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14 Fun Fringe Art DIY Projects To Explore!

For extra pizzazz, trending style and a bit of vintage flair, why not incorporate some fringe into your next crafting weekend? Take your artwork to an entirely different level with some fun, flowing pieces that will surprise not only your walls but all those in view. Take a peek at these 14 fringe art DIY projects to explore and get creative with!

1. Yarn Banner

Yarn Banner DIY

Check out these fringe banners made from yarn by the Creative Bug. Learn how to make these beauties and dress up your apartment, dorm room or create some for your next big celebration – whether it’s a birthday party or wedding!

2. Simple Hanging

Fringe Wall Hanging

Homedit shows us how to make the most charming and simplistic fringe wall hanging. But even though it’s quite easy to make, with minimal materials, it still packs a punch in style for any nook or cranny around the house!

3. Dip-Dyed

DIp Dye Fridge

Over at Brit + Co you’ll find these gorgeous dip-dyed fringe pieces that you can DIY right at home. They’ll walk you through the steps, so show us your finished projects!

4. Summertime

Summer Fringe Wall Art DIY

Live Craft Love uses silky soft yarn to create this gorgeous summertime piece. Use something similar to dress your covered porch or breakfast nook. And accent it with fresh florals all year long going with the seasons.

5. Woven Statement

Statement Piece fringe diy

If you decide you want to learn how to weave when creating your fringe art, then look no further than A Beautiful Mess and use their large, statement piece as inspiration for your living room revamp or bedroom makeover!

6. Mini Tassels

mini tassel garland diy

LaLa Lovely teaches us that fringe can easily come in the form of tassels too. As is the case with this adorable mini tassel garland perfect for accenting nurseries, home offices or showers you may be hosting inside your home!

7. Chandelier


Fringe can even make a chandelier look a bit more celebratory and funky. Check out Home Confetti for the how-to on making this shining beauty come to life inside your home or party plans.

8. Monogram

The Sweetest Occasion- DIY Entertaining

The Sweetest Occasion turns a monogram into a giant piece of fringe art. For a party or a youthful piece of home decor, this idea is full of life and personality!

9. Macrame


Over at a A Pair and A Spare you’ll learn how to create your very home, bohemian-inspired piece of macrame for your walls! We love these looks blended with more contemporary styles.

10. Wedding Blanket


Here’s an absolute gorgeous piece of fringe art – also known as a Moroccan wedding blanket – found at For My Love Of. The extra bit of sparkle gives it a feminine edge and a more modern essence, don’t you think?

11. Quilted


Camelot Fabrics shows us all how to make a quilted wall hanging piece – with fringe! That bit of extra pizzazz adds a youthfulness and funky spirit that can help to transform any nook or cranny in the house.

12. Tissue Paper Sweeping

Tassel-Garland Tissues

To make this large tassel garland found on Camille Styles you’ll need to learn how to create the fringe with tissue paper! Again, this is a great idea for celebrations that you need some trendy decor for or to add funky texture to your own walls at home.

13. Kool-Aid


To aid in your dying of your fringe, who would think to use some Kool-Aid? One Sheepish Girl did and her finished project is full of easy color and personality!

14. Ombre Tassels

ombre wall tassels diy

PB Teen offers up a great how-to on creating these gorgeous, ombre dyed tassels that make for a beautiful addition to your walls. Just think of all the colors you could do this design with, although we’re in love with this hot pink beauty!

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