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35 Creative DIY Dollar Tree Decor Ideas to Try

It’s safe to say that 2020 made us rethink a lot of things in our lives, especially the way we spend money and what things we are buying. Many of us have had to become more frugal in our home decorating. Trips to Pier 1 and Homesense have come to a bit of a halt and we are now trying to figure out how to decorate on a budget.

Creative DIY Dollar Tree Decor Ideas

That doesn’t mean we have to cease our shopping altogether. It just means we have to improvise and find other ways to pretty up our space. It almost means we have to look for alternatives that are more budget-friendly.

Best DIY Dollar Tree Decor Ideas

In this post we’re looking at 35 amazing, simple and creative DIY dollar tree decor ideas that you absolutely must try. Once you’ve completed a few of these super easy projects, no one will even know you made it yourself and the materials came from the Dollar Tree!

1. Dollar Tree Rope Vase

DIY dollar tree rope vase

Your friends will be shocked when you tell them you purchased the materials from Dollar Tree. Depending on what exactly you are creating (how big or small your vase or item is) this rope vase can be completed easily with a wonderful price tag of under $5.

But don’t let your creative juices stop there! You can create all kinds of wonderful projects using rope and a glass jar or vase. Let your imagination run wild on this one.

DIY instructions and project credit Re-fabbed

2. Farmhouse Candle Holder

Dollar tree farmhouse candle holder

This unique DIY Dollar Tree decor idea blew my mind! I love all things candles and I find the price of candles and candle holders for some reason keeps increasing. It’s gotten hard to find something unique and beautiful, yet affordable.

Well now you don’t have to look any further and make your own! The variations of this are endless and before you know it, you’ll have a most stunning farmhouse candle holder that will have your neighbours drooling!

DIY instructions and project credit Our Southern Home SC

3. Plastic Elephant Bookends

Plastic elephant bookends crafts

The children in the house will absolutely love these plastic elephant bookends. Chances are, the adults might too. What a delightful way to liven up a bookshelf.

The best part of this DIY project is that you won’t even be able to tell they’re plastic when you’re done! Not only that, they most certainly will be a topic of interest and conversation. Everyone will want to know where you got them and then be surprised you crafted them, and they are simply a super cool DIY Dollar Tree decor idea you found!

DIY instructions and project credit Love Grows Wild

4. Picture Frame Luminaries

DIY picture frame luminaries

Oh hello! Can you say gorgeous DIY Dollar Tree decor idea? Wow! You don’t realize how many things you see in the stores are actually simple and affordable to make at home.

These awesome picture frames will make any corner or table come to life. Not only that, these will make the best gifts for the “hard to buy for” people on any list. Definitely a conversation piece, no matter where you show them off.

DIY instructions and project credit That’s What Che Said

5. Dollar Tree Succulents

Quick and easy dollar store succulents

Succulents from the Dollar Tree? You bet! As much as we’d all love to have little jungles in our houses sometimes it’s not always practical. But we want green! We want plants and life in our house!

Fear not! These sweet and simple Dollar Tree succulents will most definitely take care of your need to have some life in your house. Super easy to make and you can have so much with these. Before you know it, all your friends and family will be asking you to make some for them too!

DIY instructions and project credit Little House of Four

6. Mirror boxes

DIY Mirror Boxes - Dollar Tree Ideas

We can all agree that mirrors of any shape and size make any area more enticing and full of life and illusion! Mirror boxes won’t fail to deliver on that. Perfect for any small space to give it depth and help it appear to be slightly more spacious too.

You’ll also be surprised at how ridiculously easy these cuties are to put together. The best thing about these? They go everywhere and anywhere and you can put whatever the heck you want in them!

DIY instructions and project credit Hi Sugarplum

7. Reusable Tin Can Fall Centerpieces

 Upcycle Reusable Tin Can Fall Centerpieces

Who said your centrepiece has to cost an arm and a leg and who said you can’t make one yourself that will look like it came from a magazine? This DIY Dollar Tree decor idea will want you making some for every table, every season and all your friends too.

The amazing possibilities on this one are absolutely endless and you’ll be proud of yourself for creating such a great piece on a dime! And let’s not forget how this also helps the environment! A simple and sweet way to reduce and reuse garbage.

DIY instructions and project credit Life Family Fun

8. No-Sew Rope Basket

Dollar tree no-sew rope basket idea

This super sturdy and environmentally friendly basket is super easy to make. All that might be needed is a little patience. While the items needed can be bought at the Dollar Tree, the amounts required may bring your total a little higher but still way below a store bought basket.

This basket will be fun to bring with you to the market, the beach or even to deliver goodies to friends. And speaking of friends, they’ll be amazed that you whipped this up yourself!!

DIY instructions and project credit DIYS

9. Ampersand Art

DIY Ampersand Art from Thumbtacks

If you’re into eclectic art, this project might be for you. This DIY Dollar Tree decor idea will definitely be a conversation piece. It will also make an affordable and super unique gift idea for that person on your list who has everything. Made from thumbtacks, you’ll be impressed at how amazing this will look on any wall!

This unique piece will look like it came out of an art museum and people will not believe it’s something you made yourself from things you bought at the Dollar Tree.

DIY instructions and project credit Live Love DIY

10. Vintage Locker Bins

Vintage Dollar Store Locker Bins

For the organizer in you who wants something a little different than just a regular plastic Tupperware bin, these easy to make vintage locker bins will make organizing more fun and aesthetically pleasing too!

These bins will have the rest of your household wanting to clean up their rooms and have their own fun locker bins too! Get them to decorate their own and soon all the rooms in the house will be tidy. Yay!

DIY instructions and project credit AE Home Style Life

11. Dollar Tree Rope Vase

Dollar tree rope vase ideas

Here we have yet another rope vase but this one shows a few more variations so you can let your imagination run wild and see what other rope vases could look like. This crafter used decorative rope instead of regular twine rope.

Take a look around at your Dollar Tree to find a pretty rope that will make this vase attract any eye to the table and make flowers look even more beautiful.

DIY instructions and project credit Love and Marriage Blog

12. Quick and Easy DIY Mercury Glass

Easy DIY Mercury Glass - Dollar Tree Idea

Prepare to have your mind blown by this — Mercury glass vases, candle holders and anything other little thing you want to make into mercury glass. This Dollar Tree decor idea will make you wonder why you never even heard of this sooner.

Any mercury glass decor item you purchase at a home decor store will make a big dent in your wallet but making one yourself at home is crazy affordable. You’ll be amazed.

DIY instructions and project credit First Day of Home

13. DIY Painting Terracotta Flower Pots

DIY Painting Terracotta Flower Pots

Have you ever wondered how to make those dull rust colored flower pots look, well, prettier? Who doesn’t? Here is a simple way to spruce them up and paint them yourself, simply and affordably.

After you’re done decorating your first one you won’t want to stop. Before you know it, everyone will be bringing you their pots to decorate.

DIY instructions and project credit The Spruce Crafts

14. Enamel Painted Vases

Enamel painted vases ideas

Gorgeous, stunning and amazing are just a few words to describe these beauties. You’ll only ever buy another regular vase because you want to transform it into the most chicest awesomest vase you’ve ever owned.

This DIY Dollar Tree decor idea will leave your friends and family with their jaws hanging wide open! They won’t believe you made them yourself.

DIY instructions and project credit Sugar and Charm

15. Floral Summer Sandals

Easy DIY Floral Summer Sandals

This is a super fun and cute DIY Dollar Tree decor idea, it’s just not for your home. There are even great decor ideas for your shoes too. Awesome! Have you ever thought of dressing up a plain pair of sandals but not sure if you could?

Well you can and it’s super simple to do. Oh the possibilities are endless! Your friends will be jealous. Trust me on that one.

DIY instructions and project credit My So Called Crafty Life

16. Wall Mirror With Compacts

Wall Mirror With Compacts

Ever wanted to own a mirror that’s more than just square and plain? You know the ones. The decorative mirrors you see on Pinterest and in magazines. You can make your own quite simply with compact mirrors from the Dollar Tree.

How big, small, unique and extraordinary you want this wall mirror to be is entirely up to you. Your budget will decide the size!

DIY instructions and project credit Thistlewood Farms

17. Topiary Trees

DIY Topiary Trees - Dollar Store Project

For those of you whose green thumb isn’t very green at all, enter Topiary trees. Never worry about killing another plant again. And now you can own your own. You just have to make it yourself.

It may look hard and intimidating but you’ll soon find out just how easy it is to make your own and liven up any corner of the room. Who needs sun?

DIY instructions and project credit Homemade Lovely

18. Mason Jar Christmas Decorations

While these jars and this how to is for Christmas decorations don’t limit yourself to just that holiday. You can use these mason jars to make any lovely decoration for any holiday. Use your crafty artsy skills to dress them up for any time of the year.

All the items for this fun little DIY Dollar Tree decor idea can be purchased at the Dollar Tree! A one stop shop for this great gift or home decor idea.

DIY instructions and project credit Soap Deli News

19. Wood Block Snowman Ornaments

Dollar Tree Mason Jar Christmas Decoration

Who says decorating your tree has to cost a fortune? Check out these super cute and fun wood block snowman ornaments. The kids will also have fun helping you make these little guys.

Someone on your list needs some cheering up? These ornaments will surely do the trick and won’t break the bank at all!

DIY instructions and project credit Crayons and Cravings

20. Pumpkin Wreath-Fall Wreath

Dollar tree - Pumpkin Wreath-Fall Wreath

Ever see some wreaths on a door and wish you could make one of your own but you think it’s too hard? It’s not at all and you can surely be the proud owner and creator of a beautiful fall wreath. Especially a pumpkin wreath. Get your neighbours talking! Soon they’ll all be at your door wondering where you got it.

A quick trip to your Dollar Tree and you can grab all the supplies needed for this simple and beautiful pumpkin wreath.

DIY instructions and project credit Soap Deli News

21. Farmhouse Kitchen Canister Set

Farmhouse Kitchen Canister DIY

Would you rather have a bit of a vintage touch in your house? This really unique farmhouse kitchen canister is not only easy to whip up but it adds the right amount of vintage to any kitchen.

This DIY Dollar Tree decor idea is fun to do and would also make a great gift idea or housewarming present for the new neighbours who just moved in.

DIY instructions and project credit Houseful of Handmade

22. Personalized Glass Bead Pendant

Personalized Glass Bead Necklace

This stunning piece of jewelry is simple to make and will have everyone in your family wanting one. A fabulous piece for anyone who has lost a loved one, human or furry critter.

Once it’s done, you’ll never want to take it off. A true conversation piece and one filled with pride, love and memories. You can’t buy any of that in a store!

DIY instructions and project credit Little House of Four

23. Embellished Wooden Utensils

Dipped & Embellished Wooden Utensils

Who says your wooden utensils have to be boring and ugly? If you got some sass and glam in you, you’re going to love this DIY Dollar Tree decor idea and before you know it, all your friends will have copied you!

Put some glitz, glitter and glam in the kitchen and cook with these sparkly and beautiful embellished wooden utensils. Make cooking fun!

DIY instructions and project credit Homedit

24. Thrift Store Farmhouse Swag

DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Swag

Another farmhouse decor idea with a canister set again but this one is pretty cool and will be fun to try with an old set you have now or one you may have picked up at a thrift store just for decorating!

This will take a wee bit of work and waiting but the results will be well worth it. A neat little DIY that will give your kitchen a mini facelift.

DIY instructions and project credit Twelve on Main

25. Succulent Tower

DIY Succulent Tower from Dollar Store Materials

We have another succulent DIY decor idea you might enjoy. A succulent tower. Oh heavens. Now you can take all those precious little succulents and make a tower of them. A great way to fill a corner or add some life to a bare wall.

This little project uses oil warmers and will cost you under $5. And you can decorate this any way you want! Such fun!

DIY instructions and project credit Engineer Mommy

26. Macrame Table Runner

DIY Macrame Table Runner

What a wonderful way to dress up your dining room table. Though this DIY Dollar Tree decor idea will definitely take some time, a bit of time to be honest, don’t let that deter you from making it.

Simple to work on while you’re watching your favourite show on TV! You can even turn this into a wall hanging. Sweet.

DIY instructions and project credit A Beautiful Mess

27. Bird Craft

Dollar Tree Spring Decor: DIY Bird Craft Fragrance Warmer

This is a sweet and fun little thing to make to give some cheer or life to your front entryway, your restroom, or any other area in your home that needs a little brightening up and some cheer.

This cute little bird craft is made with a fragrance warmer but you can easily put any kind of little critter in there. Ladybugs, butterflies, turtles. The sky’s the limit on this one!

DIY instructions and project credit Soap Deli News

28. Easy Crayon Candles

DIY Spring crayon candles

Stop paying silly prices for pretty decorative candles when you can so easily make your own out of crayons. Yup, you read that right.

In just a few simple steps you can adorn your tables and mantles with pretty and colourful candles you made yourself from old broken crayons! Think of the fun you can have with this one.

DIY instructions and project credit The Shabby Creek Cottage

29. Dollar Store Pantry Makeover

Dollar store pantry makeover

Depending on the condition of your cupboards, this could be a super affordable pantry organization project or one that could cost a bit more but all items can still be bought at The Dollar Tree. It just depends on how many items you need.

But seriously, how’s your pantry these days? Does it need some organizing and cleaning up? This pantry makeover just may be a project that the whole family will want to work on.

DIY instructions and project credit The Social Home

30. Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

Salvaged Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

Apparently door mats aren’t just for doors these days. Who knew you could dress one up and stick it on your wall?

This DIY Dollar Tree decor idea is pretty easy to pull off, affordable and so unique your visitors will be in awe of how creative you are!

DIY instructions and project credit Salvage Dior

31. Gold Leaf Vase

Paint on Glass - DIY Gold Leaf Vase

For those of you who love a touch of richness, elegance and gold you’ll love this DIY Dollar Tree decor idea. This beautiful gold leaf vase is not only easy to make but will add so much charm and royalty to any room of the house.

Who said gold vases are only for the Queen? :)

DIY instructions and project credit The Creativity Exchange

32. Jewelry Storage

DIY Jewlery Storage Idea - Repurposing

Did you know that you could do so much more with extra mugs and saucers from the kitchen that are just taking up room in the cupboards? Check out this neat little DIY idea.This will have you breathing a sigh of relief because you can finally put all those kitchen items to good use!

Charming, simple and functional. Not only that, now all your jewelry will be carefully put away and not in a tangled mess anymore.

DIY instructions and project credit Confessions of a Serial DIYer

33. Lighted Letters Sign

Dolalr Store Inspired - DIY Lighted Letters Sign

WOW!! Oh the fun you can have with this one. Lighted letters in any room you want. Say what you want, flash your name or say a big hello!!

Make sure there is an adult present if children are working on this one as there will be a tiny bit of electric work involved but nothing that will blow up the house. The kids will have tons of fun making one for their room.

DIY instructions and project credit Home Heart Craft

34. Marble Dipped Mugs

Nail Polish DIY Marble Dipped Mugs

Start drinking your favourite hot beverage in a super sassy mug that you designed yourself. Yet another decor item that all your friends and family will want too.

Using nail polish, the color options are out of this world and will surely put a smile on your face each time you reach for your fun mug!

DIY instructions and project credit The Sweetest Occasion

35. West Elm Planter

west elm planter look alike - DIY planter idea for $2

A store bought West Elm Planter can run you up around $30 or more (and they happen to be trending). A tad overpriced considering you can whip one up for around $2.00 thanks to this great DIY decor idea.

You can spruce up your planter any way you want but no matter how you do, it will most certainly compliment any table or windowsill you place it on.

DIY instructions and project credit The Budget Decorator

Parting words

You can’t go wrong when looking for ways to spruce up your house with any of these awesome Dollar Tree decor ideas,.

Not only that, if the kids ever complain they’re bored, dig out one of these fun DIY ideas and get them working on something fun.

Which one is your favourite? Hit us up in the comments section below.

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