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50 Fireplace Makeovers For The Changing Seasons and Holidays

Winter, spring, summer or fall, there are so many ways to revamp and redo the mantles. And with these 50 fireplace makeovers you’ll learn how to design and decorate for all of the changing seasons and holidays throughout the year. Dive in and peek at some of our favorite finished products!

1. Mosaic Tiles

Diy mosaic tile fireplace

Remodelaholic shows us how to makeover a simpler fireplace with some mosaic tile. It doubles as decor too so your mantle can stand on its own.

2. Wooden Panels

Fireplace makeover after wooden panel

If you visit Remodelaholic again, you’ll learn how to install these wooden panels. They also can stand on their own without too much fuss.

3. Spanish Gold

Spanish gilded fireplace decor

Sometimes all you need are the right decor pieces to pull off rooms that can last all year long. Give your fireplace a makeover with some inspiration from House Beautiful – a golden mirror can jazz things up quite nicely.

4. Window Screens

Window screens fireplace decor ideas

A pair of window screens like the ones you see here from Country Living will round our your rustic home with ease and comfort. Go to a flea market and rummage a bit to see what you can find.

5. Special Quotes

Simple quote over fireplace decor idea

Whether it’s Laura Ingles Wilder or F. Scott Fitzgerald, a beautiful, big-printed quote could liven up the fireplace and your living room. And it lasts all year long, of course. (via)

6. Trellis Tile

Our living room fireplace mantel decorated for spring

Driven by Decor has one of my favorite fireplace makeovers around. Those trellis tiles really give this focal point a nice, unique pop of style!

7. Large Watercolor

Watercolor print fireplace mantle decor idea

Pick something that inspires you. Sometimes the addition of something simple and grandiose, like a large watercolor canvas can really make a difference – like this design from Unskinny Bop.

8. Yellow Brick

Yellow and white fireplace design

A little paint in unsuspecting areas could makeover your fireplace in an instant. From the inside out, just look at this white and mustard combination from Studio McGee.

9. Painted Black

Painted brick black fireplace design

Black may not be your first thought when it comes to a fireplace makeover but look at this beauty! Rhiannon’s Interiors gave us so much unique inspiration with this one.

10. Fun Prints

Black and white printed fireplace decor design

Yes, you can even add fun prints to your fireplace design. Apartment Therapy has all the details behind this stunning decor idea.

11. Just Marble

Marble fireplace design idea

House Beautiful showed off this chic and sleek marble fireplace and we’re swooning. Marble will flow throughout all the seasons and stand alone without too much fluff.

12. TV Focus

Fireplace makeover with tv

An easy way to consolidate and make your fireplace the focus without clutter is to make it the “TV stand” as well. It’s stylish without worrying too much about decor or changes. (via)

Wood Mantle

Installing a wood mantel on a stone wall 811

Remodelaholic gave us this snazzy makeover as well. Installing a ledge will help with your decor purposes and it’s such an easy way to make it all look new!

13. Family Initial

Family initial fireplace decor idea

Country Living provided us with some initial inspiration. The family name can be displayed proudly without fuss and look great within any style home.

14. Dynamic Depth

Dynamic and edgy fireplace design

You can think outside-the-box. For a non-working fireplace or one where you don’t ever plan on lighting it up, stuff it with books, lean an extra-large piece of art atop and you’ve got an edgy design to love all the time. (via)

15. Colorful Pops

Unique and colorful fireplace design

Another idea for unused or nonworking fireplaces comes from The Art of Doing Stuff. Grab some firewood, stuff the hearth and use paint to add some pops of color!

16. Chicly Polished

Chic fireplace makeover diy

If you want to see a beautiful before and after you’ll want to follow along over at Swing N Cocoa. Take a look at how this chicly polished fireplace started out.

17. Vibrant Pattern

Tile fireplace design makeover

This is another makeover that made us scream, “Wow!” Veneer Designs shows us how this space went from drab to ultra fashion-forward and unique.

18. Antique Crest

Antique crest fireplace mantle design

To top off a traditionally styled room with a bit of grandiosity, think about fixating an antique crest you love above the mantle. This is an easy, DIY makeover and one that will stick. Thanks for the idea HGTV!

19. Chalkboard Changing

Seasonal chalkboard fireplace decor idea

If you want something easily transitional throughout the year, add a chalkboard! HGTV shows off how to makeover your mantle and personalize it once the seasons change.

20. Sheet Music

Sheet music fireplace wall decor idea

If you visit Country Living again, you’ll become inspired by this sheet music collage. Find some at a flea market or estate sale and get to work getting creative!

21. Art Deco

Art decor fireplace makeover idea

Take your fireplace from simple to art decor-inspired with this layered frame. This is a great design to pocket for your next renovation. (via)

22. Herringbone Work

Herringbone pattern fireplace makeover

The herringbone accent behind this fireplace is stunning. Decorology just gave us our next home makeover idea that pumps up the most warm and welcoming space in the house.

23. Gray Stone

Gray stone fireplace makeover idea

Framing the fireplace in gray stone could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Add a touch of romance with this inspiration from Everything LEB.

24. Rock Tumble

Stone fireplace design idea

Why not have your rocks and stones pouring right into your fireplace design. Nifty Homestead inspired us to redo our own fireplaces with this one.

25. Calming Art

Calming artwork fireplace decor idea

Sometimes the right piece of art can go a long, long time. Country Living showed off this easy, breezy space and how this artwork compliments this fireplace so nicely.

26. Layered Delicates

Delicate frames on mantle fireplace design idea

Layering delicate, framed prints on your fireplace like Park & Oak is another great way to makeover the space without getting your hands too dirty. It’s subtle and it works for modern homes.

27. Faux Tile

Stenciled faux tile fireplace

Check out this stenciled faux tile fireplace from Infarrantly Creative! Follow along and learn how to create this nifty pattern in your own home.

28. Varying Blues

Blue tile design for fireplace makeover

This fun tile design from This Old House would be a great bit of inspiration to grab from. Don’t be afraid to add bits of color to your makeover.

29. Blonde Boards

Blonde wood fireplace makeover

Adding some blonde wood to your reclaimed design could be fun! Contrast your pieces and take a peek at this makeover at Hometalk.

30. Three Elements

Three materials fireplace makeover idea

Stone, wood and brick come together in this fireplace design quite nicely. There’s an old age spirit here we’ve fallen in love with. (via)

31. Rose Screen

Fireplace screen idea

Here‘s another super simple idea that will give your fireplace area a quick lift but without a total renovation. Add a rose gold screen for a pop of femininity.

32. Seating Area

Fireplace seating area makeover idea

Especially if you don’t really ever light your fireplace, use it as a backdrop to your seating area. Just a move of the furniture could be the makeover you’re looking for. (via)

33. Shiplap Wall

Diy shiplap fireplace wall

Here’s a great tutorial for a fireplace shiplap wall over at Sweet Threads Design Co. Follow the link and dive into the directions!

34. The Starburst

Starburst fireplace decor makeover idea

We’re big fans of starbursts around the house. It’s exciting, it’s chic and it uplifts absolutely any corner of the home. Thanks Foxy Oxie!

35. Wood Mosaic

Mosaic wood fireplace redo

You don’t have to tile a mosaic. You can use reclaimed wood too! Check it out at Shannon Berrey.

36. A Chandelier

Victorian living room

Sometimes a chandelier can do the trick too. Houzz gave us some feminine and charming inspiration with this easy hang up.

37. Italian Accents

Italian accent fireplace makeover

Houzz gave us this style inspiration too. Take your plain fireplace and turn it into something with a bit of Italian spirit.

38. Gray Brick

Ideas to update an old brick fireplace with paint

Kylie Interiors has some great ideas for making over your fireplace. Of course, taking paint to your brick can always do the trick. We’re loving this gray!

39. Chocolate Solid

Ideas to update a fireplace with stone and painted mantel walls benjamin moore northampton putty kylie m interiors e decor 683x1024

Check out Kylie Interiors one more time for this great idea. Choose a paint color, like chocolate, and paint the mantle a brand new shade!

40. Airstone

Fireplace mantel makeover

In My Own Style shows off how to make a beautiful airstone fireplace for your home. It’s the ultimate, DIY makeover!

41. Iron Gate

Mantel salvage gate lanterns fall s3x4 jpg rend hgtvcom 966 1288

Salvaged items can be the best accents to your home, especially when you want stable pieces to stick. An iron gate adds breath and interest to the fireplace. (via)

42. Some Antlers

Antlers above the fireplace

Thanks to Pinterest, we stumbled upon this modern beauty. Some antlers hanging above the fireplace can transform your space into something new too.

43. Lit Candles

Candles inside fireplace design idea

For an unused or nonworking fireplace, add some candles for light! It instantly cleans the slates and adds some romance. (via)

44. Inside Out


Apartment Therapy showed us that painting just the inside can truly go along way. It’s a quick and easy fireplace makeover idea for brick. And we love it.

45. Think Contrast

Black and white marble fireplace makeover

When making over the space, sometimes it’s just about thinking about color. Black paneled walls behind your white, marbled fireplace is the perfect compliment and a timeless way to style. (via)

46. Tell Time

Clock decor fireplace design idea

Of course, adding a clock is a great way to makeover a drab space that needs a quick lift. And that includes above the mantle! (via)

47. Traditional Frames

Frames above the mantle fireplace makeover

We spotted this polished, traditional look over at HGTV. For a swift fireplace makeover, grab some frames and hang them over the mantle asymmetrically.

48. Vintage Greens

Vintage greens fireplace design

Over at Country Living you’ll see how to constantly add a bit of seasonal greens to your mantle. Keep everything the same and swap them out as the year progresses.

49. Marble Tile

Fireplace marble redo

Another great way to makeover your fireplace – especially for one that’s a bit on the boring side – would be to add some tile. Check this one out at Young House Love.

50. Built-In Bookshelves

Living room remodel adding a fireplace and built in bookshelves 2 600x400

Finally, if you visit Remodelaholic just one more time, you’ll see this great makeover that involved bookshelves. Built-in shelving is the best kind, especially when framing the hearth of the home.

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