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DIY Copper Pipe Breakfast Tray Stand

I am sure there are times you wished you could have your coffee and breakfast in bed while working on your laptop. But most of us know the pain involved in getting that luxury. Yes, you most probably will spill it and ruin your beautiful comforter and scream: “here goes the sweet moment in trash”. Some of you saying to yourself right now “been there, done that”. But now no more as you can make this incredible cement copper pipe breakfast tray stand to have your breakfast with peace of mind on those lazy days.  And when not in use this copper pipe is quite multi-purpose as it could host your plants and save your thighs from getting burned by the heat generated from your laptop; I need not say how dangerous it is ( I’ve been scolded and told many a times) Triple win there !!!DIY Copper pipe multi-purpose standDIY Copper pipe tableDIY Copper pipe StandFor the fun fact, I edited the images and wrote the entire how-to for this DIY lying simply on my bed thanks to my copper pipe stand. I thoroughly enjoyed it with endless cups of tea!! Totally rocked it, right? DuhAnd mind you! It involves very few steps to recreate this copper pipe breakfast tray stand. Let see what we need in order to beginDIY Copper pipe multi-purpose stand Materials


  • Cement 17.6 lbs (white)
  • Copper Pipe 4 X 8″ Inch long (5’8-inch diameter)
  • Copper Pipe 14 inch long (5’8-inch diameter)
  • Copper T-shaped fitting x 4
  • Copper End Caps x 4
  • Container 10.5′ X 15′ inch
  • E6000 glue ( or other strong glue you have)
  • Copper Pipe Cutter


1. Firstly, begin by preparing your copper pipes. With the help of your copper cutter, you need to cut your 8′ inch long pipes in half. Measure and mark the mid point with a sharpie. Insert the copper pipe in the cutter,  tighten the screw, and then twist the copper pipe. Repeat the steps until your copper breaks from the cut point.DIY Copper pipe multi-purpose stand - Glue2. Now that you have your 8’inch copper pipes cut. Glue the inside of the t-shaped fitting and end caps and then the outer edge of the copper pipes. Slip them in and twist for spreading the glue uniformly. Repeat the same steps for the rest of themDIY Copper pipe multi-purpose stand - Half Glue3. We move to the next part, cut your 14-inch copper pipe in half and glue inside of the t-shaped fitting and the outer edge of each copper pipe, insert and twist and let it dry for an hour or so.DIY Copper pipe multi-purpose stand Prepare the cement4. Prepare your cement as per the instructions of your cement packet. I went ahead doing so in small batches until I got a big mixture.  Clean your container well before use and there is no need for application of any kind of lubricant as it will slip off easily without it once it dries. Insert the free end of the copper pipes parallel to each other and tape the sides to the container to help them to stay in that position.Keep this container in a safe and deserted place away from your kids or pets if you have any. After two days or more, you flip it to the other side and your new copper cement stand will slip out. Mine came out slick and clean. If you have any rough edges sand them with a sanding paper to smoothen them. And you are good to go.Cement and copper pipes breakfast tableAnd now you are ready to use it as you like or as I suggest …Copper pipes flower standDIY a breakfast tabel from cement and pipesCement and copper pipes top viewNo more stained bedsheet due to food drops as we now have an easy solution called the copper pipe breakfast tray stand which can also be used for your laptopOh! And just in case if you were thinking how did the color of the copper pipes change. That’s because I used vinegar + salt to clean the copper pipes previously, but it helped me very little. After a quick research session, I rubbed a slice of lime against it and the rose gold hue popped up almost instantly. I would recommend rubbing your copper pipes with some lemon/lime before doing this project as the cement is white and you can risk some bad stains if you choose to do it later on. I chose to let it be as it is, but if you are extra careful of your new love you can very well apply a coat or two of mod podge to protect the surface. You can anyhow clean it with a damp cloth and that should work  just fine.


DIY Copper Pipe Breakfast Tray Stand

    • Thank you Bri! It’s manageable, the trick is to slide it out of your thighs instead of picking it up when you don’t want to use it. Hope that helps:)

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