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15 DIY Gifts for First Communion

In our family, a child’s First Communion is a big deal. We don’t necessarily have a big, celebratory party or anything, because it’s more of a family bonding event, but we still like to make little treats and favours for those who do come, just to show a bit of appreciation or their love and support.

Because Communions are such a family affair, however, we find that we much prefer making our own gifts and favours for the special day rather than just buying trinkets at the store. We feel like it’s just more meaningful, which absolutely suits the event! Just in case you also have a First Communion coming up and would like to make a few favours of your own, here are 15 of the best DIY gift, snack, and keepsake ideas we came across in our search.

1. Cute iced First Communion sugar cookies

Cute iced first communion sugar cookies

Have you always done your best DIY work in the kitchen, especially in the sweets department? Then we have a feeling you’ll do very well with these First Communion sugar cookies from A Sweeter Place! They give you a few easy but very sweet designs to try in terms of both shape and icing. We love the effect that using edible pearled icing dots gives off.

2. Painted terra cotta pot and seeds

Painted terra cotta pot and seeds

Would you rather give your family members a favour that lasts a little longer so it’s like a memento, rather than something they’ll eat immediately? Then perhaps you’d prefer to customize some miniature terra cotta pots and give each person a packet of seeds to go along with it so they can plant and grow some flowers! We love these white pots with blue ribbons for a boy’s Communion. Check the whole idea out on The Lily Pad.

3. Yarn wrapped candles

Yarn wrapped candles

Candles are always appropriate at First Communion and we love having them around at home too! Even when we’re not using them, we think tall prayer candles are a stunning décor piece any time at home. For a special occasion, however, we love the idea of embellishing a plain set! Cool Party Favours suggests wrapping the glass in pristine white yarn from top to bottom and then attaching a small commemorative tag with a name and date to mark the occasion.

4. DIY champagne flute candles

Diy champagne flute candles

Are you rather intrigued by the idea of giving your loves ones candles to celebrate a First Communion but you think perhaps they’d prefer a design that’s a little more interesting than the average prayer candle, which they probably already have so many of? In that case, check out how Coupon Closet created these adorable champagne flute candles instead! They show you how to make the whole thing from scratch (and they even give you some alternative concepts for other days and occasions too).

5. Cute wood DIY First Communion card

Cute wood diy first communion card

If you’ve never tried the awesomely fun but challenging and intricate craft of thin wood image cutting, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! Asiasiowo, however, says that it’s never too late to try! We love the way they glued beautifully delicate wooden Communion images onto a backing of floral paper to create a beautiful First Communion card that will make a great keepsake.

6. DIY Footprints in the Sand Communion favours

Diy footprints in the sand communion favours

Have you been scrolling through our list hoping for something that would suit a relevant verse so everyone can reflect and appreciate the day? Then we have just the cute DIY trinket for you! These little jars of sand and glitter feature a scroll inside and are meant to reflect the idea of footprints in the sand. Neat House, Sweet Home shows you how they were made.

7. Cardboard cut-out First Communion cards

Cardboard cut out first communion cards

Do you love the idea of a commemorative card for your family at First Communion but you’re not sure you’re up for the wood cutting challenge, even though you like the idea of cut-outs? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer these cut-out cross cards that feature a verse or hymn lyrics inside. We like the layered way that Wedding Withdrawal made theirs, setting the verse page underneath the cut-out cross so the words just peek through.

8. Quoted pine cone fire starters

Quoted pine cone fire starters

Is the First Communion you’re celebrating in the fall or winter and you’d like to give your family something they can take home and use immediately, but preferably for the purposes of relaxing and enjoying some time together? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these DIY pine cone fire starters from Mon Cheri Bridals! We love that the coating makes them look decorative before you’ve given them out, as though they’ve just been collected from outside and are still covered in snow. They’ll also smell great when they’re burned later on in the fireplace at home!

9. Individual cookie favours

Individual cookie favours

Are you still thinking about the idea of cookies as gifts and how much your family would appreciate a sweet treat favour to take home with them, but you’re not great with the kind of detailed decorative icing we showed you before? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to make something simple and adorable like these individually wrapped chocolate chip cookie favours from You Are My Fav. They’re a classic treat and the card in the back of the wrapping and be customized for the occasion however you please.

10. Fanciful handmade favour bags

Fanciful handmade favour bags

Perhaps you’ve already got all the little trinkets, mementos, and treats you want to give each person attending your First Communion celebration but you’re still looking for a way to present them and hand them out that you think people will love? Well, if you’re pre-planning and the Communion party isn’t until the spring, you might like making these pretty butterfly favour bags from Martha Stewart! We love the way they used a second layer of paper cut into strips all the way around the top to look like grass.

11. DIY bath bombs

Diy bath bombs

Are your family pretty trendy people who have always liked what’s popular but also know the value of a good self care night? In that case, even at a First Communion party, one of the best gifts you can give them is a fragrant, relaxing bath bomb! We love this DIY bath bomb recipe from Avanti Morocha because it’s simple to make, lovely to use, and they even show you how to make a cute gift box to present it in!

12. DIY message in a bottle favours

Diy message in a bottle favours

Do you quite like the idea of a filled bottle memento as a First Communion favour, but you’d rather use it as a way to share a little bit of wisdom with your younger family members in a way that’s still fun to receive? Then perhaps you’d be interested in these cute little corked message bottles that look like something you might find on a beach! Living Well, Spending Less shows you how to make them but instead of just inspirational quotes, consider replacing the messages inside the bottles with verses that are suitable for First Communion.

13. Paper and lace favour bags

Paper and lace party bags

Do you love the idea of little treats and trinkets in a favour bag but you’d rather stick with a design that’s more generally pretty and simple rather than seasonal or themed? In that case, we think you might appreciate this paper, lace doily, and hemp string design idea from The Popcorn Factory. They show you how to make it happen in just a few easy steps. We love that the final product is so classy looking even though the materials and techniques are simple.

14. Fanciful folded box favours

Fanciful folded box favours

Perhaps you’ve made homemade chocolates or truffles that you’d like to hand out, but you need something to put them in that will protect them properly from getting crushed throughout the day? In that case we think a bag is best, but that still doesn’t mean you have to get store bought things that you can’t add your own flair to! Check out how Hot DIY Tutorial embellished these little boxes using ribbons, rosettes, and pretty name tags.

15. Infused olive oil favours

Infused olive oil favours

Perhaps you’ve already got some cute treats and trinkets for the kids already sorted for First Communion favours but you would rather find something a little fancier for the adults rather than just handing them the same thing? In that case, perhaps you’d rather go the route of something like these homemade infused olive oil flavours from Something Turquoise! Their tutorial shows you how to infused the oil with a delicious combination of herbs, as well as how to bottle and label it so it looks professional.

Do you know a fellow DIY enthusiast whose family is celebrating a First Communion soon? Share this post with them to give them lots of creative homemade favour ideas!

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