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Back To School – DIY Heart Bookmark

Bookmarks, those cute little things that help you prevent ears to your beloved books. Not only they help maintain the integrity of your pages, how many times did you close the book thinking “Ok, I’m two pages from start of chapter three, I’ll find it.” and then end up going through the book for an endless search? This tutorial comes in handy just in time for back to school craziness and I promise it’s a really fun and easy way to make your own bookmark.. But with a twist! Instead of the ordinary paper rectangle, we’re going to make a heart shaped bookmark. Not only the shape is unique, but also the material: felt. You can also choose to use other materials, which could be as simple as paper or as luscious as leather (not sure about the result though, let me know if you try!).The working principle is simple: you tuck it to a corner of your book’s pages and it’ll do greatly his job of place saver. Here’s how.

DIY Heart Bookmark


  • felt
  • textile scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine (or textile glue)

DIY Heart Bookmark Materials

Start by cutting out 2 identical felt squares sized 3.14inches (8cm). The size is not mandatory, you can choose to make them as big (or as small) as you wish, but be careful not to make it too big or it could become an obstacle more than a help! The important thing is that the two shapes are absolutely squared.

DIY Heart Bookmark Start Drawing

Draw on one of them a heart shape placed with the point on the edge of the square, like shown here, and cut it out. If you have trouble drawing freehand draw your heart fist on a piece of paper, cut it out and place it on top of your felt to draw the correct shape. Or you can just print and cut out an image of a heart shape you previously googled, just to be 100% sure you’re making the perfect shape.

DIY Heart Bookmark V Part

Pin the felt heart to the square and cut also that one out. Now move your pins away from the “V” part so that it can go under the sewing machine.

DIY Heart Bookmark Sew

What we have to do now is to close the V part so that it keeps in place to the edge of the book’s pages. You can machine sew it, hand sew it or just use textile glue. In the latter case, be careful to make a thin precise line.

Simple DIY Heart Bookmark

DIY Heart Bookmark Closer

DIY Heart Bookmark Grey

DIY Heart Bookmark Back to School

Felt DIY Heart Bookmark collage

And we’re done! Being it so small, cute but most of all really easy to make, it can also work greatly as a gift for your loved ones. Back to school has never been so trendy before!

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