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15 Snazzy Homemade Bow Ties

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who loves to put your own handmade touches on your outfits whenever you can? We’re like that too and, in some cases, we even like to add homemade details to the outfits of our husbands, brothers, sons, and nephews here and there when they’ll let us. That’s why we loved making awesome bow ties! Those are an accessory that they’re often willing to wear because they have fun adding pops of colour or pattern to their formal wear. If not that, in the very least they appreciate not having to go out and go bow tie shopping if we’ve already got the bow tie waiting for them at home! There are so many different ways to make your own bow ties, however, that we decided to turn to the Internet and the expertise of people who have made them before to learn a bit more about which DIY methods we might enjoy best.

Just in case you want to make some new bow ties but you feel like you might be in need of some guidance there as well, check out these 15 awesome homemade bow tie tutorials that we at least found helpful for information, even if we only actually followed a few of them through completely. After all, we wouldn’t want to make our family members so many bow ties that they won’t wear them!

1. Simple DIY bow tie sewing pattern

Simple diy bow tie sewing pattern

Are you quite new to the idea of making your own bow ties and you’re looking for a simple start tutorial that you can use to practice? Then we think we might have found just the one for you! Brassy Apple lays out all the steps for making a cute bow tie in any fabric pattern you please, letting you liven up just about any outfit! We love their simple folding technique and we actually use it all the time.

2. Classy no-sew bow tie

Classy no sew bow tie

Are you actually not very experience with sewing and, even though you’re collecting simple bow tie tutorials to practice with then you’ve got the confidence to finally get the needle out, you’d still in need of a way to make your own bow ties between now and then? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this no-sew bow tie design from Joshua Mcleod! It’ll let you practice some of the cutting and folding techniques that you’ll use later when you do sew, but you’ll learn how to fasten things differently until that point.

3. DIY embellished bow ties

Diy embellished bow ties

Perhaps you already know how to make a basic bow tie but now you’re just trying to collect ideas for ways to make some more unique designs instead of the same old thing over and over? Then check out how Mr. Kate used all different kinds of fabric and material, like silk, burlap, and denim, to make stylish ties. We love the way they also put rhinestones to work in order to add some sparkle!

4. Simple Velcro strap bow tie

Simple velcro strap bow tie

Are you prepared to sew if you need to in order to make a sturdy little bow tie, but you’d still like to keep your design very simple so that the person you’re giving it to can put it on and take it off very easily? Then check out how Make It, Love It gave their fun patterned bow tie a strap that closes and opens with simple Velcro! This design is a great idea for younger kids who want to look just like their classy looking older relatives but aren’t quite ready to be managing clasps and domes yet.

5. Awesome wooden bow tie

Awesome wooden bow tie

The perks of making things yourself is that you can get a little more creative and make designs that you won’t necessarily see in the average store, giving your style an awesome edge. This awesome DIY bow tie is the perfect example of what we mean! Follow the steps you’ll find on Zebrano Wood Craft to see how the wooden shape is measured, drawn, and cut before you wrap it in fabric around the centre and make the neck strap.

6. Crepe paper bow ties

Crepe paper bow ties

Perhaps you’re throwing a kids’ party where you want to give them awesome dress up supplies, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on things you might not use again? In that case, maybe you’d be better to make some of your accessories from cheaper, upcycled materials that you already have around your house or can get at the dollar store? Then it sounds like you might have good use for these simple crepe paper bow ties from Hello Splendid! They’re made with simple folding, wrapping, and taping techniques that even your kids can help you out with.

7. Origami bow tie

Origami bow tie

Whether you’re planning on actually wearing it or not, there’s just something so cool about the idea of making a whole bow tie out of paper! The techniques required to fold the paper just so are simple but precise, making them easy to learn, even if getting the sides of the bow tie does require some concentration. Get all the details you need and some helpful guidance for making it happen on Paper Folds!

8. Bow tie folded napkin

Bow tie folded napkin

Are you throwing a dinner party that, even if you aren’t going to required everyone who attends to actually wear a bow tie, would benefit from a bit of the fun pomp and circumstance that comes with the idea of a bow tie? Then add a cute touch by folding your guests’ napkins into a bow tie shape and placing them flat on their plates to be unfolded when they sit down ready to eat. The simple steps for making it happen are outlined on Homemadeville.

9. Felt bow tie pasta

Felt bow tie pasta

All right, we know that this idea is a little bit of a stretch when it comes to our bow tie theme, but when we saw it in our search options it was simply just too adorable for us to ignore! ABCs and Garden Peas shows you how to make your kids all kinds of adorable play food out of felt, but our favourite thing on their list are these funny bow tie shaped pasta noodles with scalloped edges, just like the real thing. The folding and fastening techniques used here actually aren’t unlike the ones that you’ll use making actual bow ties.

10. Folded paper bow tie card

Folded paper bow tie card

Have bow ties always reminded you of your dad because you used to see him wearing one when you were a kid? We feel the same way and we’d be willing to bet that our kids would think of their dad too! That’s why this adorable Father’s Day card featuring a cute origami paper bow tie caught our eye. Origami Tree shows you how to make the bow tie by folding paper over and over long ways like an accordion before gluing it to the card itself.

11. Bow tie cat collar

Bow tie cat collar

Now that you’ve made bow ties for all of the other members of your family, has the funny idea of making one for the littlest, four legged member of the group popped into your mind? We happen to think that’s hilarious and adorable too, and by the sheer number of tutorials for bow tie shaped cat collars we found online, it seems like we’re not the only ones! Of the ones we’ve found, we liked this tutorial from Rachel Weiland best. It’s quick, easy, sized well, and the final project is absolutely adorable!

12. Mini wine glass bow ties

Mini wine glass bow ties

Remember that classy dinner party we were talking about earlier on our list, when we showed you how to fold napkins like bow ties? Well, here’s a cute idea that would go very well with that place setting, especially at an occasion like a wedding or a work formal! Celebrations At home shows you how to make tiny bow ties from felt that look great attached to the side of a wine glass so the glass looks like a tuxedo.

13. Bow tie bibs made from dress shirts

Bow tie bibs made from dress shirts

When you were thinking of how cute the littlest member of your family would look in his own little bow tie, were you thinking of your baby nephew rather than your cat? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this tutorial that shows you how to make baby’s bibs from men’s dress shirts. The best part, of course, is the adorable little bow tie applique that Make It, Love It attached to each one in all kinds of different colours and patterns of fabric.

14. Fondant bow tie

Fondant bow tie

Have you been practicing your hand at cake decorating and working with fondant for the past little while and you think you’re finally ready for the challenge of creating 3D shapes, but you’d still like to keep them quite simple? Then you sound like you might be at the perfect skill level to be trying your hand at this awesome little fondant bow tie shaped cake topper from Grated Nutmeg! This cake makes the perfect treat for a graduation or promotion party.

15. Double layered bow tie

Double layered bow tie

If we’re being honest, this tutorial is actually for a double layered hair bow that is just shaped like a bow tie, but the techniques used by Crafty Housewife are essentially the same ones that you’ll see in other tutorials that are meant for bow ties. This means that you could easily create a double layered bow like this one with a contrasting fabric in another pattern or colour and simply attach it to a neck strap rather than a hairband in order to turn it into a bow tie!

Have you made other adorable DIY bow tie crafts and projects that you loved but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to pictures in the comments section!

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