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Eye Buttons Shirt DIY

Ah, eye spy a fun craft here! I’ve been seeing this image of embroidered eyeballs shirt and thought it could have been easily transformed into a tutorial to personalize my simple pink shirt using a good old textile pen. In fact, adding small little embellishments to plain clothes is quite fun and I bet you’ll rarely find someone else wearing the same thing. Plus the “eye – design” has been a big trend and you can find all sorts of eye themed accessories to complement the shirt, from bags to earrings and flats. Actually, this technique applies to shirt buttons, but you can easily transfer it to any part of other dresses or t-shirts, just by sewing your own decorative pupil buttons where you need them. Think about an eye filled collar for a basic t-Shirt: oh I already want to give it a try myself!

Eye buttons shirt diy

Follow along and see how easy it can be to push up the game of this basic shirt and add your faux embrodered eye buttons.


  • black textile pen
  • white textile crayon
  • shirt
  • iron
  • black permanent marker (if buttons aren’t black)

Diy eye buttons shirt diy

1. Start by designing the eye shape around each button. Maybe give it a try on a piece of paper before going directly onto the textile.

Eye buttons shirt diy stencil

2. Next use your white crayon to fill the inside of the shape made at the previuos step. If your shirt is white, well this step wouldn’t be necessary. If you colour over the black lines don’t worry, when you’ve finished witht the crayon just give another layer of black marker so that the line is well defined.

Eye buttons shirt diy white crayon

3. Add lashes with your textile marker; start from the center and spread outwards, leaving some space from the eye design itself. If your buttons aren’t black already, you can decide to replace them with black ones (sewing skills needed though) or just color them black with a permanent marker. Easy peasy.

Eye buttons shirt diy textile marker

4. Finally, place a white paper on top of each eye and iron on to fix the white crayon. The white part won’t be so much visible, but it’s ok for it to be subtle.

Eye buttons shirt diy white paper on top

Finished! All eyes on my brand new shirt, trendy and girly just as I imagined it to be. Perfect for a shopping day out with the girls or – why not – even enough professional for a day at work.

Eye buttons shirt diy trendy

Eye buttons shirt diy design

Eye buttons shirt diy cool

Fashion eye buttons shirt diy

Modern eye buttons shirt diy

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