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15 Fun DIY Glasses Cases

Lately we’ve found ourselves wanting to DIY and hand make even the simplest things in our lives. We’re usually the kind of grand crafters that, if we’re working on making something for ourselves rather than just crafting with our kids, we tend to tackle very big things and really take on challenges. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to just make yourself something small, quick, and useful to get that nearly-instant gratification that we all love! While we were trying to think about what project of this nature we wanted to make, we happened to notice that our glasses case was missing and, well, that’s how this list came to be!

Just in case you’re in need of a new glasses case as well but you’re also intent on making things yourself whenever you can, check out these 15 tutorials that are surprisingly simple to do but probably a lot cuter and more interesting looking than what you could find in a store!

1. Zippered polka dot case

Zippered polka dot case

Are you always thinking about how you like soft glasses cases a lot better than hard ones because they fit inside your bag better but you don’t like that a lot of the store bought soft cases are fastened with buttons rather than zippers and you don’t want your glasses falling out? That’s well and good, but what if you’re quite new to the technique of putting zippers in? Don’t feel intimidated just yet! This tutorial from DIY Mode is here to teach you the basics of zippers as well as how to sew a simple lined rectangular glasses case that will fit reading glasses or regular sized sun glasses.

2. Floral drawstring glasses case

Floral drawstring glasses case

Perhaps you’d rather a glasses case top that’s not a zipper for your sunglasses because you feel like having them at easier access is a better plan, since you take them off and put them on quite often throughout the day? Then perhaps a drawstring would be a better idea! Sew DIY guides you through the process of making a little bag but also looping the top around and over so that a tube to hold the drawstring as you pull it is created. We love their patterned floral fabric!

3. Rhinestoned kitty collar case

Rhinestoned kitty collar case

Do you have a hard glasses case already that you don’t mind using, but you do find it quite boring so you’ve been thinking about embellishing it at least a little bit? Well, if you’re an avid cat lover like we are, we have a feeling you might be just as into this cut-out pleather idea from Minted Strawberry as we were. They show you how to make and attach a little silhouette of a cat, rhinestoning the neck where a collar would sit on the animal to add just a little bit of glamour.

4. Suede glasses shaped sunglasses case

Suede glasses shaped sunglasses case

Have you always loved the lens shaped wrapping glasses cases because you think it’s a neat concept and you really like that you can access your shades quite quickly and easily, even with one hand while you’re busy or holding something? We love this design too but we’ve also had shades before that don’t fit in the store bought sizes that are usually available. That’s usually when we turn to making our own! Check out how Hello Little Home mapped out, cut, and finished theirs.

5. Upcycled jeans case

Upcycled jeans case

When you make yourself small things that you’ll actually use, do you do your best to upcycle materials and repurpose supplies whenever you possibly can? Then we have a feeling this repurpose denim case from an old pair of jeans you don’t wear anymore will be right up your alley! Pillar Box Blue guides you through the process of cutting and sewing a glasses sleeve from your old denim but also adding a fun little contrasting fabric edging just to give your project some extra style.

6. Buttoned fabric glasses case

Buttoned fabric glasses case

Are you still looking for a soft case with a zipper alternative because you often find yourself grabbing for your glasses with one hand and you like to be able to kind of slide them out whenever you need, even though you clearly still want them to stay in the case even if your bag bumps around a little bit? In that case, maybe a button is a better idea for you. Check out how Sew McCool made this cute sleeve that closes with a nice big button that will stay shut well but can easily be finagled open no matter what you’re doing.

7. Drink mix container glasses case

Drink mix container glasses case

Are you still thinking about how much you love trying to upcycle things when you make yourself small useful projects? Then hang onto the next tin that your favourite drink mix comes in and turn that into a hard glasses case! We love the way DIY Inspired used simple colourful and patterned washi tape to add a few rows of excitement to the outside of their tin rather than leaving it plain after the took the labels off.

8. Opened heart glasses case

Opened heart glasses case

Are you quite enamoured with the idea of material cases that open like a flap once you’ve undone the button but you’d still like the case to have as much character as possible for all its simplicity? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll find this heart shaped flap case from I Spy DIY quite appealing! Aside from cutting your original shapes a little bit differently, the techniques you see here are essentially the same as the ones you saw in other tutorials, making this one an easy adjustment to get the shape you want.

9. Fabric covered glasses case

Fabric covered glasses case

Perhaps you already have a hard glasses case that came with your glasses when you bought them but you find it rather uninteresting and you’d way rather pull something a little more exciting looking out of your purse when you have to put your glasses on or take them off in public? In that case (no pun intended) why not try giving your case a new “upholstery”? Easy as DIY shows you how to pop the inside lining of your case out, line the outside of the case in fabric and glue the edges over into the interior, and settle the lining back into place to hide those edges.

10. Folding punched leather case

Folding punched leather case

Are you still thinking about how cute the first suede case design we showed you was but you’re stressed that your expensive shades will somehow slide out the side of bottom since it’s just a folding flap with no pocket? Then perhaps you’d be more comfortable with this design instead! if gives you the pocket the other tutorial was missing but also shows you how to do some subtle partially punched detailing for a little extra style. Check the whole idea out on Always Rooney.

11. Felt baby animals case

Felt baby animals case

Are you quite comfortable with the actual construction of most soft cases by now, so you’re mostly just looking for stylized suggestions and detail ideas at this point? Then here’s an adorable idea for your consideration! We love the way Gingermelon left some seaming on the outside visible and, being big animal lovers, we’re certainly love the tiny felt animal appliques! The bunny rabbit’s tail makes our hearts melt.

12. Zipping sunnies case

Zipping sunnies case

Are you find with the idea of zippers but you feel like, if you’re going to go to all that effort, you’d really like to make a fun glasses case that has a lot of visual appeal? then check out this patter from Riley Blake Designs that gives you patterns, colours, lettering, shape, and texture! We love that their tutorial shows you how to do the shaping primarily, but still also walks you through the applique lettering and the yarn pom pom embellishment.

13. Toilet roll hard glasses case

Toilet roll hard glasses case

Have you recently lost your glasses case and you actually do intend on buying yourself another one at the store because you really want to protect your glasses but you don’t have time to go grab one just yet? In that case, perhaps this super simple toilet paper roll case from Cristin Gapasin will do just fine until you can make it out to grab yourself an actual replacement! We love the way they used a few pieces of scrap lace to fancy the design up just a little bit.

14. Ruffled edge glasses case

Ruffled edge glasses case

Are you totally comfortable with the soft case design because you’re decently experienced with sewing and you have no problems sewing the lined little rectangle that these projects require, but now you’re looking for a small challenge and a fun way to embellish the case all at once? Well, we recently learned how to add ruffles to things and, even though our original ruffled project wasn’t a glasses case, we’re completely obsessed with them now and we want to put them on everything. It makes sense, then, that we were pretty excited when we found this easy step by step ruffled case tutorial from Sew 4 Home.

15. Vintage inspired canvas and thread case

Vintage inspired canvas and thread case

Are you intent on using as many of your DIY and crafting skills as possible each and every time you craft because you find that you make the best things when you really invest yourself and your abilities? In that case, we have a feeling you might really enjoy this beautifully embroidered canvas case design from Woman’s Weekly! Sewing the rectangular pocket of the case is actually a really simple aspect of this case and we think that mastering this particular embroidery stitch would take up most of our attention here, but that doesn’t mean it’s really hard! We think you’ll actually find this stitch pattern a lot easier than it looks here (which is part of why we love it so much).

Do you know a fellow DIY and crafting enthusiast whose glasses case is falling apart? Then share this post with them to perhaps inspired them to make themselves a new one!

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