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Homemade Toothpaste – Natural and Simple Recipes

In this day and age, most brands of store bought toothpaste contain ingredients that are safe for you to use and ingest, even if you still shouldn’t swallow your toothpaste while you brush. There are many people, however, who prefer to make their own toothpaste for any number of reasons. Some people have allergies, some people prefer to avoid certain products, some would rather make their own products than supporting large corporation brand names, and others have environmental reasons for avoiding store bought toothpaste. Whatever the reason, more and more people are starting to make their own homemade toothpaste  rather than buying it.

Just in case you’re interested in trying your hand at the DIY toothpaste trend, here are 15 more natural toothpaste recipes that will keep your teeth clean and your mouth feeling refreshed.

1. Squeezable homemade remineralizing toothpaste

Squeezable homemade remineralizing toothpaste

If you’ve been trying your hand at homemade toothpaste for a while now and you’re simply trying to find the recipe that works best for you, then you’re probably already familiar with the fact that some recipes get a little bit harder after a while than the regular toothpaste you’re probably used to. This one from Wellness Mama, however, is designed to stay squeezable if you put it in the right kind of container!

2. Homemade orange kids’ toothpaste

Homemade orange kids' toothpaste

If you look in any grocery or drug store, you’ll probably find a kids’ section that contains fun, fruity flavours of toothpaste rather than just the strong tasting minty adult ones you’re used to.  These fun flavours can help encourage kids in remember to brush their teeth every morning before school and every night before bed and, contrary to popular belief, that’s not something you have to sacrifice just because you’ve decided to start making your own! Naturally Cheerful shows you how to make your very own orange toothpaste that has just a subtle hint of citrus for a pleasant brushing experience.

3. Homemade coconut oil toothpaste

Homemade coconut oil toothpaste

Have you ever read a full list of all the great things that coconut oil can do? Then you already know that it’s practically a wonder substance with about a million different great uses. Just in case you need to add one more thing to the end of that list, here’s an awesome tutorial from Treasures and Travels for using coconut oil to make your very own natural homemade toothpaste!

4. Homemade peppermint toothpaste

Homemade peppermint toothpaste

Are you very into the idea of making your own toothpaste but you’re just a little worried that making the switch from store bought will mean that you have to give up the minty fresh flavour and feeling that you get from your old brand? Well, luckily for all of us, Our Small Hours is here to save the day with a peppermint toothpaste recipe that you can make right there at home.

5. Baking soda and coconut oil toothpaste

Baking soda and coconut oil toothpaste

Do you love the idea of using coconut oil to make toothpaste because it’s organic and has so many health benefits but you really want to make sure you get a thorough tooth cleaning? Then this coconut oil and baking soda  recipe might be a little more your style! Get the full details from Doterra Oils.

6. Homemade clay toothpaste

Homemade clay toothpaste

Perhaps you’re still looking for natural recipes but coconut oil really isn’t you’re thing? Then here’s an idea for the real organic and nature enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to try something that looks, feels, and tastes a lot different than what they’re used to. Breath MD shows you how to make a super effective homemade lay toothpaste!

7. Sweet family friendly toothpaste

Sweet family friendly toothpaste

Not every toothpaste has to have a flavour, but its certainly nice when it’s got at least some kind of pleasant after tastes so you really feel like you actually cleaned your teeth. This particular idea from For Health Benefits is a great one because it’s got a simple, very subtle sweetness to it that’s friendly for the whole family to use without any discomfort.

8. Dental hygienist’s homemade toothpaste

Dental hygienist's homemade toothpaste

Are you intrigued by the idea of making your own toothpaste but you’re still a little bit worried about the effects it could have on your oral health simply because you’ve never switched off of regular store bought toothpaste before? Well, here’s a recipe to set your mind at ease a little bit; it was actually formulated and recommended by a real life dental hygienist! See it in more detail on The Elliot Homestead.

9. Creamsicle inspired toothpaste

Creamsicle inspired toothpaste

We know we already showed you an orange flavoured toothpaste, but that one bore more of a subtle citrus hint than you and your kids might be looking for. This recipe from DIY Natural, however, was inspired by and formulated to taste like it was actually made out of creamsicles! Just remember that no matter how delicious it tastes, you still shouldn’t swallow it.

10. All natural homemade toothpaste

All natural homemade toothpaste

This one’s simple; it’s all natural, it’s homemade, and it’s made from completely organic materials that you really don’t need to be afraid of putting in your body. It’s also a very easy one to make, meaning it’s perfect for first time toothpaste makers who don’t necessarily have a lot to compare what they’re making to yet! Get the full recipe and instructions on Thank Your Body.

11. DIY remineralizing and whitening toothpaste Natural whitening toothpaste

Are you trying to move away from brand name and store bought tooth paste because you’re concerned about what all of the trendy whitening chemicals they contain might be doing to your body, but at the same time you’d also be open to the idea of whitening your smile more naturally if you could? Then you must check out this mouth-healthy homemade toothpaste recipe from Weed ‘Em and Reap.

12. Homemade diatomaceous earth toothpaste

Homemade diatomaceous earth toothpaste

Don’t be alarmed by the name of this toothpaste but, at the same time, do prepare yourself for the fact that this recipe does actually contain food grade earth! This will help you remineralize the surface of your teeth without commercial fluoride content, keeping each of your chompers healthy and strong for longer. Get the full low down on how it’s made and what it does from Love Love Thing.

13. Thieves oil squeezable toothpaste

Thieves oil squeezable toothpaste

Thieves’ oil is the perfect ingredient for making kid friendly toothpaste because its proven antibacterial properties make it a great way to protect their little teeth but, at the same time, it has no real flavour so it won’t scare them off. We also love that this particular recipe is soft enough to be squeezable if you put it in the right container! Find out how it’s done on Veggie Converter.

14. Homemade cinnamon toothpaste

Homemade cinnamon toothpaste

By this point we’ve talked about a number of flavoured DIY toothpaste recipes, but what if your tastes are a little bit more intense and spicy than subtle citrus and lingering sweet notes? Then perhaps cinnamon would be more your style! Instructables has the perfect recipe for cinnamon lovers around the world.

15. Sea salt toothpaste

Sea salt toothpaste

The idea of putting sea salt in your mouth unless it’s sprinkled on your dinner might seem like a weird one, but it’s actually a really effective ingredient for really scrubbing the surface of your teeth and making sure, along with these other powerhouse ingredients, that all of the plaque is really removed. Find the full instructions on Thankfully Thrifty!

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