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15 Hot Glue Crafts To Get Busy With On A Rainy Day

Sometimes the best thing to do on a lazy afternoon is to get crafting. Thankfully, all you need is one must-have item to really get the party started. These 15 hot glue crafts are perfect for getting busy with on a rainy day. Some can include the kiddos, others may be best to relax with on your own. Let’s have a peek at some creative projects that we think you’ll be quickly swooning for.

1. OMG Tassel Keychain

Diy omg leather tassle keychain

These tassel keychains from Brit + Co are far too adorable. Perfect to use as shower favors or DIY thank you gifts, all you need to get started is your glue gun. Plug her in and warm her up!

2. Welcome Sign

Diy hot glue gun sign

You could even make a little welcome sign. All you need is a piece of wood and a glue stick to get yourself started. Follow along with this easy tutorial over at Mod Podge Rocks.

3.  Non-Slip Hangers

Diy non slip hangers

Turn regular, plastic hangers into non-slip masterpieces with a bit of hot glue. Take the advice from The Shabby Creek Cottage and have your closet organized in no time. It’s just a simple fix-it plan!

4. Rings

Diy hot glue rings

Dream A Little Bigger made rings out of pure hot glue! This is such a funky, artistic way to create jewelry. Take the leap and grab all the details after the jump.

5. Snowflake Cake Topper

Snowflake cake topper

DIY Candy knows how to make a snowflake-inspired cake topper with some handy work with a glue gun. You could even add a bit of color to them if you get really creative. Just follow along and whip up that winter cake!

6. No-Sew Teepee

How to make a teepee

There’s even some ways to whip up a no-sew teepee for the kiddos of the house (or the adults)! All you have to do is plug in that gun and hop on over to The Handmade Home to take a peek at the tutorial. The playroom or sun room just got so much more cozy and conducive to easy, reading nights.

7. Flower Letter

Diy floral letter

This floral letter is beautiful! And it’s really so easy to recreate with a bit of help and advice from Raddest Mom. Grab the initial, grab your faux petals, and then start chugging away with the glue gun.

8. Wizard Wands

Wizard diy wands

Who is a big magic or Harry Potter fan? We certainly are! And we’re thrilled to be diving into this wizard wand craft featured by Sugar Bee Crafts.

9. Textured Vase

Diy textured vase

You may see similar “designer” pieces in the stores set for higher prices than you want to indulge in. Thankfully, you can learn how to make a duped version! Check out this inspired piece from The Budget Decorator.

10. Anthropologie-Inspired Lampshade

Floral lamp shade diy

Here’s another fun “duped” piece that we found and all you need is a glue gun to go in hard on the DIY. Check out The Gold Jellybean to learn how to jazz up your plain jane lampshades.

11. Flower Headband

Diy floral headband

Floral headbands are incredibly trendy and being able to whip some up yourself is key to a big, beautiful collection. We love this design and found the tutorial easy and simple to follow. Visit the details at Operation Overhaul.

12. Flair Pins

Diy flair pins

Jeans jackets are back and in full effect. And so are the extra accessories that personalize and jazz them up a bit. Over at Damask Love, you’ll learn how to create some sassy flair pins of your own.

13. Frozen Hair Clips

Diy frozen hair clips

Whether you want to evoke the sense of the season or you’ve got an Elsa loving gal on your hands, you can whip up some snowflake clips for her to dawn. A Girl & A Glue Gun will lay out all the details for you to get making!

14. Coral Decor

diy coral decor

These coral decor pieces are made with a hot glue gun and can help you redecorate your guest bathroom or bedroom in no time. If you love seaside flair, you’ll love this tutorial. Visit Ohoh Decor for all the know-how.

15. Candy Dot Earrings

Candy dot earrings diy

Finally, hop on over to Minted Strawberry and learn how to make some candy dot earrings for you and your gal pals. Different colors, they cane become a versatile piece of your jewelry collection. They great as a DIY gift as well!

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