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Galaxy Themed DIY Projects

What if we told you that our latest obsession in the world of DIY makes us want to shout “To infinity… and beyond!” at the top of our lungs? Well, if you guessed that we’ve been on a Toy Story kick, we’d admit that we mislead you a little bit. Our new favourite DIY thing is not Buzz Lightyear project. It is, however, totally space themed! In fact… that’s the entire concept; we’re obsessed with the idea of making ourselves things that look just like outer space, particularly the galaxy from afar or a bright milky way! Probably the best part of this obsession if the fact that so many of the tutorials you’ll find for galaxy themed projects are for clothing and accessories, and who doesn’t love combining DIY and crafting with style when it comes to making something you love?

Just in case you’re just as obsessed with galaxy themed things as we are, here are 15 awesome DIY and crafting tutorials that will help you make all kinds of cool things that are totally out of this world!

1. DIY galaxy runners

Diy galaxy runners

Have you ever seen a plain white pair of canvas runners, all spotless and clean just like a brand new painting canvas, and thought about what kinds of designs you’d create on them if you could? Well, thanks to tutorials like this one from Calvirose, you absolutely can! They guide you through the process of creating a mystical looking galaxy across your shoes from toes to heels using fabric paint in blues, pinks, purples, and some splattered white to look like stars.

2. Swirled and blow dried galaxy painting

Swirled and blow dried galaxy painting

Perhaps you’re no stranger to painting galaxies and star patterns because you’re an avid painter but you’re always looking for new techniques and ways to use paint to create the images you love? In that case, here’s one that’s so unique and cool we’ve already made two of them in the short time since we discovered the pictorial! Check out how Favim achieved that flawlessly smooth swirled star effect that’s so hard to get when you’re blending with a brush by blowing watered paint across the page with a blow dryer! Speckle parts of the page with white to look like stars and you’re all set with a brand new piece of wall art.

3. DIY galaxy print shirt

Diy galaxy print shirt

Are you obsessed with the way the galaxy print painting technique looks on fabric but the canvas shoes we showed you earlier on our list just aren’t really your personal style? We’re actually sandal and flip flop lovers ourselves, if we’re being honest, so we can’t really blame you! We still wanted to make galaxy print clothing, however, so we were rather grateful to come across this awesome painted galaxy shirt tutorial from Let’s Get Thrifty!

4. DIY cropped galaxy sweatshirt

Diy cropped galaxy sweatshirt

Are you still totally taken with the idea of a galaxy “print” outfit and you’d like a top specifically, but you’re not sure you’ll ever wear a blouse or button shirt like the one we just showed you? Then perhaps you’d prefer something a little more casual! We love the way Molly Josefin created their galaxy print on al old sweatshirt cut in the middle to a cropped length for extra style. It’s like a double whammy of trend and we can’t get enough!

5. Tape shape galaxy canvas art

Tape shape galaxy canvas art

Perhaps you’ve got enough clothing for now, even when it comes to DIY pieces, so you’d rather work on incorporating your love for DIY galaxy print into your home décor scheme instead? In that case, check out these awesome canvas painting ideas from Leaa’s Life! Rather than just blending and splatter painting the canvas, they put strips of tape down first and peeled them off when the paint dried, revealing a start white linear pattern that contrasts with the galaxy behind it.

6. Homemade galaxy calm jars

Homemade galaxy calm jars

The idea of painting your own galaxy is all well and good, but what if you want to create something that actually shifts, moves, and sparkles like you imagine the galaxy would in real time? Well, that sounds like a pretty loft task but, believe it or not, it’s a lot easier than you might think! Check out this tutorial from Canvas and Crumpets for using simple craft supplies and some water to create a “galaxy in a jar”. When you shake it around, the sparkles move like clouds and stars stirring in the sky. These jars make pretty décor but they’re also effective anti-anxiety tools for adults and children alike. Give the jar a good shake and concentrate on the calming movements inside until you feel calm again.

7. Painted galaxy clutch purse

Painted galaxy clutch purse

What if you’re still caught up in the awesome idea of painting your own galaxy, but you’re a huge accessory enthusiast and you’d rather augment your outfit with a star speckled piece than make it the entire central garment? Well, to us, it sounds like a cute clutch is exactly what you need! Galaxy print is so trendy right now that you can probably find a pre-made one at the store but we always enjoy the things we wear and carry when we know we’ve made them ourselves. You can make your own galaxy print clutch too but following the tutorial on True Blue Me and You!

8. DIY galaxy wrapping paper

Diy galaxy wrapping paper

Okay, we’ll admit to knowing that this tutorial isn’t actually for wrapping paper; Misselaneyous Things teaches you how to build a simple décor piece that you can place around your room to inject some galaxy print into the aesthetic or perhaps set pictures frames on, but the basic premise of the cute piece they’ve made is a decorative box wrapped in lovely hand painted paper. If they can paint and wrap a décor piece, you can certainly wrap some of the loveliest gifts you’ve ever given!

9. DIY galaxy heeled boots

Back camera

We know we’ve already talked about hand painted galaxy print shoes, but we also know that canvas runners aren’t necessarily everyone’s personal style. What if you’re looking for something a little more glamorous because you’ve got a special night out coming up but you still want to make show your personality shines through? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Techno Snobbery transformed these plain black heeled boots into a galaxy dream!

10. Galaxy moustache shirt

Galaxy moustache shirt

Are you very into the idea of galaxy print but your sense of personal style is also a little more quirky and funny than just painting a pattern and calling it a day? Well, we can’t say we blame you! Kitschy novelty pieces are always fun, particularly if the pattern or design you’re working with is doubly trendy as a result. After all, mustache printed things have been just as popular as galaxy stuff in stores lately! So why not combine the two to make yourself an extra funny shirt? Check out how Leila Ramos’ World created not just a galaxy shirt, but a shirt that features galaxy print in the shape of a mustache!

11. DIY galaxy notebooks

Diy galaxy notebooks

We know it’s still technically summer and you can bet that we’re savouring every last little bit of sunshine and free time that we get for the rest of the month, but we also know that fall time is coming. That means school is coming back too and we’re actually really excited about that! Every year, we try to make ourselves at least a few DIY trinkets and pieces to take to school with us because it makes doing homework just a little more enjoyable when our supplies are cute and customized. You can probably imagine how excited we were, then, when we came across these adorable DIY galaxy notebooks from Carly Enjoys!

12. Little star galaxy phone case

Little star galaxy phone case

Are you still caught up in the idea of having cute galaxy themed accessories but you don’t carry a clutch very often and you’d rather have something that will be featured with you a lot? Well, our most carried “accessory” is definitely our cell phone, so we made a beautiful galaxy case just like this hand painted one from YouTube to put it in! This is a great starter project for painting a galaxy effect because the surface you’re working with, while still unconventional and fun, is flat and hard like a small canvas, making it easy to paint.

13. Pretty milky way dress

Pretty milky way dress

As we look through all of these awesome galaxy painted projects, we realize that the thing that really draws our attention to the pattern is the misty, splatter “stars” in each project. Besides being probably the most fun part of each thing to make, these stars are also the thing that really jumps from the page, garment, or surface that you’re working on. We love the pink, purple, and blue swirls behind them too, but not everyone is quite as into those colours as we are. Luckily for everyone, The Craft Co is here to remind you that you don’t have to include that part if you don’t feel like it! Try following this tutorial’s lead and simply creating a splatter star effect on a black background to make a space themed garment that looks just like the milky way instead. We love the way it spirals around and around this lovely circle skirt!

14. Inner galaxy umbrella

Inner galaxy umbrella

The idea of painting an umbrella might not seem like an awesome one at first since not all paints are resistant, but the outside isn’t the only part of an umbrella that’s available for art! Instead, try painting the inside of the umbrella where you’ll see it, just like Pink Stripey Socks did here. This is an awesome (and surprisingly easy) way to cheer yourself up and give yourself a better view on a rainy day.

15. DIY galaxy Jolly Rancher apple

Diy galaxy jolly rancher apple

We’ll fully admit that when we started researching different galaxy themed projects to make ourselves, the idea of creating “galaxy” food wasn’t one that ever entered our minds… and yet, here we are! These amazingly delicious candy apples are made similarly to a regular caramel apple you’d find at the fair but ThreadBanger teaches you how to use edible glitter to transform them into something totally cosmic looking and insanely fun to eat. Just make sure the glitter you’re dipping them in is the edible kind!

Do you know a fellow DIY and crafting enthusiast who loves galaxy print just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them for a little bit of creative inspiration! Have you made other awesome galaxy crafts that you don’t see here but that you loved creating? Tell us all about your projects in the comments section or link us to pictures of your work!

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