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15 DIY Fairy Gardens To Create This Spring

Grab the kiddos and head out to the back porch for some magic making. It’s the perfect time of the year to do a little gardening, especially with some extra bouts of fantasy involved. Below you’ll find 15 DIY fairy gardens to create this spring – alongside the little ones of the house!

1. Cactus

Diy cactus fairy garden 2

The Pretty Life Girls went with a fairy garden we’ve never seen before. It’s got Malibu style and an infusion of extra trendy cacti to revel in. We love how stylish and modern this look is!

2. Beach

Diy beach fairy garden 2

Check out this little beach escape for your fairies. The kiddos will love creating this one for their magical, tiny friends. Visit Joann for more inspiration and know-how behind this design.

3. Potted

Diy potted fairy garden 2

Neat and Cozy Home Ideas went with a larger, potted fairy garden vision. This can easily become a big family project and everyone’s idea can be included. There are so many different ways to personalize these creations.

4. Terrarium

Miniature terrarium fairy garden diy 2

You can also make a terrarium fairy garden with all the essentials. From succulents to flowers, from sand to moss, use a giant fishbowl to make the trendiest of magical places around. Use Fern Valley as inspiration!

5. Pop-Up

Diy fairy garden with motor home

Check out these fairies little popup trailer in this Miniature Gardening design. We think the kiddos will get a kick out of setting the table for a mushroom lunch or create a tiny little walkway out of small, white stones. All of the pieces can be turned into paint projects for the family as well.

6. Indoor

Diy indoor fairy garden 2

Remember, not all of your fairy gardens need to be made for the outdoors. Instead, you can set them up and enjoy them inside. Check out Unskinny Boppy for all the details.

7. Drawer

Diy fairy garden in a drawer 2

We’re loving this rustic fairy garden from Midwest Living. Founded in an older, wooden drawer (a great idea for us all to take under our wings), is a fairy garden that can be added to or switched around to change with the seasons.

8. Birdbath

Diy mini fairy garden with birdbath 2

We’re absolutely swooning for this setup we found over at Crafts by Amanda. Our eyes were immediately drawn to the pop of florals and the miniature birdbath. All fairies need some birds to accompany them on their journeys, right?

9. Seaside

Diy beach fairy garden tutorial 1

Here’s a nice, seaside view for the fairies as well. We’re especially in love with the glitter waters and the mini seashell accents. For more ideas in this realm, hop on over to Shrimp Salad Circus.

10. Walkway

Fairy house fairy garden miniatures paved walkway diy

If you’re really into walkways, check out Beneath the Ferns. You can use this idea and implement it inside any of your fairy garden adventures. You could even add a pop of color or two in your own design.

11. Basket

Diy basket fairy garden 2

Echoes of Laughter built their fairy garden inside a basket. Great for both indoor and outdoor visions, you can upcycle any of your old baskets or flea market finds into a family project. Just be sure to water the plants (and the fairies).

12. Succulents

Diy succulent fairy garden 2

Hobby Lobby went with an all-succulent design. Again, succulents are super trendy right now so if you want something a bit outside-the-box, go with this vision. It’s textural and fun, and you can make your fairies a bit more mischievous as well.

13. For 2

Diy table for two fairy garden 2

Setting a quick table for two could be a cute design as well. If you envision buds gathering for a lemonade or maybe something more romantic, check out all the information by visiting our favorites at Beneath the Ferns.

14. Teacup

Teacup fairy garden diy 2

Creating mini fairy gardens could be a thing too. Everyone in the family could have their own teacup and design their very own scene. Check out this idea closer by visiting Life Is a Party.

15. Jars

Diy spring jars gardens 2

Sadie Seasongoods gives us our final idea which includes mason jars. It’s a great way to recycle, it’s a great way to get everyone in the family involved – each being able to create their own (portable) fairy garden!

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