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Make Your Own Condiments In House With These 24 Recipes!

Instead of buying the bottled stuff on the shelves of your local grocery store – including all the processed ingredients and chemicals too – why not try your hand at making them at home, yourself? You won’t be making too much and throwing out the rest after an expiration date rolls around. And if you’re anything like us DIYers, you’ll love knowing how to make them all on your own! With these 24 recipes you’ll be making your own condiments in house tonight!

1. Ketchup

Homemade-Ketchup jpg

Classic, popular … everyone needs a little ketchup in their lives and in the house too! Check out this recipe at Mother Earth Living for all of the details.

2. Spicy Mustard

DIy Spicy Mustard Recipe

Over at Chow Hound, you’ll find a ton of recipes surrounding this niche of the kitchen including this great tutorial for spicy mustard – adorn your dogs, pretzels and more!

3. BBQ Sauce

BBQ-Sauce jpg

Capper’s Farmer shows us all the details in making some delicious homemade BBQ sauce, and with a hint of maple syrup you’ll be able to mix it up too.

4. Horseradish

Horseradish-Recipe jpg

Add a bit of spice to your roast beef and the like with this DIY horseradish recipe. Find it at Grit, follow the instructions and enjoy!

5. Tartar Sauce

Easy-Tartar-Sauce-Recipe jpg