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Hand Painted Cushion Designs

Anyone who has ever visited our home knows about our love for throw pillows. Besides the ones we’ve bought for our homes from stores, we’ve also made ourselves tonnes of pillows using our various DIY skills. We’ve sewn pillows, created no-sew pillows, and altered store bought pillows that we grew tired of looking at after a while. Of all the techniques, however, one of our very favourite ways to make ourselves new decorative pillows was to hang paint them! Painting on material might not seem like your average idea for putting your art skills to good use but it’s surprisingly fun and an absolutely awesome chance to get creative in a very unique way.

Check out these 15 awesome hand painted cushion design ideas that will give you total creative control, let you show off your skills, and personal style, and show your visitors a bit of your personality, all at once!

1. Coloured hand painted triangle pillow

Coloured hand painted triangle pillow

Have you always made sure that your décor has a certain angular, geometric shape to it, including the same shape throughout but in all different colours so that things are cohesive but still interesting? In that case, we think you’ll enjoy painting this orange, peach, and gold design from Avi Designs very much. These shapes will look neat and nice no matter which colours you use but we think this peachy toned scheme is summery and relaxing.

2. Simple painted shape pillows

Diy painted linen pillows

Are you hoping to making yourself an entire matching set of hand painted throw pillows and, even though you’d like them to make sense all together, you’d love it for them to have a little bit of variation too for maximum style? In that case, a design that has lots of shapes but not many colours might be the best idea! We love these adorable little black shape pillows from Theemdash that look like sketches.

3. Dot and cross pillows

Dot and cross pillows

Are you intrigued by the idea of making yourself a set of pillows that all coordinate together in aesthetic but that actually feature different shapes on each pillow rather than matching completely? We did already show you a set like this, but not everyone likes the sketched out look. You might prefer something a little more colour blocked looking and that’s totally understandable! In that case, we definitely suggest taking a look at these alternating black and white chunky design pillows featuring simple but eye catching shapes like crosses and polka dots. See how they’re done on A Beautiful Mess!

4. Roller stripe painted pillows

Roller stripe painted pillow

Perhaps your space is very modern, streamlined, and clean cut looking and you’ve left it up to your accessorizing skills to add a more homey touch to things? The you might like the way décor that’s a little more intentionally worn around the edges looks against your stark white furniture. We’re pretty crazy about these hand painted pillows by Make and Tell that are made using a miniature paint roller technique that comes out stylishly but with an awesome shabby chic look.

5. Bursting painted pillows

Colorful hand painted pillows

Have you always been a colourful person who loves eye catching designs in all fashion, décor, and visual aspects of your life? Well, these pillows featured on Etsy DIY might just be the perfect craft for you! Their tutorial shows you how to get a burst paint effect that looks almost like you’ve shot the pillow with a series of bright paintballs that burst across the fabric.

6. Hand painted feather pillows

Hand painted feather pillows

Perhaps you’ve been an avid hand painted crafter for a while and you’re looking for ways to practice your detailing techniques, buy you need something a little more exciting to paint on than just canvas. Well, fabric painting is not only a great time because it’s fun to do but it’s also a great material to simply perfect your skills on because it feels much different to paint, letting you adapt your skills and practice using different mediums. We think these beautiful feather pillows from HGTV Handmade are the perfect example.

7. Vertical chevron pillows

Vertical chevron pillows

Are you intent on the idea of hand painting a pillow but you’re not actually very confident in your hand painting skills? Then try something blocky and easy to paint, like this simple chunky chevron pattern! We love the way Inspirations by D painted theirs vertically rather than horizontally, just for a little bit of unique style.

8. Burlap seaside pillows

Beach pillow

Do you have a cottage home that you want to maintain a beautiful seaside aesthetic in? Heck, a beach themed décor scheme looks great anywhere, even if your home is a townhouse in the middle of the city. We have a seaside themed sun room! To give the place an added touch of personality, we made ourselves these beach stencilled burlap throw pillows to put on our woven wicker sun chairs. Check them out and find out how to make some of your own on Domestically.

9. Typography pillows

Pile pillows hand painted

We’ve always appreciated good typography. There’s just something about the art of the beautifully formed letter that draws our eye and makes us concentrate on it. That’s why we think it’s such a good idea to use awesome typography to make quote throw pillows. Harbour Breeze Home shows you how they made these “Joyeux Noel” pillows but you could use the same technique to make them say anything.

10. Painted monogram throw pillows

Painted monogram throw pillows

Have you been scrolling through all of these designs and totally enjoying what you see, but thinking about how you still want to keep your pillows simple to match your neutral, lovely décor scheme? Then maybe you’d rather create an easy monogram pattern but one that still has style? Check out how Come On, Ilene made these cushions with pretty, curly letters.

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