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19 DIY Charging Stations To Power Up Your Life

For most of us, we need more than one outlet to get the job done at night. From our phones to our power banks, we need a space that we can plug into for the evening and be refreshed come morning. These 19 DIY charging stations are easy to make and will help power up your life with ease and organization.

1. In A Book

Diy charging station

Caught on a Whim took a book to disguise when you need to charge the good. Cut, slide, plug, close and voila! you’ve got a fully charged phone that’s become a part of the décor.

2. Vintage Suitcase

Diy charging station suitcase

We’re really loving the innovation behind this fun idea. Design Sponge took a vintage suitcase and turned it into a charging station any corner of the house would love.

3. Mounted Cabinet

Diy charging mounted cabinets

Instructables teaches us how to mount our charging station and get it off the countertops. Follow the link and have a peek at the details.

4. Wooden Tray

Charging station tray diy

Sometimes a wooden tray is all you need. Style it as you’d like and then visit I Heart Organizing for more inspiration.

5. Tucked Away

Diy tucked away charging station

Or you can tuck it away nicely out of sight. With a simple box and a nook to hold it, you can charge your devices without clutter. (via)

6. Kitchen Corner

Charging station diy

Lil Luna took a corner of the kitchen and turned it into a recharge station. A box and some paint is all you need to make it happen.

7. Picture Frame

Diy tablet phone holder and charging station 2 1000x1000

DIY Mommy took a picture frame and figured out that it makes the post perfect tablet holder. Grab all the details on this one after the jump!

8. Hung Up

Diy wall mounted charging station

Lemon Thistle found something cute out and about on a shopping adventure and got a good idea! Sometimes all you need is the right kind of inspiration.

9. Fabric Pouch

Diy fabric pouch charging station

With this tutorial from Positively Splendid, you’ll learn how to turn some fabric bits into a charging station that hooks right on the door. Follow the link!

10. Family Style

Driven by decor hack an office organizer to create a super convenient family charging station

You see these kinds of boxes all around at stores. Now you know, thanks to Driven by Décor, what you can easily turn them into.

11. Secret Cabinet

Diy charging stations technology cabinet 530x800

A Bowl Full of Lemons shows off a secret cabinet in the mud room that can house your devices and get them charge and ready for the next day. Take a peek after the jump!

12. Shoebox

Diy charging station

Her Campus took a shoebox and turned it into exactly what you’ve been hoping to find. It’ll help with all those cord knots and clutter!

13. Letter Tray

Diy ipad charging station

Thanks to all the inspiration Pinterest carries, we happen to find this great idea. A letter tray can become the most perfect tablet charging station around!

14. Cord Labels

Washi tape cord labels

Okay so this isn’t exactly a charging station but it definitely deserved a spot on the list in regards to organization. The Chic Site turned washi tape into cord labels – perfect addition to any power up area!

15. In A Drawer

Diy charging station drawer

Attic Mag shows us how to turn a drawer into the right kind of charging station. This is the ultimate clutter-free idea when it comes to keeping all of your devices ready to go.

16. Mag Rack

Diy magazine rack charging station

Similar to a letter tray, a magazine rack can become your best friend. Slide in tablets and laptops alike for a safe place to charge up. (via)

17. Decorative Boxes

Diy decor box charging station

The Bajan Texan used a set of decorative boxes to get the job done. They’re easy to find and super easy to convert.

18. Hanging Basket

Diy charging station using ikea s fintorp system how to organizing repurposing upcycling

Home Talk turn an Ikea find into the right kind of charging station too. It’s so innovative and trendy!

19. Bread Box

Bread box charging station

And finally, the breadbox in the kitchen could be exactly what you need. It blends, it holds everything and hides the clutter. (via)

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