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15 Projects Made From Old Records

If your family’s old record collection is still in mint condition, then you might not want to turn them into art projects just yet! If, however, you’ve found a box of scratched and damaged records at a garage sale that can’t be salvaged, why not find another way to preserve them for everyone to appreciate?

Check out these 15 inspiration pictures for creating your very own DIY vinyl record art!

1. Molded vinyl record bowl

Moulded vinyl record bowl

Vinyl melts and bends under high temperatures, allowing it to be molded into these amazingly decorative vintage bowls! They make great centre pieces for weddings or even just fruit bowls for your kitchen. (Source: Offbeat Bride)

2. LP clock

Lp clock

Clock motors and mechanisms aren’t expensive or hard to find, but they’re practically the perfect way to repurpose  a scratched LP. After all, they already have a hole through the centre for the hands and the motor to connect through!(Source: Apartment Therapy)

3. Record cupcake stand

Record cupcake stand

No matter what kind of treat you decide to stack on it, this dessert stand made of LPs is just as decorative as it is functional. It’s the perfect touch to a 1950s throwback party or a formal musical event! (Source: Shelterness)

4. LP record purse

Lp record purse

As long as you’re very careful not to hurt yourself, records can be cut so that they have one flat edge rather than a curved one all the way around. They can also be pierced by heavy duty sewing needles, like the kind one might use for sewing thick layers of denim or leather. Combine those techniques to transform two records into a purse!(Source:Vintage Tagbuch)

5. Record wine rack

Record wine rack

If you have the tools and expertise to cut large holes in a series of LPs, then you’re well on your way to having a uniquely vintage wine rack! You must be very precise, though, because the win bottles won’t go through if all the holes don’t line up just right.(Source: How to Recycle)

6. Center LP coasters

Center lp coasters

Remember those large circles you just cut out of the records to make that wine rack? Repurpose those even further by using them as drink coasters! Alternatively, cut out the very middle of the record so that the sticker of each artist or musical production is visible. Guests will find your new coasters rather novelty to read.(Source: Makezine)

7. Vinyl notebook

Vinyl notebook

Rather than cutting just one edge straight, like you would for the purse, try cutting them all until you have a notebook-sized rectangle. Add a few small holes down one side, loop it to the front of your journal, and voila! A notebook cover that is both new and vintage at once.(Source: ST33)

8. Wall art

Wall art

Who said record art has to be complicated? LPs are already so unique and decorative that they make great art just as they are! Try collecting records from your favourite vintage artists and creating a wall display.{found on Crafting a Greener World}.

9.  Magazine holder

Magazine holder

Remember the heating and bending technique from the bowl project? Use that method once more to bend scratched records in half like little baskets, then attach them together and use them as little baskets! They’re perfect for holding mail or magazines.(Source: Clicamila)

10. Junk holder

Junk holder

If you find you’re not using your LP purse enough, remove the straps and zipper and repurpose it a final time into this awesome holder for odds and ends. It’ll prove especially useful by your house phone or the front door.(Source: Second Street)

11. LP record side table

Lp record side table

Besides the record and your tool kit, all you’ll need to make this table is the stand to an old planter! The record is already flat like a tabletop and you’ll love looking down and seeing reminders of music past every time you use it.(Source: The Flourishing Abode)

12. Shelf organizers

Shelf organizers

This project might be the easiest DIY on the list! Grab some alphabet stickers, stick them on the edges of old LPs, and slide them into your book shelf to help keep your titles alphabetized. It’s practical and it looks totally awesome!

13. Wine rack

Wine rack

We’re back to the heating and molding technique once more! This time, fold the heated LPs until the two edges across from each other meet. They’ll be the perfect length and width for a bottle of wine to slide into!

14. Book ends

Book ends

Rather than cutting the record to get flat edge this time, you’ll use your folding and heating technique and fold very carefully so that a completely flat bottom is created. Do this with two records and the slide the folded pieces underneath your books at each end.

15. Earring rack

Earring rack

Drilling small holes into a record is all you need to do for this design besides looping a ribbon at the top so the rack can be hung up! Hook your dangling earrings through each hole so they can stay on display and be worn more.

Do you know someone with a large collection of damaged records, of even just a sense of vintage  style? Share this post with them for a little bit of DIY inspiration!

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