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14 Pieces Of Rustic Decor To Inspire Your Farmhouse Homes

We all know that a bit of down-home spirits brought into the home are not only the trendy choice to make but they’re some of the coziest. Textured woods, mixing metals, and neutral tones, you can DIY these items or you can find them throughout your shopping adventures. Either way, it’s a fun feat to explore. And, you can grab a variety of inspiration by perusing your Pinterest boards and favorite blogs. Of course, in the meantime, we’ve found some gorgeous pieces of rustic decor to inspire your farmhouse homes. Take a peek at our favorite additions!

1. Fireplace Mantle Supports

Fireplace mantle supports

These fireplace mantle supports are sold individually and add just the right amount of function to your fireplace space. It comes in a variety of dimensions to suit your home’s personal needs and you can choose between a raw metal finish or a coated black finish.

2. Beam Light Fixtures

Farmhouse beam lights

Check out these gorgeous rustic, farmhouse style beam light fixtures. This is a great way to transform your space in an unsuspecting way. It would do well in a home office, over a kitchen island, or even in a breakfast nook. This particular piece is made with dark, walnut wood and up to six lights with wire cages.

3. Floating Barn Wood Shelves

Farmhouse beam lights

Rustic style always includes wood, it’s a major figure of the interior design genre. And if you’re looking for ways to bring that texture inside without overwhelming your house with chunky furniture or aging it, then do so in surprising, subtle, and functional ways. These lfloating barn wood shelves will do just that.

4. Reclaimed Barn Wood Bench

Reclaimed barn wood bench

Adding a reclaimed barn wood bench to the kitchen or dining room table. Of course, you could maybe include it inside the foyer or the mudroom instead. Something this simple can make such a splash of a difference. And we love this kind of addition to a front porch with a batch of fresh, seasonal florals.

5. Vintage Wooden Stool

Rustic wooden stool

A sweet way to add a rustic touch to the bedroom or the living room would be to add a vintage wooden stool into the mix. Use it as a stool, of course or create a side table out of its design. We love the unique innovation involved in the mere styling of something so simple.

6. Framed Mirror

Rustic framed mirror

We’re advocates for strategically placing mirrors. It’s a wonderful, DIY way to create the illusion of more space and length inside your home – and to cheer up bare corners. And there’s a way to do that while sticking to your rustic, farmhouse vision. For example, with this framed mirror made of dark walnut wood.

7. Toilet Paper Holder

Rustic toilet paper holder

Yes, even your toilet paper holder can have a bit of a rustic twist. And what’s so innovative and fun about this design is the built-in shelf for all those who like to bring their phone in to do their business. Steel pipe and pine wood came together to create this functional piece!

8. Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table

Reclaimed wood dining table

If you’re trying to find some bigger pieces for your home, we’ve already found you the perfect one. And it’s in the form of this reclaimed wood dining room table. Don’t forget to peek at the beautiful steel X frame providing the right amount of interest and mixed material feel.

9. Large Floating Desk

Rustic floating desk

Use this as a floating desk or a larger, floating shelf. Either way, it saves space while providing you the function you need and the style you want. This particular handmade, original design is finished with an espresso stain and black hardware.

10. Ladder Chandelier with Edison Bulbs

Ladder chandelier

This piece brings in rustic style but combines it with art and originality. Why not install a ladder chandelier inside your home? It’ll top off your farmhouse dining room with ease (and Edison bulbs).

11. Handmade Coffee Table

Handmade rustic coffee table

This can be transformed into a coffee table or a sofa table – whatever your home is in need of! We love how this piece has a modern finish so it would also fit nicely into a space that wants that natural texture but with a polished veneer. And it doesn’t hurt that there’s some storage options available.

12. Fireplace Mantle with Corbels

Fireplace mantle with corbels

Sometimes it really is all in the details. This fireplace mantle with corbels antique washers is just that. Those washer bring a bout of rustic charm and personality that other wood fixtures just wouldn’t. It creates a story to your addition.

13. Live Edge Wooden Table

Live edge wooden table

We love live edge wooden tables because of their uniqueness. You’ll never find two that are the same and they can hold their own in nearly any kind of space. Use them as dining room tables for a chic, natural way to add Mother Nature’s presence to the house.

14. Wooden Mason Jar Centerpiece

Wooden mason jar centerpiece

If you’re looking for some smaller pieces of decor, think about simpler ideas. This wooden centerpiece fits a mason jar perfectly and turned traditional vases into a more rustic quality. And it’s so affordable – or easy to DIY at home.

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