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15 DIY Gifts for First Communion

In our family, a child’s First Communion is a big deal. We don’t necessarily have a big, celebratory party or anything, because it’s more of a family bonding event, but we still like to make little treats and favours for those who do come, just to show a bit of appreciation or their love and support.

Because Communions are such a family affair, however, we find that we much prefer making our own gifts and favours for the special day rather than just buying trinkets at the store. We feel like it’s just more meaningful, which absolutely suits the event! Just in case you also have a First Communion coming up and would like to make a few favours of your own, here are 15 of the best DIY gift, snack, and keepsake ideas we came across in our search.

1. Cute iced First Communion sugar cookies

Cute iced first communion sugar cookies

Have you always done your best DIY work in the kitchen, especially in the sweets department? Then we have a feeling you’ll do very well with these First Communion sugar cookies from A Sweeter Place! They give you a few easy but very sweet designs to try in terms of both shape and icing. We love the effect that using edible pearled icing dots gives off.

2. Painted terra cotta pot and seeds

Painted terra cotta pot and seeds

Would you rather give your family members a favour that lasts a little longer so it’s like a memento, rather than something they’ll eat immediately? Then perhaps you’d prefer to customize some miniature terra cotta pots and give each person a packet of seeds to go along with it so they can plant and grow some flowers! We love these white pots with blue ribbons for a boy’s Communion. Check the whole idea out on The Lily Pad.

3. Yarn wrapped candles

Yarn wrapped candles

Candles are always appropriate at First Communion and we love having them around at home too! Even when we’re not using them, we think tall prayer candles are a stunning décor piece any time at home. For a special occasion, however, we love the idea of embellishing a plain set! Cool Party Favours suggests wrapping the glass in pristine white yarn from top to bottom and then attaching a small commemorative tag with a name and date to mark the occasion.

4. DIY champagne flute candles

Diy champagne flute candles

Are you rather intrigued by the idea of giving your loves ones candles to celebrate a First Communion but you think perhaps they’d prefer a design that’s a little more interesting than the average prayer candle, which they probably already have so many of? In that case, check out how Coupon Closet created these adorable champagne flute candles instead! They show you how to make the whole thing from scratch (and they even give you some alternative concepts for other days and occasions too).