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15 Fashion Tips To Keep In Mind Everyday!

Simplicity is key no matter the aesthetic. Before going big and bold, starting out simple and chic is the best way to create a solid foundation. Be in within beauty and makeup, interior design or inside your very own closet. And today, that’s where we’re starting; the closet. Create a better you, with better style, by keeping these 15 fashion tips in mind everyday!

1. Tailoring Is Important

Tailoring clothes is important

Huffington Post reminds us that tailoring is important. Making sure your most important pieces fit you perfectly is one of the most basic rules of style. From your blazers and your slacks to your little black dress, everything should be fitted correctly to your body.

2. Denim Will Always Be In Style

Invest in denim pieces

As we’re reminded from Badlands, denim will not only always be in style, but it’s important to have a few pairs that work for you. Whether they’re cropped, high-waisted or skinny, you’ll need some denim hidden away in your closet that fits you well and becomes versatile pieces of your wardrobe. Dress up, dress down and dress comfortable in your favorite pairs.

3. And So Will Black and White

Nicole richie seen out in manhattan

Harper’s Bazaar reminds us that black and white color pairing will always be in a style as well. When in doubt, create a black and white ensemble that fits the moment. Whether it’s work, school or an event you’ve been stressing over, you will truly never go wrong with this classic combo.

4. Always Have Your LBD On Hand

Little black dress always in style

We’ve all heard it before. A little black dress – one that fits well and you feel confident in – is a must-have for our closets to be complete. And The Sweetest Thing reminds us of this all too well in this charming outfit topped with the most stunning pink pumps.

5. Wear The Right Undergarments

Wear the right undergarments

Not only wear the right undergarments with your clothes but have them on hand! Bras that fit, panties that don’t budge, slips, Spanx and the like, Glamour helps us find the right pieces for our bodies. When in doubt, get fitted properly, you may just surprise yourself.

6. Learn How To Make An Outfit Look Different With Accessories

Learn how to make an outfit look different with accessories

Gridlock Girl brought us a lot of inspiration with this charming, geo dress. And we can’t help but notice with the right accessories how different the ensemble would look. Take away the pumps and the pink, add some sneakers, a ponytail and hoops and you’ve got a more casual weekend outfit to enjoy. Learn how to use accessories to mix up and change your clothes!

7. Keep It At One (Color)

Monochromatic looks always work

Teen Vogue shows us the importance – and the impact – of keeping it all within one color. Monochromatic outfits can be powerful, chic and stylish. Again, play around and learn how to make this slick trick work for you.

8. Splurge On A Bag

When to splurge on a handbag

Statement pieces can be worth the extra money. And one place to splurge is on one handbag that you love. Just check out these beauty from Charmingly Styled and start daydreaming about the purse that you’ll take the plunge for.

9. Know How To Sew On A Button

Learn how to sew on a button

So, this may not be a particular fashion top to carry, but it’s important nonetheless. Learn how to sew on a button and keep that skill in your back pocket. You’ll never know when you may need to whip out a sewing kit to fix that tailored blazer your love.

10. Being Overdressed Is Always The Better Option

Always better to be overdressed

When it doubt, dress it up. It will always be better to be in a room with those dressed more casually than you than be in a room full of those dressed more formally. Remember this bit of advice among all others.

11. Dress For The Day, Everyday, Like You’re Going To See Your Worst Enemy

Dress like you're going to see your worst enemy

Christie Alexandra reminds us that everyday is a day to be prepared. When getting dressed, keep in mind all of the possibilities that the day ahead of your can bring. And if one of those is that you could run into your worst enemy, we guarantee that you’ll leave the house feeling most confident – and stylish – with your outfit choice. It’ll keep you from getting lazy!

12. Purge Every Six Months

Purge your closet

A great way to keep your closet in check is to purge! The LoDown reminds us that if you haven’t worn it in 6 months, it’s time to get rid of it and that’s why we recommend purging every 6 months. Twice a year, before the changing of the seasons, get rid of the old (and make room for the new).

13. Pay The Price For A Good Pair Of Pumps

Pay the price for a good pair of pumps

Another play to splurge a bit would be on those feet! Brighton The Day inspired up with these classic, black patent pumps. When it comes to shoes – especially heels – it’s important to go for quality.

14. Don’t Buy The Trend Unless It Suits You

Rumer willis

Don’t always buy into the trends. Not everyone will look great on you or fit your body like we want it to. Take rompers for instance, they don’t suit every single body – we know this. So, don’t waste your money on trends that are a no from the start.

15. Invest In Staple Pieces

Invest in staple pieces for your wardrobe

And finally, aside from a bag and some pumps, invest in staple pieces that will round out your closet and create a great foundation. We learn from Linkedin how important this is. A pair of jeans, slacks, blazers, the right kind of white button-up blouse, a pencil skirt, a little black dress; these are important.


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