kind will work well, but this additional requirement might be a budgetary consideration for some people.

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  • Six differently shaped fairy garden-themed pieces and a well-sized planting tray
  • Durable materiality, detailed hand painting, and weatherproof coating
  • Well sized for use indoors or outdoors


  • Kit doesnot include its own potting soil, and seeds like some do; it requires soil and seeds to be purchased separately

12. DIY Gnome Garden kit

Diy gnome garden kit

Are you feeling very inspired by these little potting tray scenes, but you’re still learning more about creating a whimsical gnome garden rather than a specifically fairy-themed one? Then here’s a great alternative from PaBu GuLi for you. Their kit, which includes two resin gnomes that were hand pained and weather treated, also gives you miniature pots, resin succulents, a little wheelbarrow, and faux moss-covered rocks in order to help you make a scene as though the gnomes are the ones doing the gardening. These can all be arranged in the tray, where you can easily plant the included white clover seeds. The kit is intended to be low maintenance and suitable for indoor or outdoor displays and use on its own or to complement another display.

Although this kitdoes include seeds in its package, be aware that it doesnot come with soil included as well. What you see in the photo was simply for display; you will have to purchase your potting soil separately or source it from somewhere else.

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  • Durable materiality, hand-painted details, and weatherproof sealing on gnomes
  • Bonus miniature accessories to help you create a gardening themed scene within the planting tray or elsewhere
  • Comes with white clover seeds that are easy to plant and simple to care for properly once they start growing


  • The gardening kit does not include soil of its own; this must be purchased separately and was just included for photos

13. Deluxe 14-piece fairy garden kit with accessories

Deluxe 14 piece fairy garden kit with accessories

If you’re the kind of person who would rather just create a lovely miniature scene in the garden you already have, rather than planting something anew, then you might find this kit fromSpritely Gardens more to your liking. This kit was created with stunning detail in mind, simply aiming to be beautifully whimsical but also realistic, rather than trying to cater to any particular age. The pieces were molded from durable resin and hand-painted, then coated to be rain and sun-resistant. They were also sized very intentionally; they’re still “miniature” and suitable for use in indoor gardens and large planters, but they’re also created large enough that they’ll stand out wonderfully nestled amongst your actual garden beds. You’ll receive 14 pretty pieces in all.

Even though this kit is sized very specifically, some of the pieces it includes are still quite small. This might be a cautionary detail when it comes to dressing your garden up if you have very young children or untrained pets. It also makes some of the smaller pieces in the kit more at risk of getting lost in the dirt and plants, so try to keep track of them while you’re creating.

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  • Made from durable resin, hand-painted, and sealed for rain and sun resistance
  • Range of pieces gives you creative control over layout and design
  • Intentional sizing makes the pieces suitable for indoor use, adding to a large planter, or nestling into a garden bed


  • Some of the smaller pieces are actuallyvery small, making them a choking hazard for little kids and increasing their chances of getting lost

14. Easy Grow Complete Fairy Garden kit

Easy grow complete fairy garden kit

Are you still feeling quite intent on making a fairy garden, but you still want most of the emphasis to be on nature and the garden itself, rather than just the man-made pieces you’ve added? Then you might vibe better with this simple DIY kit from TerraGreen Creations. This kit provides you with a uniquely shaped and quite pretty glass planting bowl that lets onlookers see all the inner workings of the garden. It comes with organic soil and some beneficial additives, chia seeds that are simple to care for as they sprout, and a range of decor items, including painted resin toadstools, polished stones, and faux but environmentally friendly moss. It’s the perfect kit for people who adore the look of terrariums.

Although most previous buyers expressed great happiness with this kit overall, a few people had concerns about the moss and the paint’s quality. Flaws seem to be an exception rather than a rule as far as wider receipts go, but some people found that their toadstools’ color was peeling, while others noted a very artificial and almost plastic-like smell to the moss that detracted from how natural they wanted their terrarium fairy garden to seem.

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  • Lovely glass bowl planter that shows off soil and resembles a terrarium
  • Soil, nutrients/additives, and chia seeds included with moss and toadstools
  • All sized to look complementary indoors or outdoors


  • Some units came with toadstools that had peeling paint
  • Some units included moss that was a bit unnaturally green or had a plastic smell to it

How Are Fairy Garden Kits Set Up?

As we mentioned before, the way that your fairy garden needs to be set up really depends on the kind you get and the space you’re working with when you’re building it. In general, however, the creative control is all yours. You might even add to or change your fairy garden over time, bringing in one-off pieces you found at rummage sales that suit the aesthetic of your kit, purchasing a second complimentary kit at a later date to expand with, or learning how to make pieces of your own to personalize the setup.

People usually prefer to put their fairy garden somewhere that visitors can see and enjoy the whimsy of it and somewhere out of harm’s way. Try not to set yours up near the edge of a garden that’s on a busy footpath or sidewalk, where it might get stepped on while they jog or torn up by someone’s dog out on a walk. At the same time, children adore fairy gardens, and finding the little magical spaces can make someone’s day as they imagine the fantastical visitors who might make a home there at sunset.

Who Should Buy A Fairy Garden Kit?

If you ask us, anyone with a garden or green space can benefit from having a fairy garden! They’re a great way to add personality to gardens that don’t necessarily have lots of visual blooms or to make beautifully thriving gardens look even more special. Other types make for awesome gifts, cheerful details for small spaces with limited outdoor access, and practice gardens for beginners who want to learn in hopes of having their own larger garden someday. Age is just a number; anyone can have imagination.

Do you know someone else who has always loved the way fairy gardens have looked but who doesn’t know where to start in choosing one of their own? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of fantastic options to consider.