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22 Bath and Shower Bombs That Will Make Everyday A Spa Day!

You don’t have to plan a girls’ trip to the spa to get a bit of pampering and luxury. Instead, you can turn your own home into one of relaxation and fun for yourself without spending an arm and a leg. And it can all start this evening with one of these 22 bath and show bombs that are easily made right in the kitchen!

1. Uplifting Shower Bombs

DIY Shower Bombs

PopSugar gives us the scoop on making some simple and uplifting shower bombs. Start your day off on a good note every morning with one of these!

2. Citrus + Lavender Bath Bombs

DIY Citrus & Lavender Bath Fizzies

Evermine mades some easy homemade bath fizzles too with the combination of citrus and lavender aroma. This is certainly a treat when it comes time for an evening soak!

3. Peppermint Shower Bombs


If you want some minty aromas swirling around during shower time then check out Pink When and get the recipe for creating these peppermint shower bombs!

4. Grapefruit Bath Bombs


Happiness is Homemade critic acid and baking soda lead the foundation of these grapefruit bath bombs. Drop one in the tub for the ultimate relaxation this evening.

5. Sinus Shower Bombs

DIy Sinus Shower Bombs

Love & Marriage gives us a wonderful DIY for when you’re not feeling so hot and need to break on some congestion. Say goodbye to stuffy noses with this sinus shower bomb!

6. Lemon Bath Bombs


If you’re a fan of lemon, you’ll want to stop by A Pumpkin And A Princess to find out how to make these bath bombs! They’ll be great in the summertime when you’re inspired by fruit and flowers.

7. Vicks Shower Bombs

Vicks Shower Bombs DIY

Taking Time For Mommy also makes a shower bombs that will help in times of rough colds that need a push. Feel better by dropping one of these in a warm shower.

8. Rose + Milk Bath Bombs


Nourish your skin and feel like you’ve walked into the most magical garden with this rose and milk bath bomb from A Pumpkin And A Princess. These would be perfect DIY gifts as well!

9. Essential Oil Shower Bombs


Who is a fan of Young Living essential oils? Well, put them to even better use in this recipe from Amanda Brunngraeber and make some shower bombs!

10. Lavender Bath Bombs


She Knows makes some beautiful and simple bath bombs with lavender being its main source of luxury. Check it out after the jump!

11. Blended Shower Bombs

Shower Bombs DIY

Aimlessly Elegant shows us how to make several different kinds of aromatherapy blended shower bombs that will help with anything from relaxation to clearing your sinuses.

12. Candy Cane Bath Bombs

DIY Candy Cane Bath Bombs

These candy cane bath bombs are perfect all year round but especially throughout the holidays and great as gifts for family and friends. A Mom’s Take has all the details.

13. Jelly Shower Bombs

pink bath jellies

Elle Sees made these adorable jelly bombs that will be so much fun to make at home! Use them as shower gel and have the kids get involved in this one too!

14. Colorful Bath Bombs

DIY Colorful Bath Bombs

Idlewife shows us how to make simple bath bombs but with some color too! You’ll be able to personalize this really easy and make batches for friends.

15. De-Stress Shower Bombs

DIY De Stress Shower Tablets

Learn how to de-stress a little and relax with this DIY from Hello Glow. This one uses lavender and chamomile blossoms but you can learn some other combinations that may fit your fancy a bit better.

16. Cupcake + Hearts Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

If you’d like to make ones with a fun shape, cupcake and hearts are right here! Wayfair shows us how very easy it is to make these right at home.

17. Green Tea Bath Bombs


Bloomi shows us how to made some green tea bath bombs that have all the benefits of Epsom salt. You’ll be using Matcha to make this happen so hop on over and check it out!

18. Oatmeal Bath Bombs


My Frugal Adventures made some soothing oatmeal bath bombs that will nourish your skin and make your evening soaking even more enjoyable and luxurious.

19. Eucalyptus Oil Shower Bombs


Check out This Roller Coaster Called Life to learn how to make some shower melts filled with relaxing and focusing eucalyptus oils! It’s a great stress-reliever!

20. White Tea + Coconut Oil Bath Bombs


Check out these beautiful white tea and coconut oil bath bombs from Bakingdom. We’re loving the colors and shapes of these cuties just as much as the recipe!

21. Midas Touch Bath Bombs


Soap Queen made these golden “Midas Touch” bath bombs and we’re swooning over them. We won’t divulge all the details but we will say that champagne fragrances are included!

22. Pink Hearts + Silver Sparkles


The Gunny Sack made these adorable pink heart bath bombs that can be easily used as gifts or even party favors. Check out the details after the jump.

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