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Fun Crafts Made From Clothes Pins

Sometimes the most fun you’ll have crafting is when you make something out of a seemingly random object. Clothes pins, for example, are surprisingly versatile when it comes to awesome DIY projects! Check out these great clothes pin projects that you might actually use.

1. Photo wall display

Photo wall display

Clothes pins are a great way to hold printed pictures or Polaroids along your wall! The best part? You can switch the pictures out whenever you please!(Source: Sausage Jar)

2. Missing socks board

Missing socks board

Pin up the remaining survivor sock where you’ll see it so you can match it up with its partner in later loads of laundry!(Source: I’ll Get You My Pretties)

3. Movable Pac Man

Movable pacman

Need a little trinket to amuse yourself in the office while you’re on long conference calls? Make yourself a moveable Pac Man to play with while you talk!(Source: Estefi Machado)

4. Washi tape labels

Washi tape labels

Use clothes pins and washi tape to label piles of towels in your linen closet. You’ll never be stuck drying off with a hand towel by accident when you step out of the shower again!(Source: Nileey’s Sphere)

5. Stamped labels

Stamped labels

Small lettered stamps are great for customizing clothes pins. Use them to give your friends or coworkers a heartwarming little message attached to their morning memo.(Source: Ellemenoh)

6. Tights organizer

Tights organizer

Hang your rights by type of colour by clipping them into clothes pins stuck to the wall!(Source: Lana Red Studio)

7. Decorative backdrop

Decorative backdrop

Sometimes a row of clothes pins just looks really neat. Paint them all different colours and put them along a string for decoration!(Source: Chickabug)

8. Glittery birds

Glittery birds

Clothes pins are useful in their traditional sense, of course, but that doesn’t mean they have to look boring! Check out these sparkly little birds that look like feathered friends came to sit along your clothes line.(Source: Something Created Ever Day)

9. Clothespin wreath

Clothespin wreath

Awesome wreaths can be made out of almost anything, but it look especially neat when you clip differently coloured, patterned, or textured cloths pins around in a circle.(Source: Alison Kraft Design)

10. Yarn and string storage

Yarn and string storage

Keep your spare yarn ends, coloured craft string, or embroidery floss contained and untangled by wrapping them around a clothes pin and clipping the end.(Source: Cornflower Blue Studio)

11. Reindeer ornament

Reindeer ornament

Old, traditionally styled clothes pins look especially great transformed into Christmas reindeer!(Source: Live, Laugh, Rowe)

12. Place card holders

Placecard holders

Use short clothes pins to create little stands that mark each person’s place setting for dinner!(Source: Style Me Pretty)

13. Day of the week organizers

Day of the week organizers

Code your school notes and help yourself stay organized with clothes pins that are labeled for days of the week.(Source: The Cottage Market)

14. Movable shark

Movable shark

Do you want a way to keep yourself amused but Pac Man isn’t your thing? This shark probably is.(Source: I Love Pinterest)

15. Clip on letters

Clip on letters

Whether you use them as place settings, labels for kids’ lunch bags, or something else, these lettered clothes pins are versatile tools (and they’re also totally adorable).(Source: Seven Alive)

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