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20 Fun Food Bars To Recreate at Home!

Whether it’s for your little one’s first sleepover, a night with the gals, a bridal shower, a baby shower, a birthday party or just for an evening with the family, creating food bars for people is not only fun for the guests but it’s a great time for the hostess too! Take a peek at these 20 fun food bars to recreate at home and have a ball with!

1. Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Food Bar

A Beautiful Mess threw a grilled cheese party and we can’t help but imagine how fun this would be to turn into a “bar” for at home! It’s perfect for the kids or to get a little more gourmet and funky with for sophisticated palettes.

2. Nachos

Nacho Bar

This is a great idea from Your Homebased Mom as it’s so versatile! It’s great for after-game get-togethers, birthdays, school parties or even sleepovers! Prepare all the fixings, set them out and have the guests dive right in.

3. Burgers

Burger Bar

You can do full size or even small sliders when it comes to creating a burger bar. Get Dad out on the grill and start serving up these scrumptious treats for a variety of celebrations, with all the toppings, of course. Thanks for the idea Create Celebrate Explore.

4. Caramel Apples

Caramel Apple Bar

The Cupcake Bar shows us how easy and adorable it is to set up a caramel apple bar. This is great for those hosting Halloween shindigs or even a fall harvest celebration! Don’t forget the peanuts or sprinkles!

5. Pancakes

Pancake Bar

Check out Niche for a bigger glimpse into this pancake bar idea. We love it for Sunday brunches with the family. It’s a perfect way to get everyone interactive and the kids will absolutely love topping off their pancakes.

6. S’Mores

Smores Bar

Check out this charming s’mores bar from The Honeycomb Home! Great for camping out in the backyard or sleepovers, you’ll love creating this scape of delicious treats!

7. Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Bar

Over at Today you’ll find a great idea for your next party food! Create a hot dog bar with all the classic toppings and maybe even some unique one’s – that are quotes delicious too – like pimento cheese and jalapenos!

8. Waffles

Waffle Bar

Similar to pancakes, Veronica Yem shows off how she created a quaint and fun waffle bar right at home! This would be a great idea to start off birthday or holiday mornings with a special surprise!

9. Chili

Chili Bar

Chips, cheese, sour cream, onions and more .. chili bars can be a lot of fun for everyone – and filling too! Check out some visual how to’s over at Retrospectation.

10. Salad


We are all familiar with salad bars but it seems like we never think of making our own at home! Instead of taking orders, set out the good stuff and have your family build their own bowls of healthy bits! Thanks for the idea A Couple Cooks!

11. Pizza


In The New House shows off their idea for a pizza bar at a pool party … pizza and a day at the pool always seem to go hand-in-hand. But we love the idea of this interactivity while guests are over!

12. Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Start with a cookie and fill it with your favorites. Celebrations At Home shows us how to create making an ice cream sandwich bar right in your own kitchen for all to enjoy. We love this idea as it’s one of the most unique of all!

13. Cupcakes

Cupcake Bar

Start with a naked cupcake and then build! From icing to fruit to candy to sprinkles, this will be just as fun to create as it will be to participate in. Take a peek at this beautiful visual from The Cupcake Bar!

14. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potato Bar

We’ve all seen this at weddings by now, but don’t forget you can recreate the idea at home for smaller celebrations. Butter, sour cream, chives and more … this is a savory one! And take a peek at Short Stop Blog‘s set up!

15. Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza Bar

For a sweeter version of classic pizza, check out how to create a mini fruit pizza bar for your loves at home. Sugar cookies and cut-up fruity bits are all you need to get started, right Inspired Me?

16. Bruschetta

Bruschetta Bar

What’s Gaby Cooking made the most beautiful bruschetta bar! Recreating this at home for your next dinner party or friendly get-together will surely put a sophisticated – and scrumptious – spin on the normal “hangin’ out” foods.

17. Biscuits

biscuit bar

Taking this idea from some weddings we’ve seen, Love For A Lifetime gives us plenty of ideas on how to incorporate this at home. Top them, stuff them and serve them up for breakfast for the entire family!

18. Coffee Bar

coffee bar

This is on you can utilize every day of the week if you do it right! Check out this chalkboard coffee bar over at HGTV and get your next big home project started!

19. Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Hollyhocks and Honeybees created an adorable little ice cream sundae bar, perfect for a family to have fun and enjoy on a Saturday night. Grab your favorite and create a sweet masterpiece!

20. Mimosas

Mimosa Bar

Celebrate big days with a mimosa bar in the morning. Whether you’re waking up with your friends to get ready for the day you say, “I do,” or you’re starting off college graduation with a bang, Kojodesigns shows us how to do it!

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