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15 DIY Hanging Chairs That Will Add A Bit of Fun To The House

The corner of the playroom or even in the family bonus room, these 15 DIY hanging chairs will add a bit of fun to the house. The kids will enjoy it, the adults will relax a bit in it and you get the bragging rights for being the creator of the masterpiece. Check them out now!

1. Hammock Hanging Chair

Diy hammock chair

A Beautiful Mess starts us off with this Aztec-printed hanging chair that we instantly fell in love with. It’s an easy project to pull of, even for novice DIYers, and it’s versatile for around the house as well. In the playroom or the covered patio, it’ll work wherever you need an extra bit of fun.

2. Wooden Lounge Hanging Chair

Diy hanging chair

Hop on over to Andrea’s Notebook and take a peek at all kinds of great DIY inspiration. And that inspiration includes this wooden hanging chair. With modern bones and a sleek finished look, it’s a great way to add some personality to a minimalistic home. Personalize it with throw pillows or a blanket to finish it off.

3. Outdoor Cushioned Hanging Chair

Home and family 4136 final photo assets

If you visit Hallmark Channel, you’ll learn all about this cushioned beauty. With a bit of extra plushness and outdoor style, you get a unique take on backyard furniture and a fun project to dive your hands into. Pick your fabrics and personalize it using different colors and prints that inspire you.

4. Double Outdoor Hanging Chair

Home and family 3212 final photo assets

A hanging bench could work outside too! The kids will love it and having a partner to swing a bit with makes everything a bit more enjoyable! Grab all the details and fine-tuning parts over at Hallmark Channel.

5. Mudcloth Hanging Chair

Diy mudcloth hanging swing

Check out this funky – and comfy – mudcloth hanging chair we found over at HGTV. This design feels very youthful and trendy. So, we think it could be a great addition to a college apartment or bachelorette pad.

6. Macrame Hanging Chair

Diy hanging macrame chair

How do you feel about macrame? If you have more of a bohemian spirit, then this hanging chair may be exactly the right fit. Travel over to Classy Clutter and grab all the details you need to create this one back at home for yourself.

7. Bedroom Hanging Chair

Bedroom : diy hanging chair for bedroom compact plywood decor the inside diy hanging chair for bedroom

Sometimes simplicity is key. And this simple bedroom hanging chair is just that. It’s easy, it’s clean and can be used for a variety of necessities. And one of those necessities is simply to relax and enjoy an afternoon.

8. Baby Hanging Chair

Baby and toddler swing chair

A Beautiful Mess also created a chair that hangs just for baby! They’ll love this special corner piece and you’ll love personalizing it. Keep your eye on the babe while they enjoy kicking up their heels and relaxing too.

9. Reading Nook Hanging Chair

Reading nook hanging chair

Sugar Bee Crafts created a chair specifically for the reading room. Create a corner that induces relaxation. You may just need some leather scraps to get yourself started on the job.

10. Wooden Pallet Hanging Chair

Wooden pallet hanging chair

You can even create a hanging chair made of pallets! Check out all the details for this one over at Andrea’s Notebook. You may even want to add some paint to this one or even a hand painted pattern or two.

11. Fabric Hanging Chair

Diy fabric hanging chair

There are even some tutorials swirling around that you can follow through video! This fabric hanging chair can be made at home and all you have to do is grab a peek at this YouTube video to learn how. Again, personalize the colors to your liking – a pattern could work too!

12. Leather Hanging Chair

Diy hanging hammock sling chair

The Chronicles of Home have another hanging chair that includes some leather. It’s on trend and contemporary. But it’s also a great project to dive into if you want something unique for your home.

13. Hanging Corner Chair

Diy hanging bench

We’re loving this easy corner hanging chair from Tidbits as well. Leave it bare or add some accents to help transform the space. It’s a great addition for the playroom, the guest room or even one of the kiddo’s bedrooms.

14. Hanging Chair Bench

Diy hanging chair bench

Instead of a single hanging chair, why not add a hanging bench to the mix? It’s a great way to dress your outdoor spaces. And there’s enough room for accents here as well.

15. Hanging Chair Stand

Diy hammock chair stand tips intended for diy hanging chair stand

To go along with your hanging chairs, you could use a hanging chair stand! Luckily, you can learn how to make some of these on your own as well. Just follow along and dress up a nook or corner of your home.

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