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50 DIY Party Favor Ideas For All Kinds Of Events and Celebrations!

It could be a birthday party or maybe even a wedding, when there are lots go loved ones coming to celebrate it’s nice to send them off with a party gift of sorts. With these 50 DIY party favor ideas for all kinds of events, we’re certain you’ll find something in the mix to pass out at the end of the night. Sift through and grab some inspiration!

1. Glitter Marshmallows

Diy glitter marshmallows

Shrimp Salad Circus made some glittered marshmallows that could be the perfect thank you for a New Year’s party or any kind of celebratory shower! Check out the details after the jump.

2. Ombre Champagne Bottles

© 2013 | haley sheffield | www haleysheffield com

For smaller parties, like bachelorette or bridal showers, why not follow along at Pottery Barn and learn how to make these ombre beauties. Use them as centerpieces and them turn them into favors on the way out.

3. Push-Up Lotion Bar

Diy push up lotion bar

Something Turquoise whipped up some push-up lotion bars for their guests. Again, these work great at so many different kinds of events, especially if you want to pamper your loved ones!

4. Body Oil Perfume Spray

Diy body oil favors

This body oil perfume spray is easy-to-make and easy-to-love! Check out the details at Something Turquoise.

5. Small Floral Bouquets

Diy mini flower bouquets

Whether it’s a Mother’s Day brunch or a bridesmaids’ luncheon, Homey Oh My shows us how to make mini bouquets for our ladies. They’re so charming!

6. Limoncello

Diy limoncello favor

How about some limoncello to send your guests off with. Big or small, The Knot shows us how to turn these out fast.

7. Hot Sauce

Diy hot sauce wedding favors

You can even make your own hot sauce and pass it out to the party-goers! Grab the details for this one at Something Turquoise .

8. Coffee Bean Jars

Easy coffee bean jar favors diy

Coffee beans are always a safe route when it comes to party favors. There are tons of ways to go as well, including in tin! (via)

9. Fresh Fruit

Diy fresh fruit party favors 2

Intimate Weddings showed off some gorgeous, fresh fruit favors that we were inspired by. It can pay homage to the season and you can DIY some boxes or bags to blend in with the vision for your wedding, shower or any other type of celebration.

10. Seed Bombs

Wildflower seed bombs favors

Seed bombs are great too. Have your guests grow something with some help from Something Turquoise.

11. Sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar scrub for your lips diy

A Beautiful Mess whipped up some lip scrub that can serve as the perfect topping to your next event with the girls. Send them off with this new beauty staple next time they’re all together for someone’s shower or afternoon tea.

12. Homemade Extracts

Diy extract favors

Kirbie’s Cravings shows us how to make homemade extracts that could become a great favor for your loved ones. Orange, mint, lemon, vanilla and more – there are so many possibilities.

13. Herb Salt

Diy herb salt

SMP brings us a great tutorial for herbed salt. You can package it nicely and send this one off with family and friends as well.

14. Solid Perfume

Diy solid perfume

For another “pampering” styled treat for your guests, check out this idea from Intimate Weddings. Solid perfumes they can stick in there totes, they’ll think about you and the celebration every time they put it on.

15. Honey Jars

Diy honey favors

Honey jars can be a fun idea too! You can have fun with their styling and snag some help for them at Style Me Pretty.

16. Golden Nugget Photo Holders

Diy golden nugget photo holders

These golden nugget photo holders are fun and festive as well. Pass these charmers from A Charming Project out after the next birthday party of New Year’s Eve night!

17. Wine Cork Keychains

Wine cork keychains diy

Cleverly Inspired has a super easy favor idea up there sleeve! All those saved wine corks of yours just came in handy.

18. Mint Sugar Scrub

Mint sugar scrub diy favor

Love Vividly made some mint sugar scrub that could be the perfect party favor for winter weddings or bridal showers. Grab the details after the jump.

19. Late Night Donuts

Diy late night donut snack favor

We’re absolutely loving these late-night donuts from SMP. Bachelorette parties, adult sleepovers, weddings … the possibilities are endless here.

20. Personalized Rock Candy Pops

Diy rock candy favor

Something Turquoise showcased these personalized rock candy pops that could work for a variety of events as well. They’re memorable and unique too!

21. Heart Water Bottles

Diy heart water botttles

Pottery Barn showed us how to stylize some water bottles for your buds. It’s a great treat for bachelorette parties or bridesmaids’ weekends.

22. Pinecone Fire Starters

Diy pinecone fire starters

These pine cone fire starters from Evermine are another great treat for wedding guests to walk away with. Even holiday parties or other winter celebrations could use this as the favor of the evening.

23. Insta Photo Blocks

Diy instagram photo blocks

Here’s another great idea from Intimate Weddings that we’re smitten over. Take your insta photos and turn them into blocks for your guests to take away.

24. Coca-Cola

Coke bottle wedding favor diy

A bottle of classic Coca-Cola works well too. Birthday parties, showers, brunches and more, get crafty with the styling and inspired by Crafty Morning.

25. Tiny Piñatas

Miniature pinata diy

You could always learn how to whip up some mini pinatas. Guests big and small would get a kick out of these. (via)

26. Lip Balm

Diy lip balm favors

Lip balm will always work too. You just have to learn how to make it and all of its fun flavor options! (via)

27. CDs

Diy wedding favors cd covers

How about making a CD for all of your loved ones to enjoy? Personalize it and gather ideas from Ruffled.

28. Bath Bombs

Diy colored epsom salts bath bombs

Bath bombs are a great way to bring “favor” to all of your guests. The Makeup Dummy divulges all the details.

29. Teacup Candles

Vintage teacup candles diy

If your event has a lot of girlish charm and maybe even some vintage style, these candle could serve as the perfect favor. Gather some old teacups and get started. (via)

30. Pineapple Favor Bags

Pineapple favor bags diy

The House That Lars Built showcased these adorable pineapple favor bags that are the best way to send off your guests with candy or treats in the warmer-weathered months. We love its charm and personality!

31. Mini Pies

Mini pie party favors diy

Serving up some mini pies on their way out the door could be a fun way to end the celebration. Check out how to make this happen at HGTV.

32. Cactus

Cactus diy party favor

HGTV also shows us how to send off our loved ones with a cactus in tow! Check out how to make this stylish and fun after the jump.

33. Hand Warmers

Diy hand warmer favors

Sewing up some hand warmers could make for quite the unique favor. Find the tutorial over at Swoon Studio.

34. Potted Herbs

Diy with the sweetest occasion

The Sweetest Occasion teaches us how to create favors out of potted herbs. If your guest lists isn’t too long, this is a great route to take.

35. Tea Tins

Diy tea tin favors

Instead of coffee beans in a tin, go with tea! Something Turquoise shares all of the details behind these cuties.

36. Confetti Vials

Diy confetti homemade

Something as simple as confetti could make your guests super happy. At weddings, of course, but also the kiddo’s birthday parties or an engagement party for your sister  – it’s a simple and great idea! (via)

37. Monogram Sugar Cookies

Diy monogram sugar cookies

Are you great in the kitchen – or at least with the oven? Learn how to create some monogram sugar cookies with some help from Martha Stewart.

38. Rose & Mint Cocktail Mix

Rose and mint cocktail mix

Cocktail mixes could be a fun way to go as well. Just visit DIY Network for some unique recipes.

39. Small Zen Gardens

Diy wall garden favors

Ruffled has another great idea for when your guest list is on the smaller side. Get to DIYing with your buds and create some small zen gardens for everyone to thoroughly enjoy.

40. Flavored Butters

Diy flavored butter party favors

A Beautiful Mess teaches us how to literally whip up some fun flavored butters. What a great (and unique) way to say thanks to all of your guests!

41. Red Wine Lollipops

Red wine lollipops

Sprinkle Bakes made some red wine lollipops that we really, really want to try out for ourselves. Wrap these beauties up tight and send them out with a smile.

42. Stove Top Potpourri

Diy potpourri

Perfect for winter celebrations, Liz On Call gives us all the details behind these stove top potpourri baggies. We love a favor that’s actually functional!

43. Caramel Apple Kits

Caramel apple in a jar favors

The Gunny Sack created these caramel apple kits that every guest will most certainly go home and use. And that’s always a plus, for the favor to not end up in the trash – but instead – in their stomachs!

44. Bottled Quick Bread

Diy quickbread in a bottle favor

We love the idea of passing our baking mixes as well, like this delicious quickbread found at Sunset. They’re easy to create and they work!

45. Mason Jar Cocktails

Diy mason jar cocktails

If you really want to go the extra mile, check out this idea over at Something Turquoise. Send each of your guests home with a DIY cocktail.

46. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Diy chocolate chip cookie favors

Of course, some classic chocolate chip cookies will always win the night. Grab this recipe at Intimate Weddings.

47. Mini Canvas Paintings

Diy mini canvas paintings favors

One Lovely Day gets extra arts and crafty with these cuties. They’re really great for weddings or as a way for guests to get involved at a baby or bridal shower!

48. Geo Succulent Planters

Diy geo planters favors

Brit + Co showed off these adorable, geo succulent planters. We couldn’t help but think how great they be for baby shower guests to take home.

49. Glitter Wine Stoppers

Diy glitter wine stoppers

These glitter wine stoppers are both easy to make and easy to please! Check out the details and pass these babies around at a college grab party or a New Year’s event! (via)

50. Mini Disco Balls

Mini disco balls party favor diy

And finally, some mini disco balls from A Subtle Revelry are a great way to celebrate the night as well. Kids and adults alike would love these cuties.

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