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Gorgeous Afghans for Experienced Crocheters

Crocheted afghans are useful no matter the season. Not only are they warm, but they’re often also beautifully decorative. Whether you hang one on the back of your couch, fold it on the end of the bed, or give it as a gift, your inner crochet enthusiast will feel totally fulfilled each time you finish a big, beautiful afghan blanket.

Check out these great crochet afghan patterns for experienced crocheters!

1. Nature’s Bounty afghan

Nature's bounty afghan

This floral pattern guides you through the process of colour working in crochet. Between the design and the changes in colour, you’ll enjoy making the afghan as much as you enjoy the finished product.(Source: Lion Brand)

2. Ocean Breeze afghan

Ocean breeze afghan

This colour changing zig zag pattern leaves you with a gorgeous visual that you can create to match just about any decor scheme.(Source: Mary Maxim)

3. Modern Wedding Ring throw

Modern wedding ring throw

This interlocking ring pattern makes the perfect DIY wedding gift. Its bright colours also make it cheerful.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

4. Keeping it Classy afghan

Keeping it classy afghan

This pattern uses the puff stitch to create a chunky lace effect within a gorgeous design.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

5. Alaskan Blue Tunisian blanket

Alaskan blue tunisian blanket

This gorgeously textured blanket uses cluster stitch to create a design that looks and feels great.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

6. Lattice cable blanket

Lattice cable blanket

Few things look more awesomely intricate than cables. This lattice design showcases your cable crocheting skills perfectly.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

7. Beautiful Puff Stitch baby blanket

Beautiful puff stitch baby blanket

This blanket uses puff stitch to create an awesomely cute bubbled effect throughout its striping design.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

8. Simple Aran afghan

Simple aran afghan

Instead of varying colours to look unique, this blanket uses texture to create a beautiful design. Popcorn stitch gives you raised areas that stand out nicely against flatter parts of the pattern.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

9. Opulent Dahlia square

Opulent dahlia square

Cluster stitch helps you create this gorgeously 3D effect to make a flowered granny square. Granny squares are the perfect base for piecing together an afghan of any size you’d like.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

10. Aran Nosegay blanket

Aran nosegay blanket

This pattern helps you create a raised and yet subtle floral design that makes for a very pretty wedding gift.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

11. Super Cozy Puff Stitch blanket

Super cozy puff stitch blanket

This thickly crocheted blanket gives you something extra cozy to curl up in. Using the puff stitch also makes it fun to make.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

12. Fruit salad baby blanket

Fruit salad baby blanket

The bright colours and cute, textured design in this blanket make for a super fun baby shower gift that will help keep any nursery cheerful.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

13. Irish Wave baby blanket

Irish wave baby blanket

This intricately rippling layered pattern is a totally unique look for a baby gift, especially if you choose colours that match the new nursery.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

14. The Perfect Puff Stitch baby blanket

The perfect puff stitch baby blanket

This blanket uses a series of cute puff stitches to make an intricate but fun-looking blanket that alternates colours delicately.(Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns)

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  1. Wonderful! These are so beautiful! I’m currently making a blanket from knitted squares (I’m only a beginner) but it looks nowhere near as beautiful. Thank you for sharing, hugs x

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