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Galaxy Themed DIY Projects

What if we told you that our latest obsession in the world of DIY makes us want to shout “To infinity… and beyond!” at the top of our lungs? Well, if you guessed that we’ve been on a Toy Story kick, we’d admit that we mislead you a little bit. Our new favourite DIY thing is not Buzz Lightyear project. It is, however, totally space themed! In fact… that’s the entire concept; we’re obsessed with the idea of making ourselves things that look just like outer space, particularly the galaxy from afar or a bright milky way! Probably the best part of this obsession if the fact that so many of the tutorials you’ll find for galaxy themed projects are for clothing and accessories, and who doesn’t love combining DIY and crafting with style when it comes to making something you love?

Just in case you’re just as obsessed with galaxy themed things as we are, here are 15 awesome DIY and crafting tutorials that will help you make all kinds of cool things that are totally out of this world!

1. DIY galaxy runners

Diy galaxy runners

Have you ever seen a plain white pair of canvas runners, all spotless and clean just like a brand new painting canvas, and thought about what kinds of designs you’d create on them if you could? Well, thanks to tutorials like this one from Calvirose, you absolutely can! They guide you through the process of creating a mystical looking galaxy across your shoes from toes to heels using fabric paint in blues, pinks, purples, and some splattered white to look like stars.

2. Swirled and blow dried galaxy painting

Swirled and blow dried galaxy painting

Perhaps you’re no stranger to painting galaxies and star patterns because you’re an avid painter but you’re always looking for new techniques and ways to use paint to create the images you love? In that case, here’s one that’s so unique and cool we’ve already made two of them in the short time since we discovered the pictorial! Check out how Favim achieved that flawlessly smooth swirled star effect that’s so hard to get when you’re blending with a brush by blowing watered paint across the page with a blow dryer! Speckle parts of the page with white to look like stars and you’re all set with a brand new piece of wall art.

3. DIY galaxy print shirt

Diy galaxy print shirt

Are you obsessed with the way the galaxy print painting technique looks on fabric but the canvas shoes we showed you earlier on our list just aren’t really your personal style? We’re actually sandal and flip flop lovers ourselves, if we’re being honest, so we can’t really blame you! We still wanted to make galaxy print clothing, however, so we were rather grateful to come across this awesome painted galaxy shirt tutorial from Let’s Get Thrifty!

4. DIY cropped galaxy sweatshirt

Diy cropped galaxy sweatshirt

Are you still totally taken with the idea of a galaxy “print” outfit and you’d like a top specifically, but you’re not sure you’ll ever wear a blouse or button shirt like the one we just showed you? Then perhaps you’d prefer something a little more casual! We love the way Molly Josefin created their galaxy print on al old sweatshirt cut in the middle to a cropped length for extra style. It’s like a double whammy of trend and we can’t get enough!

5. Tape shape galaxy canvas art

Tape shape galaxy canvas art