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Get Your Home In Order With These 50 DIY Organization Ideas

There are so many fun ways to get your home looking and feeling neat, tidy and ready to conquer every day of the week. From the bathroom drawers to the playroom, part of being successful is confronting the clutter and getting it taking care of. Get your house in order with these 50 DIY organization ideas and taming the chaos.

1. Cork Storage Boxes

Diy cork box

Sugar + Cloth made these adorable cork storage boxes that could really come in handy in your home office or even the craft room. Use them to store odds and ends, pencils and pens or anything that you don’t want rollingaround your drawers.

2. Fabric Bin

Diy fabric storage bin

Go on over to Make It Love It and check out how to make some easy fabric storage bins. These will come in handy literally all over the house!

3. Jewelry Blocks

Wood jewelry blocks diy

Here’s a great way to organize your jewelry, that doubles as super styles and wall decor too. Emily Henderson shows us how to make these snazzy jewelry blocks.

4. Recycled Paper Bin

Olympus digital camera

Use some old paper and turn it into a usable, organizational bin! You can find the details for this recycled project over at Design Sponge.

5. Rope Vases

Diy rope vases

These rope vases can store everything from art supplies to bathroom bits. Check out this project over at Creative in Chicago.

6. Pegboard Letter

Diy pegboard diy

Learn how to create a pegboard letter that you can store all your crafting, kitchen or home office goodies on. A Ruffled Life has all the details.

7. Belt Strap Bin

Diy belt handled box

Iron & Twine made this chic, belt strap bin and we love all the possibilities that this piece can bring. Organize the closets, the attic, the craft room and more with this one.

8. Magnetic Desk Accessories

Magnetic desk accessories

Over at Earnest Home Co., you’ll learn how to make this posh magnetic desk accessory set that will keep all your paper clips out of the drawers and ready-for-use, while adding a pop of style to the desktop.

9. Sofa Organizer

Diy sofa organizer

Don’t look the remote control, have your book ready-to-grab and create a spot to keep you water bottle on hand as well. AFG has all the details you need to create this adorable sofa organizer.

10. Instagram File Box

Instagram file box diy

Get all of those fun snapshots developed and then organize them in one of these nifty storage boxes. Harri as all the details and a great way to keep your Instas safe.

11. Mail Organizer

Mail organizer diy

And here’s a way to get the counters and desks organized and cleared off. Check out Noodlehead to learn how to make this charming mail organizer.

12. Painted Trunk

Painted trunk diy

Revamp an older, antique trunk so it fits in with the fun and theme of your home. Then use it to store media, games and more around the living room. (via IC)

13. Dog Food Organization

Pet food organizer diy

Even your dog food can be organized a bit better. Check out Real Coake for all the details on making this cute bin for your pup’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.

14. Rake Utensil Holder

Upcycle utensil rake diy

Get all of your utensils out of the corners and ready-for-use with this rustic and charming idea. The Gracious Wife has all the details on how to transform your kitchen.

15. Glass Containers

Diy glass food storage

Create some shelving for your glass container and have a chic look to store your for staples or do this same scheme over in the craft room. Inspiration found over at Ella Claire.

16. Key Organizer

Diy key organization

A Beautiful Mess created a charming and fun way to store your keys without losing a single ring. Follow the DIY and make one for yourself right at home!

17. Ladder Wardrobe

Diy ladder wardrobe

If you need some extra wardrobe storage, create this snazzy ladder piece. Follow the instructions over at A Pair & A Spare.

18. Magnetic Knife Strip

Diy magnetic knife strip

Get your knifes off the countertops and out of the drawers by creating one of these magnetic knife strips. Again everything is ready-to-use and free from clutter. (via Design Sponge)

19. Cleaning Rod

Diy cleaning rod

Martha Stewart has a marvelous idea for cleaning up under the sink and keeping your cleaning supplies organized and tidy. A tension rod comes to save the day!

20. Pipe Shelving Unit

Diy pipe shelving unit

Create an industrial, pipe shelving unit for your kitchen, home office and the like. Learn how to make this over at DIY Show Off.

21. Boddy Pin Case

Diy bobby pin case

Grab an old Tic Tac container, give it a bit of paint and use it to store your Bobby pins. Lovely Indeed has the details on this genius project.

22. Scarf Holder

Diy scarf holder

Display your beautiful scarf collection in a way that also makes them easier to find and wear. Sally Ann has the tutorial for this over on the blog!

23. Nail Polish Shelves

Diy nail polish shelves

A Beautiful Mess has a snazzy way to keep your nail polishes neat and tidy too! These shelves are precious and they’re a great way to keep your bathroom drawers freed from more clutter.

24. Fridge Work Station

Diy fridge work station

Create a work station right on your fridge and keep all of those odds and ends clean and organization. Check out this idea over at BHG.

25. Rolling Book Basket

Diy rolling book basket

Here’s a way to keep the book clutter at bay for you or the kiddos! Perfectly fitting for a playroom, Just The Bees Knees has the details.

26. Paint Storage

Diy hanging paint storage

If you’re a crafter, this project is perfect for you! Mad in Crafts made this hanging paint storage that would really help all those artsy creatives out there.

27. Ikea Mail Rack

Mail rack diy

Here’s another way to organize the mail that we’re loving and this time it includes some Ikea pieces! Check it out over at Instructables.

28. Makeup Magnet Board

Diy makeup storage

Reduce the clutter at your vanity or in your bathroom drawers by making one of these makeup magnet boards from Laura Thoughts. You’ll never lose your blush again!

29. Garden Pallet Board

Diy garden tool pallet board

Your garden accessories could stand to be organized too! Hop on over to Our Little Acre and find out how to make one of these for your own backyard.

30. Canned Food Storage

Diy can storage

Some magazine racks are a great way to keep your canned food from flying around the cupboard, thanks to this pantry organization idea. We got it from PB & J Stories!

31. Caddy Spice Rack

Diy spice organization

Use an old metal caddy to keep all of your spices ready-for-use and tidy too. BHG has all the details on this idea too.

32. Wooden Bungee Organization

Diy bungee organization

From sunglasses to scarfs to cords, this bungee organization idea is super versatile and Brit + Co has all the instructions you need to make it happen.

33. Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry basket dresser diy

Make your laundry room a bit tidier with the help of one of these laundry basket dressers. Ana White has the details and we love how much less chaotic the worst chore in the house will be.

34. Embroidery Hoop Hamper

Diy embroidery hoop hamper

Create your very own hamper with a bit of girlish style with help from Making Nice in the MidWest. All of those dirty clothes will now have a place to go.

35. Hair Tool Cabinet

Diy hair tool cabinet

Keep your hair tools from cluttering the bathroom counters and having their cords get too intertwined. The Idea Room displayed this nifty project.

36. Leather Organizer

Diy leather organizer

Clean up your papers and important bits with one of these leather organizers from Design Sponge. Perfect for the kitchen area or your home office.

37. Herringbone Bulletin Board

Diy bulletin board

Bulletin boards help to organize desk areas quite nicely. Spark & Chemistry has one of our favorite tutorials too – and it’s super stylish.

38. Desk Shelving

Desk shelves diy

Is this workspace not totally inspired and super fashionable? Homey Oh My will walk you through this snazzy desk shelving project.

39. Tupperware Lid Storage

Diy tupperware lid storage

Using office organizers, you can easily keep your plastic canisters from losing their tops. Check out this idea at BHG.

40. Wooden Crate Shelving

Diy wooden crate shelves

The Design Chaser featured this fun shelving system and we became so inspired. This idea is easily DIYed and can be utilized all around the house!

41. Washboard Message Center

Diy message board

Country Living has one of my favorite diy organization ideas on the list! Turn an old washboard into a message center and get those kitchen countertops cleaned off!

42. Toy Crates


Even the little ones’ storage can be revamped in a way that makes the playroom pop! Check out these adorable toy crates from A Bubbly Life!

43. Gift Wrap Station

Diy organized giftwrap station

iHeart Organizing has a great way to tidy up the craft room and get your gift wrapping station ready for action. Follow the tutorial after the jump!

44. Cord Organizer

Organize your cords

Don’t be annoyed by all those nasty cords ever again, Our Thrifty Ideas has a genius idea that’s both cute and easy to make at home. Take a peek!

45. Painted Boxes

Diy painted box

Something the best way to organize is with some boxes, but that doesn’t necessarily make them stylish. Turn the eye sores into something pretty like these from annika backstrom.

46. Wood Magazine Files

Scrap wood file folders by the wood grain cottage 24 682x1024

Infarrantly Creative made this rustic and charming magazine files that can be used for so much around the kitchen. From magazines to papers to recipes, everything will be more organized.

47. Bathroom Jars

Diy bathroom jars

These bathroom jars are so adorable and charming. Eighteen25 has the easy tutorial and they’ll make your powder room accessories in one place and ready to grab when needed.

48. Printable Labels

Diy tag labels

Check out these printable labels over at BHG. Label your storage bins, pantry jars and more with these versatile pieces.

49. Washi Tape Organizer

Washi tape organizer

If you’re a big crafter, you’ll want to hop over to iHeart Organizing and learn how to make this rad washi tape organizer. You’ll keep them all neat and tidy, and easily usable too.

50. Geometric Pencil Cups

Geometric office accessories diy

Over at Tiny Prints Blog you’ll find the tutorial for creating these geometric pencil cups from scratch! Add a modern way to store your writing bits to your home office.

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