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DIY Fabric Snack Cups

Have you ever had a party and wanted to use something more festive and fun than regular plastic bowls or cups for your guests?  Here’s a simple craft, that’s great for movie night, or a girls’ or kids party. Pull together your pieces of scrap fabric and try creating these fun popcorn cups a few hours before your friends come over.

Diy fabric snack cups

Fabric snack cups supplies

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Pieces of fabric
  • Plastic cups or bowl
  • Fabric Stiffener
  • Scissors
  • Large bowl
  • Damp cloth or towel
  • Optional: wax paper

This project can get really messy, so be sure to have a large workspace and a few damp cloths nearby for easy cleanup. If you don’t have scrap pieces of fabric, buy smaller pieces from your local craft store. I chose these coral, blue and gray pieces for a girls party, but you can buy themed fabric for a kids party. Make sure the fabric is thin so that the stiffener can soak all the way through it.

Fabric snack cups cut fabric

There shouldn’t be a reason to iron the fabric as the stiffener will remove any wrinkles. Start by draping your fabric over the cup to get the correct size.  My fabric was 18″ x 18″ so I cut off 2, 4″ strips. You’ll can decide how large you want your snack bowls to be.

Fabric snack cups mix

Pour about a cup or two of fabric stiffener inside a large bowl. Make sure the bowl has high sides, as the stiffener may splash around a bit.  Completely saturate the fabric in the stiffener, and wring it out. Instead of wringing it out the typical way, slide your fingers down the fabric to prevent wrinkles.

Fabric snack cups mold

Drape the fabric over the cup, making sure it is centered and that it touches the surface on all sides. Position the fabric exactly as you want it to look in the end, because when it is dry, you won’t be able to manipulate it’s shape.

Repeat these steps with all the pieces of fabric and let them dry for a few hours or according to the manufacturer instructions. Use a fan to speed up the drying process.

Fabric snack cups craft

When it is completely dry, the fabric should be very stiff. Pull away the cups from the fabric. Cut away as much as you want of the top part of the fabric around the opening to tame it and give it shape. If you are concerned with food safety, line the inside with wax paper before inserting your snacks.

Fabric snack cups enjoy movie

These fabric cups are a unique way to add color and fun to your snack table!

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