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How To Built a Writing Desk – 15 Inspirational Ideas

When it comes to our writing, which we do a little bit of every day, sometimes it slips our minds just how important the space that you spend your time writing in can be. If you’re not feeling comfortable and inspired while you’re sitting there, how can you produce your best work? This is why we’re so glad that we have creative skills regarding words and when it comes to being crafty and good with DIY techniques. Lately, we’ve found ourselves looking up all different kinds of DIY tutorials that will help us make or customize our own awesome, fresh feeling writing desk and space so we can give ourselves the best spot to work from and really get down to business!

1. Fabric layer glass writing desk

Fabric layer glass writing desk

Perhaps you already have a writing desk that works just fine as it is, but you can’t help wishing that it had some kind of extra patterning or pizzazz to it, just to help you feel as awake and alive as possible while you’re sitting at it? Well, if you’re looking for a super quick solution, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Maple and Magnolia used fabric under a length of glass, placed right upon the desktop one after the other, to give the desk a new look!

2. Simple DIY writing desk

Simple diy writing desk

If you’re going to put the work into making some kind of writing desk for yourself, would you much rather make the entire thing from scratch yourself? Well, just because you want to start from the very start doesn’t mean it has to be something complicated or very difficult! Even a beginner at simple woodworking projects could handle giving this easy DIY writing desk from Made By Mitcch a try. Imagine how satisfied and accomplished you’ll feel when you use it!

3. Makeshift desk from an ironing board

Makeshift desk from a writing board

Perhaps you’re actually living in a very temporary space right now that’s quite strapped for floor space and you’re looking for more of a “life hack” solution to work at for a few weeks, rather than a full DIY writing desk concept? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way The House of Wood set up an ironing board and used that as a makeshift desk in a way that made it a s0rt of useful multi-purpose space!

4. Pottery Barn inspired Sicily writing desk

Pottery barn inspired sicily writing desk

Are you the kind of very handy person who always prefers to recreate brand name and store bought things you’ve seen in your own DIY way rather than paying the big bucks for labels? Well, if you’ve ever appreciated the home furnishing styles of Pottery Barn, we think you’ll get along quite well with this in-depth tutorial that actually shows you how t build a desk styled after one of their best sellers! Get the full instructions on Rogue Engineer.

5. DIY farmhouse from scratch

Diy farmhouse from scratch

Perhaps you already have a desk that works perfectly well but that’s a little old and worn looking, so you’re looking to give it a bit of a facelift? Well, why not lean into that wear and go for something farmhouse chic looking? We love the way Cherished Bliss did precisely that, staining and treating their old wooden desk for a stylishly and purposely weathered look.