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15 Fantastic Cow Themed DIY Projects

When it comes to crafting with our kids, we love finding projects that are centred around whatever they’ve mostly recently learned about or developed an interest in or attachment to. We find that this makes it easier to get them enthusiastic about making things together and it also keeps their interest longer while we’re at it. That’s why, as weird as it sounds, we’ve actually been on the hunt lately for cow themed projects! We’ll fully admit, however, that we’ve found more than a few ideas within our search that actually appeal to us as well, even though we’re not necessarily overly interested in cows beyond how much our kids have loved them ever since we took them to a petting zoo at the local farm. What’s better than discovering new crafts for the whole family in one big search?

Just in case you’re as interested as we were in creating a few funny new cow themed projects, here are 15 of the best tutorials, ideas, and designs that our search unveiled!

1. Paper plate heart cow

Paper plate heart cow

Whenever we craft with our kids, we really get a kick out of how excited they get when we show them how to make something using fun shapes that might not actually be there in real life. That’s why, even when it’s not Valentine’s Day, our kids have always adored the concept of embellishing crafted animals, like puppy dogs, kitty cats, and especially cows, with heart shaped cut outs rather than just regularly shaped features! This tutorial from Crafty Morning was a big hit in our house for precisely that reason (and we loved it because it let us upcycle some old paper plates that we weren’t using).

2. Paper plate cow masks

Paper plate cow masks

Did we really catch your attention with the cute paper plate cow idea above but you also know that the most popular crafts in your home, every single time, are the ones that your kids can wear or use to play dress-up? In that case, here’s a variation on the same idea that we think your little ones will like even more! Check out how Six Clever Sisters made paper plate cows in a similar fashion but cut eye holes and mounted them on sticks to transform them into masks.

3. Cow ears headband

Cow ears headband

Are we onto something when we talk about DIY dress-up options but your kids have never really liked having their faces covered? Maybe you’d just rather help them make a cow themed accessory that will let them be hands free so they can play without being hampered by having to hold something up the whole time. In that case, we’d definitely  suggest taking a look at how Kansas Living Magazine made this adorable cow hat that looks like ears!

4. DIY farmhouse pillow

Diy farmhouse pillow

Now that we’ve got you in the (rather specific and slightly random) spirit of cow inspired DIY projects, are you feeling like you might want to make something along that same vein for yourself, or at least for your home? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Country Chic Cottage made this adorable homemade sketched cow throw pillow! We think this project is absolutely perfect for a cottage or a farmhouse.