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15 Fantastic Cow Themed DIY Projects

When it comes to crafting with our kids, we love finding projects that are centred around whatever they’ve mostly recently learned about or developed an interest in or attachment to. We find that this makes it easier to get them enthusiastic about making things together and it also keeps their interest longer while we’re at it. That’s why, as weird as it sounds, we’ve actually been on the hunt lately for cow themed projects! We’ll fully admit, however, that we’ve found more than a few ideas within our search that actually appeal to us as well, even though we’re not necessarily overly interested in cows beyond how much our kids have loved them ever since we took them to a petting zoo at the local farm. What’s better than discovering new crafts for the whole family in one big search?

Just in case you’re as interested as we were in creating a few funny new cow themed projects, here are 15 of the best tutorials, ideas, and designs that our search unveiled!

1. Paper plate heart cow

Paper plate heart cow

Whenever we craft with our kids, we really get a kick out of how excited they get when we show them how to make something using fun shapes that might not actually be there in real life. That’s why, even when it’s not Valentine’s Day, our kids have always adored the concept of embellishing crafted animals, like puppy dogs, kitty cats, and especially cows, with heart shaped cut outs rather than just regularly shaped features! This tutorial from Crafty Morning was a big hit in our house for precisely that reason (and we loved it because it let us upcycle some old paper plates that we weren’t using).

2. Paper plate cow masks

Paper plate cow masks

Did we really catch your attention with the cute paper plate cow idea above but you also know that the most popular crafts in your home, every single time, are the ones that your kids can wear or use to play dress-up? In that case, here’s a variation on the same idea that we think your little ones will like even more! Check out how Six Clever Sisters made paper plate cows in a similar fashion but cut eye holes and mounted them on sticks to transform them into masks.

3. Cow ears headband

Cow ears headband

Are we onto something when we talk about DIY dress-up options but your kids have never really liked having their faces covered? Maybe you’d just rather help them make a cow themed accessory that will let them be hands free so they can play without being hampered by having to hold something up the whole time. In that case, we’d definitely  suggest taking a look at how Kansas Living Magazine made this adorable cow hat that looks like ears!

4. DIY farmhouse pillow

Diy farmhouse pillow

Now that we’ve got you in the (rather specific and slightly random) spirit of cow inspired DIY projects, are you feeling like you might want to make something along that same vein for yourself, or at least for your home? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Country Chic Cottage made this adorable homemade sketched cow throw pillow! We think this project is absolutely perfect for a cottage or a farmhouse.

5. Milk jug cow craft

Milk jug cow craft

Perhaps you’ve been talking about cows so much with your kids because you’ve been trying to teach them where their food comes from, besides just the grocery store? Well, turning their favourite foods and drinks into crafts might not be the most obvious thing at first, but we promise that it’s actually a lot of fun. That’s why we recently made this hilarious little milk jug cow project featured on The DIY Lighthouse with our kids! Now there’s a small illustrated cow face sitting in our fridge until that particular jug is empty, as which time we have a feeling they’ll make us help them transform another jug as well, just so they can keep laughing at how there’s a cow waiting for them each time they open the fridge door.

6. Cow toilet paper roll kids’ craft

Cow toilet paper roll kids' craft

Honestly, empty toilet paper roll crafts are such a huge hit in our house that we could probably write an entire post just on methods of transforming the rolls into all kinds of things different funny characters and useful things! There’s just something about them that keeps our kids interested every single time, which is great since they’re so affordable to make and gather supplies for. It’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we absolutely did make sure to find a tutorial that would help turn an empty toilet paper roll into a cow. Get more details about how it’s done on Crafty Morning!

7. DIY no-sew cow costume

Diy no sew cow costume

Are your kids actually currently so obsessed with cows that they’re completely intent on dressing up like little cows themselves, but you have a feeling they’d rather go all out and wear something that’s a little more than just a paper hat or paper plate mask? Well, that might sound like a pretty big undertaking if you’re not that confident in your sewing skills, but we’ve actually found a great no-sew tutorial that will make it a lot easier for you! Get the full details for making this cute shirt, bowtie, and ears hairband costume set on Lynnae McCoy. We think you might be pleasantly surprised by how simple it actually is.

8. DIY graphic cow print sweater

Diy graphic cowprint sweater

Are you the kind of silly parent who loves dressing up with your kids and enjoys making matching things so you can play or wear them out to fun parties and events together? Perhaps you actually just think cow print is a rad visual and you enjoy wearing bold homemade garments regardless of where you’re going. Either way, here’s a slightly more stylish adult version of the cow print sweater we showed you above! See how it’s made in more detail on Why Buy It, DIY It.

9. Faux cowhide rug

Faux cowhide rug

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about cow print home decor pieces because you’ve always loved black and white together? Perhaps you actually live in the country and you’ve worked hard at building a farmhouse-like aesthetic in your home but you could use a few more ideas for a big finishing piece that will really make a statement? Then we’d like to pitch you this awesome faux cow hide rug for your consideration! Check out how it was done on The DIY Mommy.

10. DIY cow print art

Diy cow print art

Were you a huge fan of the cow print throw pillow that we showed you higher up on our list but you’re just not sure that you need yet another throw pillow? Maybe you just have some spare space on your walls that you’re looking to fill and you love the way that something as grounded and down-home as a print of a cow makes your home feel, especially if you made it yourself? In either case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Shanty 2 Chic made this little assortment of photo transferred cow canvases!

11. Cow print vanity set

Cow print vanity set

If you’re going to make yourself a piece of cow print decor, would you rather do something that actually uses the DIY skills that you’re the most confident in, like painting? Heck, cow print is actually so easy to paint that we’re confident you could manage this project even if you’re honestly not all that confident in your skills. Check out Kansas Living Magazine to see how this cute little cow print vanity storage set was made from all surface paint and some emptied and cleaned glass jars.

12. Barn yard cow print party bags

Barn yard cow print party bags

We started this post by telling you all about how your kids have been completely obsessed with cow print lately, so now we’ll tell you all about the project that showed us just how much they really do love cow print right now; it was these simple party bags featured on Katarina’s Paperie! They happened to see this idea right before our youngest child’s birthday and you can bet we all sat down to make cow print goodie bags right away in anticipation of the party. It was a simple, quick craft that the kids could do all by themselves and they were very proud as they handed their finished product to guests!

13. Glitter cow print wine glasses

Glitter cow print wine glasses

Have you actually been scrolling through our list looking for a project idea that actually has a little more glitz and glam to it because, even though you’re an absolute country girl, you still enjoy a little more sparkle than the average person, particularly on a girls’ night out? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to give these hilarious glitter cow print custom wine glasses a try! Get the full details for making them happen on Abby Avery.

14. Two tiered cow birthday cake

Two tiered cow birthday cake

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the cow and farm animal themed birthday party that we threw for our youngest child but you’re the kind of parent that prefers getting creative in the kitchen rather than at the crafting table? Then here’s an awesome alternative (or maybe addition) to your own funny cow print party night! Check out how Caroline Makes created an adorable cake by hand using fondant and a delicious family recipe.

15. DIY butcher chart wall print

Diy butcher chart wall print

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making cow themed wall art but you’ve made quite a number of canvas projects recently and you’re just not sure you want to repeat the process? Then here’s an alternative design for you! This tutorial featured on Loving Here guides you step by step through the process of creating a cow’s silhouette with stencilled letters inside detailing the different meat cuts as you’d find in an old fashioned butcher shop.

Have you made other kinds of cow print DIY projects and crafts that you were very happy with but that you don’t see here? Tell us all about how you made it or link us to photos of your finished product in the comments section!

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