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Homemade Nutella with Real Chocolate


Make this amazing homemade Nutella with real chocolate for a luxurious treat! Nutella is pretty hard to beat. I bet there are very few people in this world who’d say no if a spoonful of it was was waved in front of them.

Amazing homemade Nutella made with real chocolate for a luxurious treat!

Have you ever tried making it at home though? This is a slightly richer version, with an extra nutty flavour due to the from roasted hazelnuts. It also contains real chocolate – rather than just cocoa powder – for the ultimate chocolate flavor.

Use it for toast, pancakes or simply for dipping your strawberries in. So delicious, you’ll be making your second batch in no time.

Amazing homemade Nutella made with real chocolate for a luxurious treat!

This version uses a mixture of both milk and dark chocolate, but you can adjust depending on how creamy or rich you’d like your Nutella to be.

The hazelnuts are roasted in the oven first, then cooled before the skins are removed. Leaving the hazelnut skins on can cause your chocolate sauce to be bitter, so it’s important to remove them. You could buy ready-blanched hazelnuts, but roasting them yourself adds an extra nutty-flavor.
After roasting the hazelnuts, it’s important to let them cool before removing the skins. This is because:

a) You might get burnt!

b) It’s actually easier to remove the skins once the hazelnuts have cooled.

Simply place them in a cloth tea towel and rub them all together. Most of the skins should come off easily. It’s then best to place in a large colander before shaking vigorously to let the bits of skin fall through the holes. It’s fine if some of the skins are left on, just try to remove as many as you can.